Sunday, May 08, 2011

her senior letter

happy mother's day my friends!
i hope each of you has been hugged on, loved on & pampered on all day long!!

we've had a great weekend.
busy, but great.  
i'm knee deep in prom photos & wrapping up details for savannah's graduation party next weekend.

as with each of you, the end of the school year is full of fun memory makers.
while i feel the days are whizzing by & i'm barely keeping up,
i fear if i don't write down each of these moments, they'll be a blur at best.

 this week our church had a special service for our 8th graders & then one for our seniors.
the parents are asked to write letters for each
& then read them aloud ( privately) to our child.
 these letters are so tender & personal. 
sometimes i wonder if sharing them here is maybe a little too much 
however, this being where i chronicle our little life, i'm choosing to share them here too.
today is savannah's & later this week i'll share emi's.

Sometimes I wonder if I have a sinful pride when it comes to you. I have always loved being known as savannah’s mom. I love walking in somewhere, anywhere, with you. Whether it’s watching you practice gymnastics as a little girl, listening to you read, watching you cheer, photographing you all dressed up, reviewing your perfect grades, I’ve always been proud of you. Always.

There sure was much pomp & circumstance when you were born. I wanted to be the mommy of a little girl before I ever dreamed of being a bride. I knew I wanted to name that little girl Savannah, after the gorgeous, charming city. While they told me you’d come at the end of February, I predicted you’d be my valentine’s day gift. And sure enough, just after midnight you came. Just like a first born to be punctual! Daddy Gregg loved his little savvy and carried you around with that same sinful pride!

You know my memory can be a little sketchy, but I clearly remember where I was and your exact response when I told you we were marrying daddy. With those big brown eyes of yours and a heart that could never lie, you looked up and told me that while you’d always love your first daddy you were very happy to have this new daddy. Your relationship with him has been such a blessing to my heart. While I needed your approval as a little girl, to see you approve of him and respect him as you’ve grown up has blown us both away.

Your sisters have always looked up to & respected you. While I can’t imagine our homelife without you, I know you have left and will continue to make a priceless mark on each of their hearts even while you’re away. Shoot, I had gotten this far and now there’s the tears.

Just as scripture says, there is no greater joy in my heart than knowing you are walking with the Lord. You have always had a tenderness for Him. You have always wanted to do the right thing. But when I have seen you worship Him, I know in my heart that He is filling up yours. He inhabits the praises of His people, so that means He sees you sweet girl and is right there with you, enjoying you. He delights over you. I love that!

I love you my brown eyed girl. More than you’ll ever know. You will always be in my heart. I will always be your number one fan. Always. i couldn’t be any prouder of sweet girl. You have done well. You have done it all well. And I simply can not wait to see what the next chapter in your life will hold. I really wanted you , if you had to go away ;), to go to UGA. I love everything about UGA!  While I never had the big college experience, I can only imagine this will be the time of your life! You are going to do great! You will not miss a beat. You have always been able to transition seamlessly from one life change to the next. I’m so excited for you!!

Remember when you go, that you always have a place in our home. if you are having a yucky day, stop & count your blessings, they will always outnumber the trials.  have a thankful heart. Look for the simple joys. Take time to encourage others. Listen those that have gone before you and are where you want to be. Respect your elders and love on the younger ones. Eat healthy and get your rest. Always have a teachable spirit. Dream big. Remember birthdays. Journal. Try to make time to read scripture every day.  there often is many right things, try to choose the best right thing to do. Hold hands. Brush & floss. Write thank you notes.  enjoy rainy days and soak up the sunny ones. Try not to be in a hurry. Drink lots of water. Be your sisters best friend. Never compromise your morals. Worship Him in spirit and in truth. Use your sunscreen. 

Above all, love the lord with all your heart and your soul, with all your strength and your mind. 
And love others well.
All of my love baby girl.

i love you.....


Simone said...

Oh Paige, this was absolutely gorgeous, I am in tears....seriously!! Your pride and love shines through in every word.

I have been reading your blog long enough to know how wonderful your girls are....and how lucky they are to have you.

I tell you, if every girl in the world had a Mama who would write them a letter like this, the world would be a much much better place.

I love the last but one paragraph...lots of handy tips for college life, I wish I had had those!!

You are THE most wonderful mother my friend xx

PS Love the photos of Savannah :)

Sheri said...

Awesome letter Paige. You are truly a special person and your girls are so lucky to have you. Good luck this month with all your celebrations. Happy Mothers Day!

kimberly said...

you. slay. me.
I'm not sure how you do it, but honestly, if every child could grow up with a mom like you, what a wonderful world it would be. I wish you were closer and we could spend time together, if only so that some of your nurturing, caring, gentle, sweet nature could rub off on me. You inspire me sweet friend~

Kristy & Nancy said...

oh sweet paige. what a wonderful letter. simply wonderful. happy mothers day to you :O)

Anonymous said...

Paige..What a beautiful letter..Your pride and love for your daughter is so obvious..Happy Mother's Day..

Heather said...

oh heavens!
i am in tears. i just need to digest it all.

prayers for you.
offer still stands for Sunday.


Kat said...

Wow, open the floodgates because here comes a huge flood of tears. Goodness Paige, this is such a beautiful letter for your beautiful girl. Big hugs for you, my sweet friend! xo

Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

paige - beyond amazing. what a treausre she will have for a lifetime. you've done well!

Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Dear Paige,

The tears started at the second paragraph.

I'm so glad that you have both been blessed with one another on this special journey that we call life.

Many more blessings to you both.


Coastal Blue Ocean xoxo

Jenn A said...

SO SO SO Beautiful!! You are a beautiful mom and wonderfully inspiring to those of us who are new mothers. I will never forget your advice to stay up late, hanging out with them when you'd rather be in bed. I WILL do this when my children are in their teens. Thanks for the great advice. Keep it coming!
Happy Mother Day!

Anonymous said...

even though english is not my language I read what I read here and it's beautifully put into words your love and admiration and encouragement for your daughter. Yes, it is such moment in time...
Lieve groeten
Godeliva van Ariadone

Cathy Louise said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Loads of tears rolling down my face on the other side of the world...You are amazing honey...That was so beautifully written...I hope you all have the most amazing next week of your life and c xxxx

3 Peanuts said...

Simply perfect and beautiful. I am bookmarking it as it has advice for all of us in there:)

Deborah said...

What a lovely letter for such a lovely daughter.

Simply Jen said...

This is so real...and simply beautiful. Your daughter is such a fortunate young woman to have you, and she will forever cherish your words.
Thank you for sharing your heart.

Jen xo

Alecia said...

What beautiful words...such wisdom. She is blessed to have you as her mom. Not gonna lie...I got a bit teary :-) LOL

The pictures are gorgeous as always...she's such a lovely young lady and I'm encouraged by her heart for the Lord and your words of truth and affirmation for her...great example!

Bless you all in this fun, new season!

The Avery House said...

I have been waiting for a moment to write to you Paige about your post on Savannah's letter. I want you to know, in case you didn't already, how very special this letter is. I know you realize that. I know Savannah has told you that this letter is super special to her. But the thing the you or she may not know now is how much that letter is going to mean to her as she continues to grow into the beautiful woman God intended her to be. When I was a high school senior, my mother also wrote me a letter. It was given to us at a special retreat where we were allowed to read them by ourselves. I still tear up thinking of those words that she wrote down. I took that letter with me 6 hours away to college. And in those times when I felt I really needed to "hear" her voice but knew I needed to do things on my own, I'd take out that letter and reread it and know I could do the tough stuff and get through because of her love for me. I've moved that letter from my childhood home, to the college dorm, to my first apartment, to my first home with my husband to the west coast of Oregon to Arizona, Texas and back to Tennessee. I've read it overe and over again until I have it almost memorized. And you know why? Because my mom loved and believed in me then, and she loves and believes in me now. I will always be her little girl, just as Savannah will always be yours. Even at 37 years of age with two little girls of my own, I read that letter because it takes me back and reminds me of who I was then and why I am who I am today. My mother gave me a life long gift through her love and in the letter she wrote to me. You have done the same for Savannah and even when after 20 years have gone by , I know she will look back and cherish it as much as she did the very first day she received it. Many blessings Miss Paige! You continue to enjoy these special times! XO

Jillian, Inc said...

Paige- Super sweet and so heartfelt. My mom was not as demonstrative as I imagine you are in every day life but she also wrote me a "graduation letter" 25 years ago this month and I have literally read it hundreds of times over the years. I knew she thought good things about me but it was so nice to read those things - and to read them over and over through the years. A mom's encouragement is always comforting, no matter what age we are. What a precious gift for your daughter. I know she will cherish it always and forever. (And Happy belated Mother's Day to you!)

Heidi said...

Absolutely beautiful blog!

LLH Designs said...

So, so touching! Wwas your daughter in tears? I'm thinking the name of hour blog should be "Sit still and grab a Kleenex!" Sniff.

I love your heart.

The Tiny Team said...

This is so amazing! I wish each child had a mother like you, so full of love, joy and pride!


wowaccountforsale said...

You just pour out you heart into this post, I'm glad I've stop by to read heartfelt messages. Time pass by so quickly indeed. Congratulations to her!

elisa said...

I love this- thanks for sharing!

Privet and Holly said...

Saved your blog
as a treat for my
afternoon coffee;
surely didn't expect
that I'd need the
kleenex box. I only
hope in two short
years that I will have
the words to write
my own letter. Funny
thing is, I've been
composing it since the
day they put her in
my arms : ) This was
so precious, friend;
thank you for sharing
your love, your very
beautiful and talented
daughter and your words
with us.
xx Suzanne