Wednesday, May 04, 2011

four roses & free time

this time last year, i ended up being blessed with 
a new laptop, a new lens & some new florabella actions
basically all at the same time.

talk about my favorite addiction hobby.
i was in hog heaven!

 i may need to make some time boundaries for myself,
because i can get lost for hours ...playing.
i did just order two more lenses
(i'll share about those later)
& the latest florabella action set,
so i'll start the time boundary issue later.

i'm not totally pleased with how these rose images turned out.
they may be a little too saturated, but the first four images were 
post processed with actions from LUXE II.
( the actions however, i am totally pleased with!)
the rest are sooc.

i seriously love turning on pandora,
currently Adele's station,
sitting in my comfy chair,
opening the windows and feeling the fresh breeze,
a diet coke or decaf fat free hazelnut latte beside me
and playing with photos~
a perfect way to spend my free time.

what's your favorite way to spend your free time?
i'd love to hear....


Stephanie Howell said...

well, i am no photographer but i think those (the first especially) are stunning. and free time? what? uh....i am trying to create in bits+pieces but it's not working that well. and with j set to deploy next week, i'm about to have to WORK to find that me time. b/c i need it to be *me*
tweeted you, but not sure you saw it...can't believe you were here in sav'h! i would have loved to meet you for lunch!
hope you have a beautiful day. xo

3 Peanuts said...

Paige...these are gorgeous!!!!! I too love to take photos (especially still life and pay around) but I have not had/mad the time in so long...I almost forget how. I used to be really active on flick and work on a photo almost every day. I never do that now and my skills have really slipped. I need to find more hours in the day:)

Sometimes I look at bloggers like you or Lisa and I wonder how you get everything done. I have started seeing clients again and I feel more behind than ever. Do you have any tips for how you do it all?

In my free time...haha...I like to read or look at magazines. BUt I have this thing about not being able to relax unless the house is clean so usually I end up cleaning instead of relaxing...bad, I know.

Have a great day!

Christina said...

i am loving on that vase! oh yes i am!

ps: you made my day yesterday. you are so very welcome.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

This is so pretty. Its' so simple Paige, but you did an awesome job of capturing it!

The Avery House said...

I love your beautiful rose shots. And since you brought up the subject of Florabella, I am in desperate need of help! I got my first set of actions but dang they are hard to download to my photoshop elements. I am not an unsavy person when it comes to computers but this has got me stumped. Any suggestions? I guess i just need some uninterrupted time when I don't have a little friend yelling, "Mommy!" every second. But really, if you have any tricks to getting my new actions downloaded I would be ever grateful!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

The photos are beautiful. I've been newly bitten by the camera bug. My hubby gave me a Nikon D90 for my last birthday and I have a couple of lenses and photoshop to play with. I haven't even begun to venture into other programs as i spend waaaaaaaay to much time playing with what I have already. I just went totally manual a couple of weeks ago and still have trouble with the aperature. I tend to blow things out. I am having so much fun learning! My family is getting used to having their picture taken all the time..ha..ha..

Micah Jamie said...

The photos are lovely. You have an artists eye! In my free time I love to redecorate my house, garden, shop!!, and take long hot baths w/a glass of wine and a good book...but who has free time??? lol

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Just found your beautiful blog via Coastal Blue. She told me about you and that you were from GA. Me too! I'm so impressed with your photography! Perhaps I live close enough to come get lessons! lol
Having fun this morning strolling around in your blog. And this is how I like to spend my free time.

Alecia said...

I too am loving Adele's Pandora of my faves :-) In my free time I enjoy going on bike rides through our beautiful neighborhoods with tree tunnels...walks in the park...hanging out in the local coffee shop with my Bible and journal...editing photos...getting lost in blog land...the list goes on.

Simply Jen said...

Oh Paige...Just lovely! I listen to the Adele station as well...isn't it fab!

Have a wonderful day!
Jen xo

Sharon said...

Your photos are fabulous! Love the different colors. I know what you mean about free time but give up the Diet Coke please! It's got that nasty aspartame in it and that's not healthy for a lovely woman with so much going on!

Kristin said...

Free time...don't mean to giggle, but you know me. If I have free time I freak out. Gotta work, work, work! What is that about me? I need to make free time creative. I promise I will be a trier. Lovin your rose images! Beautiful my friend.

Kat said...

Paige, those images are gorgeous. Can't wait to hear about your new lenses, so exciting!!! Hmm, I like to spend my free time either at the gym on the tennis court or curled up in a big cozy chair at Barne's and Noble with a huge stack of magazines, cookbooks and design books to glance through. Of course, reading lovely blogs, like yours, is another favortie way to spend my free time. xo

Jboo said...

Spend all my free time reading or lurking on your blog or FB! :)

Lovely photos!


LLH Designs said...

I'm not much of a post processor, but it's fun to see what you have done with your images! I use potoshop a TON to enhance the photos my clients give me for Christmas cards, but for my own photography, a like the challenge of getting it the way I like it with the camera. Fun to play around with manual settings and see what one little tweak will do!

Now if I could just make the time to PRINT some of my favorites (especially of my girls). I haven't printed a single photo in 4 years. Insane, right?


patty said...

all beautiful, but i am partial the the first one in the row!

so funny, bc i came here via amy's, with my diet coke, and pandora (i listen to adele, too, but today it's jack johnson) and i'm getting ready to edit some prom pictures. i am holding back ordering a new lens.. so i'm really curious about which you have and which you want! :)

Tammy said...

Beautiful Roses!
Ahh! Free Time ...I'm about to have some in a few weeks at the beach...I'll be reading,walking, cooking...whatever I want! For two weeks! I can't wait!
Hope your week is wonderful!

Kelli said...

I'm not sure why this is such a hard question. I love to stamp and make cards, but I also love to read. I love the pictures of the roses...just beautiful.

Carol S. said...

Fab blog, I love a good view, my pc, pandora and catching up on blogs. My fav pandora station is James Taylor and Allison Krause. Yum