Wednesday, September 28, 2011

spectacular sunsets & a spectacular senior

the sunset was absolutely spectacular last night.
undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking i've ever seen.

it was the perfect weather to have the top down on the beetle
so caroline & i thoroughly enjoyed our ride at sunset.
we listened to the Glee soundtrack
& then i taught her the words to "have you ever seen the rain".
a little classic rock appreciation moment thanks to Creedence Clearwater Revival.
it was my favorite thing of yesterday.

we had to stop & pick up some supplies so she could create a model of a plant cell.
we had continued to watch the colors of the sky blow our minds.
as we walked into hobby lobby, i wanted to ask for the microphone 
& announce something along the lines of...
" attention shoppers, put down your craft supplies,
 go outside
&  be wowed by the amazing sunset".
but i refrained.

when caroline & i walked out
it was still stunning.
while my humble canon would not have captured its grandeur
i would have loved to be shooting with that sun as my backlight.

we stood on the sidewalk for a second
& i encouraged her
to give God a hand.
so we stood there
& applauded God 
for His own masterpiece.

you know, i doubt the sunset really has to be all those shades of marvelous
but He is an artist
& i think sometimes He loves to blow our mind
with something like a splendid sunset
to remind us He's in control.

i love my abby!
she & her mama are two of my most favorite people.ever.
i told you that bailey, savannah & i headed over 
& invaded her Homecoming evening
with silly antics, goofy jokes & paparazzi style obnoxious photography.
that's what friends are for anyway!

she & her bestfriend were stunning!!
i love few things more than capturing the laughter
& giggles of teenage girls.

abby, you beautiful girl
you were you own version of spectacular
& you blew our minds!
don't ever let anyone tell you anything different.
love you sweet girl!

oh & ps
the boys have a bit of a tradition
which involves shopping at the local thrift shop
for their attire.

 The heavens declare the glory of God,
   and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Psalm 19.1


Tiffini said...

I LOVE the thrift shop attire...really. Makes for the best photo ops;)
beautiful girls and thank you for the reminder to applaud our Creator. I often forget and I don't ever wanna....may your heart be overflowing with His joy today. We woke up alive!:)

Jenny Beth said...

looks like sooo much fun!! wonderful pictures!

Between You and Me said...

these pictures brought back so many memories for me....the major difference is that our hair stood up to the sky and went as far to the east and west as a can of Aussie hair spray would take it. :)

the girls are beautiful!

christina said...

oh these girls are gorgeous! and i must say, i adore what the guys wore. they added such fun, to the photos!

Debby said...

I love those jackets those boys have funny. The girls are so pretty.
Last Friday night I was driving into the sunset. I could not believe it. The sun looked like a ball of fire. I tried taking a picture of it while driving and on meds for my headache.
Not a good idea. It was so bright that it blinded me in one eye for about an hour. No one else saw what I did. Planes were landing into the sunset. I don't know how they did it. Everytime I see some real beauty in nature, I think how can anyone not believe. So cute that you clapped.

Privet and Holly said...

Sweet sweet moments.
It's what it's all about....
Of course, you know that : )
xx Suzanne

katie purcell said...


Kelli said...

He is SUCH an artist and shares it with cool is that? Those are great pictures. I love how so many are candid, cheerful shots.

traci said...

awesome photos. i love the laughter captured. great memories.

Susan R said...

The girls are lovely, but those boys.....Man alive! They have got it goin' on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tradition of shopping at the thrift shop for their attire. What a splendid sight and they look great. I'm VERY impressed. Those boys could teach a thing or two about being frugal, but fabulous.

Bethanie said...

These pictures were so much fun Paige! I was wondering where the guys found such "festive" outfits! They matched wonderfully!! What is it with this generation and the Goodwill and Thrift shops? I love it, our kids have a different theme for home football games every Friday night...always have to make a trip to Goodwill to find something good and tacky...

Urban Farmgirl said...

Awww, they are all so beautiful! And I {love} the thrift shop attire, so fun! Such a sweet time in life, isn't it?


Unknown said...

Oh how I love His artwork! Everyday something beautiful to take in. Love the tradition of the thrift shop!

Shannon said...

How beautiful those 2 girls are! Loving those shoes and how the guys are so creative putting their thrift store finds together. So fun :)

Terri said...

Love, love, love this post! Love that you and Caroline applauded our Creator for His masterpiece. The girls and your photos of them are simply gorgeous. And the thrift store attire is just plain fun. Thanks for making me smile today!

christina said...

my daughter had to come back and oohhh and ahh over the girls dresses and shoes. ; )

3 Peanuts said...

WHat adorable beauty all over this post. I think you should've asked for the microphone!

Jen Kershner said...

Gorgeous girls! Just beautiful! I love how the guys are dressed but I am a throwback, a girl that should have been born in the 40's which is probably when those clothes were manufactured!

Lindsey said...

I can just see you and Caroline clapping it up in the parking lot for God's creation. Love it!

The pictures of Abby are FABULOUS. Love the Paul family!!

Unknown said...

You both are looking gorgeous and I should admit that this blue is just so perfectly looking on you.

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christan perona said...

I JUST got done reading an excerpt in John Piper's "When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight For Joy" about creation pointing to God's glory. He writes, "we consign ourselves to the kind of pleasures that sophisticated human animals can feel as their chemicals interact." A sunset - like what you experienced yesterday - is a hint to the great glory of God we will someday see when our spiritual blindness and dulled sight is finally healed forever. Someday.

Kerri said...

The girls are gorgeous and I just love the thrift shop attire the boys are wearing. And you are so right~God is amazing!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet Paige! I love to clap for Him too! Wonderful pictures! But of course! xo

Lulu and Co. said...

Fantastic!!! Love the outfits and they are all sooooo beautiful,

Jodi said...

Beautiful girls and they look like they are having a ball!

We have had a few absolutely beautiful sunsets too. I am always in awe of how beautiful they can be!