Monday, October 03, 2011

a ball & a homecoming dance

disclaimers & details regarding today's post: 

1. i have no problem shamelessly downloading images
from my daughter's facebook page
while she's away at college.

2. it makes me sad that i couldn't photograph her
live & in person
for her first semi-formal,
the scarlet ball

3. my girls wrote super sweet things on each other's facebook wall
regarding their weekend.

4. reasons such as this, make me love fb.

5. some days it takes a village

6. we have an unreasonable love for cocktail rings

7. it is impossible to shoot two daughters
who have to be two different places
at the exact same time.

8. i do not love one daughter more than the other.
one had her group's photoshoot at our home
hence the onslaught of her photos

9. i'm certain there is blog etiquette regarding the number of appropriate images per post.

10. & i apologize for the deliberate violation.

11. little sisters that sit on the front stairs & giggle
are the cutest thing

12. friends that respond to an SOS 
are the best

13. three daughters who have a great weekend
even if all at the same time
make for a wonderful weekend


Anonymous said...

So beautiful....all your girls! And yes, FB is awesome so that you can share in their special moments! My BF has 3 girls and I keep in touch with their lives through FB and it's a lifesaver for me who can't be in their lives 100% of the time.

Just Ask Beth said...

I love you and your precious family..I never ever would think you favored one over the is obvious that all four are smothered with your love!!

Deanna said...


Kim said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. What a fun time in your life to be surrounded by all these pretty girls and handsome boys!!

Christina said...

i adore each photo! so happy for these girls!! these moments are such a gift. and i cherish them. may i just say, i adore that photo of your baby and her friend ; )

thank you for holding my hand, through this homecoming weekend. it is an honor to walk through mamahood, with you. ; )

Cate said...

Your girls are so lucky to have their special moments captured in photos! I have so few pictures of my special days in high school! Beautiful photos. Loved them all.

Sheri said...

Beautiful pics Paige. Your girls are beautiful just like their mamma. I LOVE Madison's eyes - they are sooo beautiful. Have a blessed week.

Sogni Siciliani said...

Oh the girls are all so beautiful and glamorous!!! I hope they all had a good time!!!

Lulu and Co. said...

Girlie bliss!!!! What a fantastic weekend! They all look stunning!!!!!!

Jboo said...

Beautiful girls! What a fun weekend you must have had!


Kat said...

So much fun! Your girls are just beautiful, inside and out! How fun to have sweet friends come over to do Emi's hair!

Maggieb said...

Where is Savannah's dress from?!?! beautiful!!!

mamgof5 said...

Like your photos

Lindsey said...

Love all of the pictures! Looks like the weekend was a success. Your girls are beautiful and the dresses are just perfect! So fun to see Emily and Kelsey in that last picture, too. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are funny...... In my opinion, the more photos, the better the post.....especially when it comes to your beautiful girls!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Have a great week my friend~



Anonymous said...

Also wondering about Savannah's dress. Thanks!

Holly said...

Sometimes reading your posts about your daughters makes me want to go back to high school and college and re-live those wonderful care free years - so much fun!!

Alecia said...

So fun! The girls looked amazing...I love your disclaimer list and how PRESH is Caroline & her friend...sooo CUTE! :-)

Suzanne said...

what beauties!!! (and cocktail rings ROCK...the bigger and "blingier", the better:)