Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kindles, camera lenses, poufs & jeanne oliver

good morning everybody!
can you tell i have much to talk about today?
here we go~

i finally made time last night to peruse the people magazine feature of the royal wedding. i snatched this up last week as soon as it hit the stores to add to my small collection. the girl at target that rang me up was clearly not team royal wedding. poor child. she asked me why on earth i was so tickled to purchase this magazine.
i'm serious.

speaking of target. i was also looking for the infamous, seemingly sold out everywhere, poufs from the calypso line. 
sold out. sadness. 
i drove over there thinking i'd grab a couple of gold ones, maybe grab a silver one, just in case.
yeah, well apparantly so did everyone else. the day they came out. thankyouverymuch. rumor has it they're not stellar quality but for the price, who cares. darn it. 
if you scored one, lucky girl.

i love this one, but at 400 smackers, i'll pass.

 i debated forever between the nook and kindle. i wanted the nook because
a. it's white
and most importantly,
b. there is a fabulous lilly cover for the nooks. 

after some research, i ended up going with the kindle. there's a super cute kate spade gatsby cover. but since i haven't read gatsby i felt i wasn't worthy. so red leather cover it is....until lilly whips out a kindle cover, right?

(the inside of the lilly reads, judge my nook by it's cover. how darn cute is that?!)

 madison set it up for me the day it arrived while i was at a meeting & promptly downloaded a free copy of Pride & Prejudice ( which i promised her i'd read during her birthday month, which was march. i'm on page 37. oops.). i have samples of On Folly Beach & mary alice monroe's latest, The Butterfly's Daughter. ready to go the next time i sit back down!

speaking of research, i finally made a decision on a couple lenses. i've primarily shot with my canon 50 1.4 prime lens which i love. i wanted something with a little bit more of a wide angle , so i went with the tamron 28-75 2.8. it received great reviews & is a fraction of the  price of comparable other brands. fraction! i used a telephoto lens for years until it basically died. i guess that happens when on vacation alone i took 5,000 images. anyway, i knew i wanted to pay more for the lower aperture option on the wide angle, but just wanted a basic telephoto zoom. this one isn't anything fancy , the ap only goes to 4-5.6 but it will work great for what i need. it's also a tamron, 70-300.

while we sadly missed out on metallic ever so cool poufs at tarjay, we have poufs going on over here.
the girls were a huge help yesterday and made several for the party saturday. sweet bailey, who yes, has returned to life as a brunette ( shade kate middleton) even ran carpool for caroline's tumbling class yesterday. love that girl.

 (they're for outside, not the living room btw)

i begged her not to go to ole miss. seriously. i have to make myself NOT think about what the days will be like when she is not dropping in daily with savannah. one of the fallouts of having my first born leave, is that means her friends leave too. honestly, i found myself already fast forwarding to the days when they graduate from college & we can spend days going to lunch and shopping for lilly together. 

the dads unloaded tables yesterday while dan took a quick break from the tedious job of pressure washing. i'm sure the neighbors will love it when we quit parking in the street.

since i'm obviously not as great a multi-tasker as i'd like to think i am, 
no one complained about my burnt spaghetti sauce last night for dinner.
actually, i think the girls were just ready to get back in & watch the prom episode of glee.
did you hear them sing adele?
anyway, gotta love teenagers that are easy to please!

since the girls were over me taking random shots of them after a day of running around,
i'll redeem them & share a quick few from prom.
they were all so good looking!

more of those later....

and to wrap it up, i'd love to share my friend jeanne's lookbook from her new FABULOUS spring summer line, Town & Country.
goodness gracious, i love it all!!!


Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Dear Paige,

I hope that you're capturing some of these great moments on video.

Cute little Calypso bags by the way.
You're making me want to
run out to Target this morning.

Oh, why did you end up going with the Kindle?

Have a great day!


Coastal Blue Ocean

Jboo said...

Wow -- what an info-packed post! Love it! Had not heard about the Tarjay poufs, but I did score one of their white linen-look ruffle dresses from that line. Will look around here for poufs!

What fun getting ready for graduation and parties!! Sweet girls -- they were all SO gorgeous at prom (always, but even more so at prom).


The Avery House said...

Great lenses Friend! I have the prime 1.8 for Nikon and a Tamron for Nikon 18-270mm. I LOVE my Tamron lens, but it only goes down to a 3.5 opening, so I will eventually add to my "collection" and get another Tamron lens like you purchased. I tell you, Tamron is where it's at. They are awesome and the price is much easier on the old pocketbook. Do you have a Kelly Moore bag? If not, you HAVE GOT to get one! They are fabuloso! I will check out my local Target (said with the French pronunciation) to look for you some Poufs. Some of them here do not sell out of the cool stuff for whatever reason. Smile and a wink! Have a Fantabulous day!

traci said...

savannah looks gorgeous. oh my goodness. and i like bailey's darker hair color. really cute. hard decision between nook or kindle. i don't think you could have made a wrong decision. i have not read pride & prejudice either. you tell me if i need to or not when you are done.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I am going to check out those books, I am so ready to get going on my list of summer reads. I wonder if the Tamron lenses work for a NIkon? My lens is only a 18-55.

Kelli said...

Your home just screams "welcome." My mom's house was the same way and it's something that I cherish. My mom recently got to spend time with my "Baily" while we were on vacation and enjoyed it. My friends are like daughters to her too. Those prom pictures are just fun. I know the party is going to be amazing. You haven't read The Great Gatsby...loved it.

Dawn said...

Wow...LOTS of good stuff here!
I have been on the fence between Kindle & Nook...I have been on team Nook too..hmmm
Dont forget the Life issue of the royal is great! Poor Target Girl really is missing
I am so glad you are going first for the Grad Party, so you can inspire tissue poms here, since it's my guy!
Prom pics are S's dress!
I forgot to look for the poufs!!

Alecia said...

Girl...I feel your pain about the Pouf...I wanted a gold one so bad...the Calypso stuff is sooo cute...I noticed you snatched up a couple of the make up bags...I love the Eastern Indian look of them.

Looks like lots of fun goin' on around you...can't wait to see how the party turns out :-)

BTW...where's Trevor going to school?!?!

Biz said...

I need to desperately learn more about different lenses. I use the basic lens that came with my Canon Rebel Xti most of the time.

Do you like you your Kindle?
I'm trying to decide if my brother and I should go in on one for my Dad. I have a hard time believing he could give up actual books, but he travels a lot.

P.S. Savannah's dress is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! No joke, your girls have the best sense of style...maybe if I hang out with them it'll rub off on me...although with my ever growing belly it might be silly to start until after baby is born!

Jill said...

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" - I have been missing in blogland -boo!
I completely get what you must be feeling during this bittersweet part of your Savannah's life. I can't imagine when my Emma heads to college. Why must they grow up so quickly???
I know this is a big weekend coming up - and while you are crazy busy rushing around to make it all perfect, may you also find the opportunity to just sit and take it all in! Enjoy!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

How on earth can anyone not be a fan of Wills and Kate? How??

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the party. Love the poofs!

Shannon said...

How excited your daughters must be for this weekends graduation party!! I'm sure you are looking forward to the stress of it being over soon. Love the prom pictures, Savannah's dress is gorgeous. Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favs. too...check out the giveaway I'm having over on my blog if you get a chance.
Have a great week!

Courtney said...

Looks like they are planning an awesome, fun, super cute party! Looking forward to the pictures/details that will follow!

Can I just say the prom dresses are FABULOUS! Love all the sparkle! Seriously, they look like runway models.

When I look back at myself in my own prom pix, I look like a tiny little late bloomer pretending to be grown-up and elegant. Ha! Can you tell I had issues (and still do to this day) with my age vs. appearance?! :P

Enjoy these next 2 weeks! xoxo

Anonymous said...

My friend just got a kindle for Christmas..The technology is amazing..I love your daughter's dress and the girls all looked beautiful..and yes the guys too..Love your blog..You take amazing photos..

Privet and Holly said...

Loved catching up
with you, Paige.
My girl is a soph,
but we have already
rec'd many open house
invites. Here we go....
I am taking Jeanne's
art class next week.
Have to go and look
at her new line, now.
Hope you are having a
wonderful week!
xx Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: I meant invites
for seniors!
PPS: I'm having lens
xx S.

LLH Designs said...

You've done a lot of posting since I was last here! So easy to fall behind (sigh), but catching up with you is always worth it!

Keep me posted on the zoom lens you bought. I've got an awesome everyday lens, but want more zoom. And I kinda want telephoto. But trying to to go crazy spending $$$!

Enjoy these days of glory!

Jackie said...

BTW, I love Bailey's brunette look. I noticed it in some pics from an earlier post.

Micah Jamie said...

Ooh! Please keep us posted on how you like your Kindle...I'm from the stone ages and still getting used to my Ipad. John wanted to get me a Kindle for an anniversary present, but I'm not sure which I want either. Would love to hear your review. Your pics, and your girls as always are breathtaking!

Kiersten Johnson said...

Okay, I seriously love you. Can you please do a tutorial on how to make those poufs. I would love it!

Christina said...

hey friend,
i have a question- so would you say the canon 1.4 would make a good portrait lens? do you still shoot with it? i would love to buy this lens. i'm in the market for something to shoot more with. is this the one you used primarily for the girls photos, or around the house? i always love their photos and your inside photos.
please and thank you mam.