Wednesday, May 25, 2011

may, you've just about wore me out

for the last few days
we've definitely been dragging out of bed around here.

years ago i went cold turkey and took caffeine (for the most part) out of my diet.
in the last year i've chilled a little and have slowly added just a little back in.
dan makes a pot of coffee each morning ( heavy on the caffeine) that i make a fat free latte out of.
this morning, i asked him to make me a small pot of decaf before he left.
i have a couple carpools, spin class and a stressed out 4th grader.
what was i thinking?

i virtually never have a stressed out 4th grader, but today is the science olympics.
last night at 10:30 ( an hour and half past her school bedtime) she was wrapping up the completion of the can car. can car take 5. when her daddy helped her figure out why attempts 1-4 had not been working , she sobbed happy tears and thanked him profusely. precious.
he wanted us to practice with it before school. let me tell you, i'm probably more stressed than she is about it's debut.

our highschool baseball team has made it to the AAAAA state championship.  savannah has road tripped down to south georgia several times this week to cheer them on. saturday is a big day around here as they play in the finals!
good thing she's been a busy girl, since her sweetie has been in Mexico for a week.
which reminds me,
have i posted prom pictures yet?

please tell me i'm not the only one who can't remember if i'm coming or i'm going these days!

the big ballgame follows friday night~graduation for smk & her class of over 700!
gotta remember to pick up kleenex.

can you tell this post is an attempt to keep up with our life?

madison has been her baker self, of course, making icecream cone cupcakes for her health class.

a few weeks ago , she created a super cute treat for a fellow Harry Potter fan.

some randomness....

caroline loves to wear her glasses while she works on her homework.
says it makes her more intellectual.
the kicker~
the frames are empty!
what a riot!

please forgive what appears to be an abundance
of photos of myself in this post.
with events, banquets and grad parties to attend
we've ended up with a handful of couple photos of dan & i.
as one who never feels comfortable in front of the camera, i'm really trying to be better about that.

if i've already posted mother's day photos,
i'm sorry to subject you to them again
but i'm running out the door
(science olympics remember)
i don't have time to go back & check old posts
however, since caroline declared that i'm "the bomb dot com"
i'm feeling good, even without caffeine!

ya'll have a great day!
& wish caroline's erupting volcano & oatmeal can car good luck!
with 2 more days of school left, we can make it!


Jboo said...

Good luck Caroline!! What a fun post about your sweet family and bonus to see pics of you and your cute hubs! Enjoy the festivities -- there's time to relax at the beach and pool in june! :)


traci said...

yes may is a busy, busy month. sometimes hard to sit down and breath. good luck to your boys. that is very exciting. have a great day paige. we are about to get some storms here.

slip4 said...

Caroline doing her homework in the glass-less frames made my day - so cute! I hope she will feel good about her Olympic performance today.
Paige, you always look so put-together! Do you have some favorite places to shop? With my luck, they are Atlanta-only shops. :)

CHH said...

Dear Paige,
Beautiful pictures.
I love that cream shirt.
Love the picture of SMK with her sweetie. If I go to a barbecue this weekend I hope I have it in me to make those cupcakes.
Love Caroline's card to you.
Have a great day.
Coastal Blue Ocean

Jackie said...

Don't ever apologize for posting pictures of you. You are beautiful & we love seeing the photos. These are all great ones!
I Love, Love, Love that beige top in the first photo of you & down further in the post!!
Good luck to Caroline today.
And, Madison....if she had blondish hair, she could pass for a twin to Lauren Alaina on Idol. I think she looks so much like her.

Angela said...

How precious today's post is and the most precious thing that came out of this was not the craziness of your month but the love that through it all your family is the most important thing in your life. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing with us, even on this busy day. And to the little girl with the sweet glasses!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Kat said...

Aw, poor Caroline. She'll do great. What a sweetie! You'll have to come and hang out at the pool with us next week. Perhaps that will help you all relax! Love all the fun pictures, the story of what's going on in your life. Like you, I am usually the one behind the camera and rarely in the pictures unless I insist that someone else takes the picture. Then when I see the picture, I think to myself, why didn't I put on some makeup?!?! Love Caroline's glasses, she' so adorable! You look gorgeous in your pictures, as always! Good luck to Caroline today!!!

Amy said...

Delicious (caffeine free) post. Such a glow about you all despite how busy things have been for you. Smiled as I read this. Love you Paigey xxxx

.30goingnorth. said... has been a wild, hairy month!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!! Can I ask where the "K" is from?! It is gorgeous!!!

Lisa in Virginia

Shannon said...

I hope the science project went well!! Why is it that we always look forward to summer but it seems from the beginning of May until the end of July is so busy we don't even relax! I love that giant flower picture you have in your kitchen, do you mind sharing where you got it from?
Your Mother's day pictures are too cute and I love the one of you and your daughters :)

Tammy said...

Wishing sweet CMK good luck on her science project! She's a cutie patootie on her glasses even if they don't have rims! Super Cool!
Love all the pics of look great and where oh where did you get that pretty cream blouse???? Love it!!
You always post such great pics!!
best of luck on the baseball game and wishes to everyone for a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!
Tammy :-)
Junk Wild

Simply Me said...

You can do it Caroline!!!! my goodness, what a full month the knudsen family has had! gosh, it sounds like ya'll need a seaside escape!!!! i think you better get a beach towel rather than kleenex!! good luck to everyone on graduation night!!! love the cute cupcakes and caroline with her glasses!!!!!

Kim said...

You go girl!! Aren't the last couple of weeks of school brutal?? We just finished today - thank you Jesus!!!

Best of luck to Caroline!!

Tiffini said...

hang in there just shine in those pictures..all of them!
You seem to have a heart to give and the short time since I've found your blog...I always leave refreshed.

Susan R said...

Okay, I got the biggest kick out of Lil' Bit and the empty frames. That's a hoot.
Dang! Those eyes of Madison Grace are sooooo darn beautiful. Too bad they don't make contacts that color, they could be named MGs.
Enjoy the chaos while it lasts.

3 Peanuts said...

All the girlies (including you) look beautiful. Sorry lil Caroline is stressed. Harry (also in 4th grade) was super stressed about the science fair a few weeks ago but it was all good. So, I am hoping it is all good for C too. May has totally kicked my to another school award function...UGH!!!

3 Peanuts said...

All the girlies (including you) look beautiful. Sorry lil Caroline is stressed. Harry (also in 4th grade) was super stressed about the science fair a few weeks ago but it was all good. So, I am hoping it is all good for C too. May has totally kicked my to another school award function...UGH!!!

And Savannah and her honey are DARLING! Where is he going to school next semester?

Dawn said...

Always love your pics!!
Hope Caroline did well today...and these first couple weeks of June are going to kick my butt...our Grad festivities are just getting started...we haven't even had Prom yet!!!

Jodi said...

You are busy girl, I hope that Caroline's can car did well! Today was our last day of school! :)

I love seeing all your photos, including the ones of you and your hunny; you are a beautiful couple, and you look amazing! I love your style!

Take care! Jodi

Danielle said...

So I have stalked your blog for years you and your sweet family! Please tell me where you and your girls shop?? I love every single outfit and as a mom to a 2 year old and 1 year old...dying for some hip fashion! ;)

Privet and Holly said...

Girl, you are
I just love how
your family shines,
each in her {and
his!} own way. I
was just thinking
yesterday, "What
happened to May??"
and praying that I
can hold on to June
a bit tighter....It's
all going waaay too
Love the pics!!
xx Suzanne

LLH Designs said...

Precious Paige, May kicked my butt, too. Always does...and I don't even have a senior! I love all your photos...and love seeing you in them. I did I self-portrait post a few months ago. So terrifying, but then strangely freeing just to get over it. What are we so afraid of? He eyes of the Lord see us deep and we are beautiful!


PS - is that your dining room? Love it!

Bonnie said...

I think it is very special to have a picture with each daughter! All of you are beautiful. I would love to be posing with my mother.

Darling cupcakes and conecakes? And...I don't know how y'all have time to dress so cute with all you have going on!

It is so nice to have your experiences chronicled in pictures and blog posts. Those of us reading and viewing enjoy your sweet family also. Good parents-good kids! Enjoy. It passes so quickly.

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

Paige I always like coming to your blog to read about your life and all the "things" that go on. It's fun and you get to learn things or find out stuff you might not in your everyday life of what it is each of us do. I wish you much luck on all the things you have to do. I will follow behind you a bit next year my daughter graduates from high school and it makes makes my stomach want to turn, but I know I will get through it all. And by the way you look great! I love the cream colored top where did you get it?

janet said...

Caroline with the glasses is too cute..And yes she does look more studious..Good Luck..What a great family..Loving all of the photos..Especially those cupcakes..LOL..

Carol S. said...

Love your blog and all your pics are sweet. We just had 6th grade Invention Convention (everyone's a winner!) tonight so I can totally relate. Glad it is done. Have a fantastic week.