Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a front row seat

the details & events over the last 24 hours have had the Lord's hand all over them.

i'm blown away
i'm tickled & excited
i'm emotional
i'm fully engaged in watching this story unfold

i'm sitting on the front row watching the characters of a little story that is unfolding before my eyes, come together in ways that can only be described as a God thing.

i don't want to use jargin or churchy terms that sound ridiculous or preachy or lofty and distant.
what i do want to share with you is that you & i do indeed have a God who sees our tears & hears our prayers. whether we chose to recognize His hand in our lives, He is there my friend.
oh He surely is.

 He's woven into the tiniest of details in your life. He loves to give his children exceedingly more than you or i could ever even dream of asking. & sometimes He gives to those who may not have even had a chance to ask for a particular gift.

sometimes He chooses simple things to whisper in our ear
& sometimes He allows a big thing. maybe only a big thing to the eye of the beholder, but when He does allow a big thing, i encourage you to sit back and enjoy the show. and don't forget to be wowed.

sometimes what may wow me wouldn't faze you at all.
sometimes in our culture we need the fastest, the shiniest, the breathtaking, dare i say the phenomenal to wow us.
but sometimes it's just the relatively simple act of kindness that comes from the obedient heart of one person. just one person. one person who acts out of obedience to the simple whisper of the Lord, yet wows a handful of people. & those people, young people in this story, will have eternal benefits.

when a story like this unfolds, you may say ~that's so cool or  what a wild coincidence.
you may dare to call a situation like this a miracle
i'd love for you to sit with me on the front row & simply be wowed.

you'll have to save your ticket for this feature show for just a little while.
i wish i could share more but my sweet girl wants to do that.
far be it from me to steal her thunder.

i'm studying the life of Jonah in bible study right now. a bible study i didn't even think logistically would work for me. a bible study has changed my heart & inspired me in so many ways already.
& it's only week 1.
it's a study about God asking something from one man, Jonah.
& through this story, we see how God changes destiny for not only Jonah but an entire people group.

that's what i'm watching from my front row seat today.
it's just a glimpse
but it's an encouraging glimpse of how kindness and obedience can potentially change the future and the heart of another person.
of course i don't know the ending
& the ending of many of these type stories won't be played in their own full length feature until we're in Heaven. but i'll see it one day. i know that for sure.

but for now
i'm fired up excited overjoyed & emotional as i watch just a glimpse
my front row seat

won't you join me?

to be continued....


christina said...

oh yes my friend, i would love to join you. ; ) i read in silence today. a chance to sit and ponder, with my Bible. i kind of loved that. ; )


{A*very} Blessed Life said...

Thank you for this Paige. You may not know it, but your very post today was an answer to prayer for me. It's been a particulary difficult week, and it is only Wednesday! This is the gust of wind that I needed to hear/read in order to get my sails back up and moving forward again! Thank you dear friend! God is truly amazing and working in so many ways that we aren't even aware of! Can't wait for the rest of the story from your front row!

Paige said...

Can't wait to hear! We've been having a wow experience at our house as well. God always works it better than we can imagine doesn' t he?:)

Dawn said...

Not sure what this "show" might be about, I can't wait to find out, but you have reminded me to trust in Him during this time in my life, and He will be the director of my show~

sle said...

Love this post, Paige! It's the small things in life that remind me that the Lord will always provide. Today I was waiting in the Apple store for assistance and there was a blind gentleman sitting beside me with his guide dog which happened to be a beautiful yellow lab. The Lord put me beside him for a reason because I'm not exactly known for my patience. As I wiggled in my seat and waited for my name to be called I was overcome with a calmness by just watching that sweet dog sitting there at the feet of his master waiting for his time to serve. I could learn a lot from that dog. Things like patience and being of service to others instead of being served. I left that store a better person.

Bee Bee said...

Is this Priscilla Shirers study?

Maggie said...

Hummmm I can't imagine what the show is about!!! But yes miss paige i will take a front row seat with you!!!!!
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Sounds so exciting! I love how He is in each of the tiniest of details in our life. Beautiful post!

Between You and Me said...

waiting on pins and needles....
can't wait!!!!!

aleahy said...

Paige, I have been following your blog for a few months now, and at first it was because I loved your photos, and you love lily pulitzer then I found out you love Jesus, it made this blog even better!!!!
I have three daughters and your writing often summerizes how i feel--thank you!!!

Lulu and Co. said...

YeS,YES I want to join you!

Unknown said...

Found your post through Jill Norwood. Comforting words in a tough journey. And from one Paige to another. You must be special!

ellieshine said...
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ellieshine said...

oh I love anticipation!!! and i love it when God SHOWS UP! i think i might have an addiction to that ;)

i'm doing jonah right now too - (week 3) it has been just what i needed too. and i have a jonah so i love it even more . . .

looking forward to some exciting posts on your blog!!!

xo ellie
ps maybe this will be as inspiring to you as it is to me right now!

Alecia said...

Ooohhh...can't wait to hear more! Thanks for inviting us to join you :-) I'm on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation to see what God is doing!

Unknown said...

I have seen this in my life lately! I'm a momma sitting in the front row on the edge of my seat....

Hoots Momma said...

I'm with you... getting my popcorn too. Will I need tissues???

Privet and Holly said...

Loved catching
up on all things
gorgeous Knudsen : )
Excited to hear what
the Lord has in store.
Hope your week has
been wonderful.
xx Suzanne

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I can't wait to join you in the front row!!! Sounds very exciting:)

Happy Friday~



Lindsey said...

Can't wait for a post with more details about the front row seat!! Until then...praying big for you and all that are involved!