Sunday, May 29, 2011

Savannah's Graduation!!!!

Friday night was awesome!!!
We had beautiful weather & an absolutely perfect graduation service for Savannah.
I didn't cry.
I am so darn proud of her that the night was just full of smiles

I moved to this community after Gregg passed away
knowing it was known for it's fantastic schools.
Parkview High has been an exceptional school
& provided Savannah with an excellent education.

She will leave here completely prepared for life at University of Georgia.
I'm going to do this here,
so please forgive the obnoxious mom moment
i think the numbers are correct...i'll check with her when she comes home.

She graduated with honors
ranked 30th in her class of almost 600.
top 5%.
she is was in Beta Club
& Mu Alpha Theta
and an Honors Graduate.
She was invited into the Honors Program at UGA.

i am beyond proud of you sweet girl!

our sweet Bailey gave a fantastic speech!!!

the kids swaying back & forth during the alma mater

sweet emi , always smiling!
( her ringtone on my phone is happy girl by martina mcbride. she lives up to that!)

my brother & sister in law
who we love dearly.
hard to believe she's old enough to graduate huh buddy?
don't you remember coming & helping me feel secure
when i was a single mom in this home
during tornado watches?
she was only 4!
& now....

love you & thank you for all your support of my girls all these years!

i don't want to embarrass Trevor
but i might as well share this now....
i have encouraged each of my girls to hold off on the boyfriend thing
at least until jr/sr year.
i didn't need to push that one with savannah
as she's a pretty tough sell.

she started dating Trevor a year ago
& i'm convinced he's the greatest guy in that school.

the night he picked her up for their first prom
& i saw how respectful and sweet he was to her....
& how he looked at her
i knew she held out for a great guy!
we love you Trevor & know you'll do great things at UGA
even if it's not UT!

sweet moment with savannah & her daddy.
how he loves her so....

 sweet friends sharing the love for a great watch!

my prayer for each of my girls
is that they go through high school
with two awesome friends
like Trevor & Bailey.

If i could have chosen two perfect special friends for her,
i would have chosen you two!
i love you both!

Congratulations Savannah!!!!


Kat said...

What a magical night! I have been thinking about you all weekend, wondering how the graduation went. I can't believe you didn't cry! That's amazing. Grinning ear to ear, now that makes me happy. Everyone looked beautiful. Congrats to your sweet girl. I too pray that my girls have fabulous friends as they grow older as well. These pictures are precious!!! The crazy month of May is now over and now you can come and hang out with me at my pool, that is when we're not at the gym! xo

Katiebee said...

How exciting for Savannah! Congrats to her on a job well done and to her wonderful parents~



CHH said...

Dear Paige,

Ahh tears!

What can I say.

I'm glad that you all shared
beautiful times together.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Christina said...

i love it! so happy for you all.
here's to an amazingly, bright future!!
may Gods light, guide your way, as always.

LouBoo said...

Hi Paige - I've been watching your graduation celebrations with interest; we are kinda novices here at all of the celebration that goes with it. In my day we didn't even have a prom or end of year celebration!! It's changed now I hear...anyway, Savannah looks so accomplished and beautiful - you must be so proud. What a fitting end to her time at school. Gorgeous. Lou x

Kelley said...

A beautiful graduation and post...congratulations!!

Simone said...

HOW DID YOU NOT CRY??!!! I'm crying just reading this :)

What a wonderful graduation Paige, I loved seeing all the pics - especially the crowd one where you have circled that!!

She is clearly already a smart, beautiful and inspiring young lady - with wonderful friends.

And can I just say, you girls have the best dress selection EVER!!! You all look the shot of Caroline and Savannah too :)

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week-end Paige...and possibly putting your feet up a little after all the excitement of the past few weeks :) xx

kasey said...

oh my...
what a beautiful day Paige...
and the photos are amazing. You have a pretty wonderful family;-)
Love ya.
p.s take your time calling....

Jodi said...

What great pictures, you look amazing; i love those gold wedges!

I can only imagine how PROUD you are; savannah is amazing and she will do so well in life!

Take care!

Leslie said...

Paige, you have surely raised an amazing daughter(s)! I have loved reading every post! I am sure her light is just beginning to shine, I cannot wait to hear about her success in the future! Pat yourself on the back momma, you have earned your stripes! Love ya! Congrats Savannah, you beautiful girl!!!

Yvonne said...

Paige, you are a wonderful mom and your children are a living testament. Way to go, Savannah! Congratulations!

Missy said...

Love the pictures so much! I am so happy for your beautiful girl! Such a magical time in the life of a young person. How exciting for her!!!

Cheryl said...

Dear Paige,
I haven't written in awhile, but have read all you have been living. Your letters were beyond moving. The party, a memory that each friend will never forget, and the graduation, a milestone.
Your family is one to look at and realize that it can be done. You can move past the tragedies, and know that God has a plan much bigger than any of us realize.
Thank you once again for opening your tender heart and sharing it not only with your girls for them to always have, but with us, so that we can know.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

What a sweet post! You are the most inspiring mama... I want to stand proudly behind my babies the way you do.

Jboo said...

Congrats Savannah and to all her sweet friends! Wow -- she outdid herself in high school. I just know that she will excel in college too!

Congrats also to you and the Hubs -- it takes a family support, love and more to raise such a sweet girl.

Great photos -- sweetest family ever!


LuLu said...

I can't begin to tell you how often I talk about you.... As a mother, all you do, how you write about them, you inspire me daily as I parent. Thank you soooooo very much.
Congrats you are daughter, what an accomplishment, her dedication to school is soooooooo fabulous, and it is a testimony of the home she is raised in!!!!!
When my daughter began HS I remembered you saying that your request was for your daughters to wait till jr or sr yr to date and I'm following your lead. I believe in that so dearly, I think it keeps them focused, and adds maturity for them to build on before they enter serious relationships. I pray that my daughter finds a bestie like Bailey, she hasn't found one yet but I believe she will.
Congrats again to your whole family,

Katie said...

I always look foward to your posts! I love Savannah's nail color in the pics~Is it an Essie color?

The Avery House said...

Congratulations to Savannah and and Bailey and Trevor! I know you are so proud of your beautiful daughter! The photos from her graduation cermony are amazing. You are really honing those photography skills, Miss Paige! My favorites are of her with just you, just her daddy, and the whole family. You really have such a beautiful family and it really shows how much you all love each other.

Lorri said...

How fun! Congratulations to ALL!

{darlene} said...

Your daughter is STUNNING. Congratulations to her and to your family.
I just had to stop by and say HI after your exuberant comment on edie's design board posting. I just love any one who uses that many exclamation points!!!!!
Congrats to Savannah!
- {darlene}

Kristin said...

So very proud of her. She is going to fly!

Beautiful of each of you, as always!

Anonymous said...

I know that you are so proud of Savannah. I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoying reading about your beautiful family.
My niece, Mary Beth graduated last Saturday in Nashville and she is also going to GA and is in the Honors Program. Hope that she and Savannah can meet.

Privet and Holly said...

Just fantastic, Paige.
She is beautiful AND
brilliant.....And oh so
loved! Congrats all
around to Savannah,
her family and her friends.
May her life continue to
bless her and those that
love her : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Alecia said...

Congratulations Savannah!!! Way to go smarty pants :-) Way to finish strong! You have to be so proud. Glad it was a fun night for all and no tears...WOW...way to go Mom!

Great adventures ahead as Savannah starts this college season of life. My prayer for her:
Colossians 2:6-7
I pray she continues to live in Him, is built up in Him, strengthened in her faith and overflowing with thankfulness.
Blessings Miss Savannah!