Thursday, May 19, 2011

party questions & answers

thank you all for the party love!
you know how to make a girl feel great.

one of my girlfriends was suprised when i told her that we had over 250 guests.
she was suprised i hadn't captured an image of "everyone".
truth be told, i stood there with my camera in my hand and talked the entire time.
the vast majority of the images i posted were prior to the party starting.
sadly, i have no images of my own hubby who was looking very handsome in his blue checked polo & khakis.
for all you moms still planning your own grad party, have a friend photograph for you.
you'll be too busy hugging & chatting.

ok, here are answers & links for all the questions.
i think i got 'em all...

~ the tissue paper poms were a martha stewart kit.

 you may find a tutorial here.

~the bottles of efferve were purchased at homegoods. 
i've also seen them at tjmaxx and marshalls
& in several flavors.
~be filled with joy print was purchased from the etsy shop,

~ the beverage containers were purchased at walmart and sams.  
the yellow ceramic one was also purchased from sams club.
 the one on the right is just sitting on top of a cake plate.

~the lilly pulitzer special edition animal crackers were found at publix. 
however , click on this link which will direct you to the cracker tracker.
good luck! aren't they the cutest?

~ i ordered notepads from to use for guests to write notes for the girls.  while i'd love to have an image fill up the entire pad space vs. the little image only available in the corner,  these are cute and inexpensive.
i've posted an image of a few others i've ordered too.

while i'm on notepads,
these are mighty cute & i have several styles from this shop too!
excellent teacher gifts!

~ i covered a large cork board  ( i think it's about 3 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet ) with khaki linen to use for a photoboard for the party.
i was hoping the finished product would look more fun than "crafty".
since the girls have been best friends all throughout highschool, i had many photos from which to choose.

~ & for my friend  who asked "who's Lilly?"
this is for you.

"What is a 21 year-old girl named Lilly to do after she’s just eloped?
Lilly married Peter Pulitzer and escaped the hustle and bustle of New York City for the sun and sand of Palm Beach? With your husband running the family orange groves, why not start a juice stand?
And that is just what Lilly did back in 1959, but her new business venture soon gave her a closet full of juice-stained clothes. Inspired by the colorful nature of her newly dyed wardrobe, Lilly launched a line of brightly colored shift dresses covered in playful prints. It wasn’t long before her dresses became a hit in all of the country’s most fashionable resort towns, and soon ’60s style icons like Jackie Kennedy were wearing Lilly’s designs.
Fast-forward 50 years, and Lilly Pulitzer prints are still a favorite for all those people that lead colorful lives." 

& finally,
~while i had wanted to get these listed back in march,
i finally have some of caroline's lilly items and a few boden available for resale.
i plan to post these on my severely neglected photoblog
starting tomorrow.


Judy said...

I made pink & white tissue pom poms for my granddaughter's b'day party (this weekend)...they turned out pretty good. I'll keep the Martha Stewart kit in mind for another time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me your sweet comment.


Carolyn said...

Love those pompoms! Thanks for sharing the link!

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Jordan said...

Oh, thank you for sharing! I love thewheatfield etsy shop, and these are a lot of pretty, yummy, special things to look into for fun summer parties. Your daughters are blessed to have a loving a creative Mama like you! <3

The Avery House said...

You know Miss Paige that's what I so love about you! Not only do you throw an amazing party, but you share how you did it too! Such a gracious hostess! Tucking all these away for the future. I only hope to be a small smidgen as good a party thrower as you!

Mommabelle said...

Such beautiful party! I do love the pompoms and the candy table was so pretty and a delighful idea!

Anonymous said...


The party looked beyond wonderful! Thanks for sharing everything! I am tucking ideas away for 3 years from now! I love everything --and those special notes are adorable. They must have been on the table with the girl's pictures. What was in the second frames? Perhaps the college acceptance letters?


Jodi said...

Paige~ I loved the polka dot table cover; can you share where you got that? I want to do a fun, "sweet" theme birthday this summer for my daughter who is turning 14. I love the candy idea and the polka dot table cover!

Take care! Jodi

LuLu said...

I just shared your party posts with my husband!!! I can scroll through them over and over again.... Just beautiful and you were blessed with such gorgeous weather!!!!
Congrats to your sweet daughter and her best friend.... Their friendship is one that I pray my daughters find.

Ali said...

Thank you so much for the link to the Be Filled With Joy print! I just ordered it! I think you have created an sensation! The artist said due to an increase of orders she was running 2-4 weeks! That must be due to your free advertising of her art! :)

I also ordered the cute pink pom pom kits from Martha Stewart for my daughter's birthday party and then to hang in her bedroom! So cute! Thanks for the link!

Okay, since I LOVE your more question for you my party guru! Where did you buy those cute pedestal open candy dishes!?! I loved all the candy dishes! Did you buy them all at the same store?

Thanks so much Paige! Your daughters are blessed to have a fun and creative party throwing Momma!

~ Ali

Mareike said...

You do really have a lovely blog! You write so passionate and full of love about your family.

Greetings from Germany