Saturday, May 14, 2011

just your basic friday night

caroline & i are watching the justin bieber movie, never say never.
i feel better already, 
just getting that off my chest & getting right with ya'll from the very beginning.
a little quality time, right?

i think any "other" child feels a little left out when all the fuss is over another sibling.
i feel this entire senior year has been full of so much focus on savannah,
yet none of the girls have complained.
hopefully they will each feel just as loved on & each as blessed when their turn rolls around.

goodness, i keep getting so distracted with the biebster in the back ground.

i wanted to have a little treat for savannah & bailey, just to thank them for giving me the opportunity to host their grad party. it has been a joy collaborating with them & planning loads of little details.

all three of us share a love for lilly pulitzer, 
so i commissioned a local custom baker, my sweet things, to create some cookies.
i sent her an image of savannah's dress (bailey had yet to purchase hers) 
& asked her to make some lilly themed cookies.
she delivered these yesterday & i couldn't have been more excited.

today i set up a little fun after school snack for the girls.
a little reminder of how much i love them & a little toast to a super fun event.

 who says you can't mix waterford with plastic lilly?

love you girls!
here's to a great grad party weekend!

ok, back to bieber fever
thank goodness caroline & i are each "one less lonely girl"
i couldn't resist ;)


Jboo said...

So sweeT! You get Mother of the year award for watching Bieber!! And those cookies and sweet graduates -- adorable! Have a fun weekend -I know you will!


Angela said...

This is more than outstanding!!! Those cookies are beautiful. I love them. I know all of your guests will too. Hope that you have tons of fun tonight!!

Mary Anne said...

I think Lilly goes perfectly nicely with Waterford... even the plastic! :) You are such a wonderful Mom! I read your posts and can't wait to have children of my own one day to be able to do such special things for them. :) It's wonderful to see Moms out there that truly care. I hope you post some nice pictures of the party! Looks and sounds like it should be quite the party!! :)

Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Hello Paige,

How awesome. Caroline
must have loved that special
time with you.

I have my six year old godchild /niece coming over to play with baby girl for the night. She loves JB.

We are going to take a trip to the Carousel.

Have a wonderful day.

Don't forget to stop by Shannon's blog for a Lilly Giveaway.

I will also be announcing our upcoming feature of you and your blog today.

Coastal Blue Ocean

Maggieb said...

Paige, you sure are one thoughtful & sweet momma! Congrats to Savannah, have a great grad weekend!

Kat said...

Love it!!! Love all of it and those sweet girls look like they loved every bit of it. Paige, you are such a fantastic mom! Your daughters are so lucky!

LLH Designs said...

You are such a super fun mom! Your children are blessed indeed!

Happy weekend to you, sweet friend!

Kelli said...

You are an absolutely sweet and thoughtful mom...what a blessing you are to them. I love Bailey's face while she's reading the card. You are a joy.

edie said...

you're the coolest mom :)

Hood Canal Gal said...

Such a sweet mama you are! Love the cookies, the fancy crystal and your Bieber fever! Have a great weekend!


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Oh my goodness! Those are the cutest things ever!!! Love those cookies! And I spied a table full of pretty goodies in the background...can't wait to see what you all are up to for that graduation party!

Shannon said...

Those cookies are adorable and love how you decorated their settings to look perfectly like Lilly :)
I can't wait to see all the pics from the party, I see the lil candy display in the background!!

Claire said...

Hi, I've been laid up with a bad back so have been having a catch up on your gorgeous blog! I would so love to be a member of your family. Having 4 boys between myself and my husband I love popping on to see how you and your girlies are (and of course Dan) they are all beautiful and seem lovely, Claire xx

Privet and Holly said...

Mmm ~ good!
xx Suzanne

Babsarella said...

What a sweet gesture and love the adorable Lilly cookies!!

Kristin said...

I said this over and over when reading.

"Awe" So there is my comment. Just "Awe"

Love how you love on your girls!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet mom you are..I can't say it enough I love your blog..

edie said...

i wanna be your daughter!!
love it all ms. paige and loved your prom pics!!
hugs and love to you friend,

melissa said...

OH paige!! Those Lilly cookies are just adorable with the Ten Speed print!! Gosh, how I wish I lived close to share (more like crash!) your girlie times. I could even bring/share some Lilly! ;) You are the best momma!! xo

Alecia said...

Bahaha!!! One less lonely it! Not gonna lie...saw it in the theater :-)
What a sweet idea. Love the Waterford w/Plastic Lilly, very beautiful table setting. The girls are so love them well!