Friday, May 06, 2011

monumental moments & nothing at all too

 this week, we had a handful of biggy moments
& some upcoming biggy moments
mixed in with the little ones too.
8th grade dessert, senior honors night & senior banquet.
and senior prom & mothers day coming up this weekend.

senior banquet is tonight at our church.
savannah was asked to be one of the speakers
which ensures that i will be that mom.
the crying one
trying to get a grip on the fact that time just continues to be whizzing by.
i'll be the one with her own box of tissues.
yes, that will be me.
here we go.

we celebrated emily's 8th grade service earlier this week.
for both of these services, parents were asked to write a letter to their child.
a wise friend advised that i start those letters months ago,
especially the ones for the seniors
"because you'll be so tender & emotional in may".
well honestly,
i've been tender & emotional about may, 
for months.

we've been so busy this month 
just in the doing
that i haven't been as sappy about graduation.
we'll see if i can get it together tonight!

a few random things from this week~

i LOVE facebook.
oh yes i do.
if for no other reason than moments like these:
i posted this image on fb asking what the heck these bugs were
& more importantly how do we get rid of them
& within moments,
moments i tell ya,
i had been schooled in elder bugs/love bugs, etc.
apparently we have a giant food source, an elder tree, in our backyard
hence the mass infestation, especially on hot sunny days
of these constantly reproducing, bugs! ack!

 i talked dan into splurging on some cool shoes for himself.
he's the king of the following
"i'm ok. i don't really need any-----"( fill in the blanks with whatever the topic is, shoes,pants, etc)
but he did need some shoes
so for our anniversary we scored some wallabees for him 
& birkenstock's for moi.

birthday tulips from my sweetheart

congrats card from mimi
for the middle two on making the jv football/comp cheer squad.

homework study session.
all ages welcome.

seriously yummy for little prepackaged whatevers
& only 100 calories.


susan r., this is for you.
little bit making her gourmet worthy wrap to take to school
in her new vera lunch box.
forgive the crappy white balance.

red mary janes
my most favorite of all time shoes for little girls

if you've missed this floating around on youtube & facebook,
i think you'll enjoy this monumental moment~


LouBoo said...

Paige - I love these glimpses into your home and life - it feels like a lovely catch-up of the week. I can't imagine how it feels to have such a (set of) grown up girls! Every time I read your blog I remind myself not to let the time pass to quickly; to stop and look around and see them growing. Thanks for that sentiment. Lou x

The Avery House said...

Beautiful Paige! All of it! Friend, don't you even worry about being "that" mom. I would expect nothing less of you. I think you should even wear your Kleenex box proud, bedazzle it, show it off. You desesrve to shed every one of those tears of joy and pride, and excitement, and even a bit of sadness. It's OK, and it's why we all love you. You ENJOY every last minute of all of these tear jerking events. And you know what, those girls are gonna be right there with you. You are awesome Paige. I love your heart. I hope you have the best weekend celebrating all you lovely ladies in your house.

3 Peanuts said...

Love it all...I cannot even imagine the whole HS graduation Spring because this Spring is kicking my butt and the only graduation I have is Kate's PK! You all look lovely. Love your white jeans and floral cute. I better start on those letters NOW...I am not sure how you hold up. Hope the speech went well and it is FINE if you are that MOM with the box of tissues. You are raising awesome girls. You have every right to be is quite a milestone.

Kat said...

Loved reading this post. Such a great way to start my Friday. Such a fun, yet emotional time for you and your girls. I understand about being the crying mom, I'm one of those too. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Sheri said...

Ok, this post is too much for me to handle today. Robert's last day of highschool. Seem's just like yesterday that he started Jesuit High School and now he's leaving. UGH - these four years have flown by. Enjoy this month and all the little moments that come with it. Be blessed. xo

Micah Jamie said...

God knows mama's need distraction when our babies are taking those first steps...thus a million and one actiivties to keep us busy and our mind on other things. It's all good, but a word to the wise for graduation day...waterproof mascara. Don't look like a racoon in like I did until my hubby finally whispered I should "fix my face". Ha! I'm with you on the kellog fruit crisps, YUM! And your home is LOVELY. I am in love with the flower print (is it giclee?) in the photo of the chandy lamp/pineapple. Where did you find it? I am also in love w/the adorableness that is your Caroline. Could she be any stinking cuter? Red Mary janes on a cutie patootie. I die.

Tammy said...

Hey Sweet Paige!
May sure is a BIG month for you and your family! Enjoy every moment! Love the pics you shared!
I am such a BIG Carrie Underwood fan...and have always liked Vince Gill as this video!!
She was also pretty great when she belted it out with Stephen Tyler!
The girl's a star!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Tammy :-)
Junk Wild

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I just love it! Thanks for sharing! Anyway, awhile back you posted about your daughter loving Jane Austen. I found this puzzle online ( and immediately thought of you and your daughter! Good luck with all of the graduation stuff! It is all so fun!

Susan R said...

Absolutely love that girl. She sent me the cutest "thank you" note and wrote "Auntie Susan" on it. I just loved that.
I loved Carrie Underwood's/Vince Gill's rendition of "How Great Thos Art" so much I had to buy it.
Uh Hmm in that photo of you and Emily, I think I see that necklace. Very cute. Very simple. Sometimes the small and simple things are the best.

Jboo said...

Sweet!! Good luck and enjoy all the big and little moments.

I'll be the mom in Nebraska at graduation sniffling and crying! :)


CHH said...

Dear Paige,

Lovely pictures of you with the girls.

I know it's hard and I'm not there yet (as you know) but enjoy every moment of these exciting times with Savannah.

They're firsts for you I know but a one an only for Savannah(senior prom, graduation, party, leaving home).

When it get's scarry and sad
for you, as a Mom, try to think of
the endless possibilities that await her and take time to celebrate Savannah's accomplishments past, present and the accomplishments that will follow!

I think that we all let fear overshadow a new opportunity from
time to time.

Happy Mother's Day!

Cheers to you, Paige.

Oh, may I ask, when was your birthday?

Have a great day. I hope you are enjoying the warm sun on your pretty face today.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Cyn said...

Beautiful pictures!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Oh Paige you and your girls are beautiful. I'm going through the same this month. Just attended a scholarship banquet last night, next week is senior awards night, and then graduation! Your photos around your home I just love! Little glimpses of spring. You are my kind of girl...Birks are my favorite!!! I've been wearing every since I was pregnant with my first baby. They are the only shoe that keeps my feet and back from aching. Enjoy every last moment this month. ox

Biz said...

So many exciting things are going on these days!
What a blessing.
P.S. Those Special K bars are my favorite & my hubby loves the strawberry ones!!!!

Kim said...

I think I cried through that whole post! Good Luck with all the grad. activities!

THANK YOU for that video - I hadn't seen it and WOW!!!! What i want to know is how did she keep her hands down? Just sitting here I had to raise mine in praise!!! :0)

kimberlysmoody said...

With so many events ahead, I hope you enjoy every beautiful, joyous moment. I can't help but tearing up over the littlest moments, it's the Mom in us. Happy Birthday and a very special Mother's Day wish your way!!

called you but you must have been facebooking said...

one word: birkenstocks.
I will still love you forever though....

Dawn said...

This is such an exciting time but so exhausting...I cried today at Kindergarten Mom's Tea, so I KNOW I will be a complete mess at Senior awards, graduation, and don't even let me think about driving away from that college...LOVE the pics of "life" you always share...Happy Mother's Day to you!

Privet and Holly said...

Girlie, I seriously
do not know how you
can keep that pace
and blog as often as
you do. I'll have
what you're having,
please! This is such
a super-busy time of
year anyway, but throw
in another child AND
one that is graduating ~
whew, you are going 55MPH,
for sure. Loved all of
your pics; so sunny and
fresh : ) And I've also
always adored red shoes
for little girls...
xx Suzanne

Between You and Me said...

love the peek into your life this week....

sad and happy all at the same time for the milestones that you're having with your girls....closed chapters and new ones to closely follow...

every stage will be wonderful in its on way...I just know it.

love the new painting/picture in your kitchen....have I missed an explanation on it? the flower one...

Between You and Me said...

your youngest is the snazziest dressed little girl that I know...well, don't know technically, but anyway....her outfits kind of inspire my fashion trends. :))))

Debby said...

Such wonderful moments. Senior year is exciting and a bit sad. It is also so time consuming but worth it. Enjoy each moment. Beautiful pictures.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm with Tara - I wan that Coca-Cola/grey skirt combo!

And I'm in love with that bowl-of-oranges pic. And the one after it. :)

Cathy Louise said...

Well my friend...All oh so incredible...Life just speeds on by and doesn't wait for anyone does it...Your girls and family in general are all so beautiful....and so are you my friend...I know you will enjoy every moment, even the tearful ones...Love to you all from Aus xx c xxxxx

Jackie said...

I only have the one son. He's now 28. I cried his entire Senior year of HS. Whenever I thought about him graduating or the subject came up in conversation or any of the events that came w/ school, etc., etc. I just couldn't get ahold of what life would be like with whatever the "new" would be. I couldn't imagine him being away at college & not being at home & going through the same routine that we had for the past 18 years.
I prayed throughout the entire year that God would "let" me let go of Blake. That He would prepare me to let him go wherever he chose (for college). I prayed that God would let me take my hands off & totally give him to God and totally trust God with Blake's life. It is scary. It is so very emotional. At the same time, it's a time full of pride & reward as a parent.
Take it all in as best as you can.
Love you,
P.S. 4 years later, I found myself doing the same thing as Blake was preparing to graduate from college.
3 years after that, he decided to make the move from Indiana to TN. There I was again. It's never-ending. :-)

Maggieb said...

Senior youth banquets will make any momma cry, and you absolutely deserve to do that!! Enjoy having her and the example that she is setting for your younger girls. On another note... watched Carrie sing that live on tv, and I was literally crying a river. How amazing!! Thank you for letting me relive my senior moments and emotions through your experiences. It has brought back many wonderful memories of my mom & I from my senior year! Thank you for sharing, Paige!

Katiebee said...

thanks for sharing this video~gives me goosebumps every time i watch it~
wishing you a very happy mothers day~



Jacki said...

Loved all the things here in this post-such lovely photos of you and your daughters. We too, when we discovered Carrie Underwood's version of this song, I think we were up to midnight, hubby and I listening over and over. She never held back for "when Christ shall come.....!"

sheshe said...

What a wonderful day for me.....I thought I'd lost you! I had an iPad malfunction a few weeks ago and all info was wiped out..yikes! Now your found...and backed up, by the way! Lol
Your blog makes me smile with each entry. Thank you for sharing your beautiful glimpses of life.