Friday, September 23, 2011

bracelets, mustard seeds & waxing poetic

i've received several emails/comments regarding the bracelets the girls & i often wear.
allow me to first share about one in particular.

emi was given a very special gift before she left for Peru.
one of my best friends prayerfully & financially supported her.
they also gave her this bracelet from waxing poetic

it's extra sentimental to me
(even though it's emi's)
because 'faith' is stamped on the coin.
 emi's faith was both tested and enlarged this summer while she was there. 
(shared about here, here and here)

the friends that gave this to emi are the ones that held her, day after day
when she was a newborn
& i was a new single mom.
that same precious friend sat with me the evening gregg passed away
and many, many days afterwards.

that precious friend and her family reminded me symbolically 
to remain faithful.
 to have faith, even if only the size of a tiny mustard seed.
so it seemed even more precious to me that 15 years later,
emi would be heading out to another country
where not only my faith, but primarily her faith would grow.
& that her faith would draw others to the Lord.

i found this one  this summer (for myself) the week we moved savannah into the dorms at uga.
it's a regular player in my wrist adornment inventory.

anyway...just wanted to introduce you to Waxing Poetic
just maybe if you're in a place where faith to move mountains seems like an unattainable goal
it all starts with a mustard seed.

let me know if you pick out a piece. i love hearing fun jewelry stories :)

 matthew 17.21
“I tell you the truth, 
if you had faith 
even as small as a mustard seed,
you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’
and it would move. 
Nothing would be impossible.


Kat said...

Oh Paige, this post brought tears to my eyes. Those bracelets and the story behind them is beautiful. When my grandmother passed away, she left each of her grandchildren as small some of money, to buy ourselves a token to remember her by. I went to a shop on the waterfront in Halifax to pick out a piece of jewelry, it took me forever to finally decide. The store was filled with beautiful, one of a kind pieces, skillfully and loving crafted by local artisans. I finally decided on a beautiful bracelet, after trying on many, many other pieces in the store, earrings, necklaces, bracelets... you name it. When the sales clerk took the tag off the bracelet to key in the price... the other side of the tag had a name on it which I hadn't seen when I had tried it on, over and over again trying to make my decision. The bracelet was named "Sarah" which, coincidentally was my Grandmother's name. It gave me and my aunt goosebumps which were quickly followed by tears in our eyes and hugs. You see, my Grandmother was a lady of tremendous, unwavering faith. I strive to be like her each and every day. I have no doubt in my mind that she directed me to that bracelet that day and in turn, I wore it on my wedding day a few short months later, in honor of her.

Kat said...

"Sum" not "some" ugh... spelling errors. :(

Christina said...

what a beautiful story. i will have to take a look, i will want an extra special piece to wear, for the plane ride.

i so love kat's comment. ; )

Jboo said...

Beautiful bracelets and story of faith! Love it!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!


Debby said...

Beautiful stories and a reminder when things are not where you want them to be to have Faith. I loved Kat's story.

Shannon said...

Beautiful bracelets and story Paige. I love these and have been looking around for something so simple, meaningful and beautiful. I'm off to take a look around at that shop!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I had been wondering where to get the bracelets and am off to check the site!

Beautiful stories - yours and Kat's!


Kim said...

Thank so much for giving me heads up on a new place to get jewelry. I'm sure my husband ends his thanks as well!!;0)

Between You and Me said...

I LOVE waxing poetic.....have a necklace..stamped initial "T"...LOVE it.

adding the bracelets this FALL, thanks to you!

love the story behind the bracelet...of course, I do.

LOVE me some details. :)

Kerri said...

Thank you for the beautiful post and introducing me to Waxing Poetic! I am going to head over there now to pick out something to put on my Christmas wish list! I love the powerful prayer words and since I just went back to teaching and it is a Catholic school, this will be a wonderful addition!

Lulu and Co. said...

I just bought one for my oldest! I love bracelets and having such a special one on your wrist to remind you how loved you are is extra special!