Monday, April 30, 2012

some happy things

one of my favorite prints by katie daisy
seemed appropriate to share today as i was thinking 
over some things that make me happy.

first off, i received some good news from a followup doctor appointment last week.
ya'll know that sorta thing eats me up
so i was just so thankful to hear that issue was clear for now!

i'm really tickled...
savannah will be home in about two weeks!
i know its so ridiculously cliche
but this year really went by fast.
while i have missed her every single day,
she's had a fabulous freshman year at UGA
& is coming home having made straight A's
& is on the deans list.
i realize that's kinda obnoxious but i'm proud so i just have to share!

it seems like it was just yesterday when she was going through rush.

she's going to be doing an internship at our church
& i think she'll be working with the middle schoolers....
which means she'll have little bit with her this summer!
little bit 
middle schooler.
goodness. gracious. alive.

it's kinda weird around here having only two children.
madi flew out last week to Salt Lake City.
she qualified for nationals in DECA
& will be competing there until later this week!

 i've sure missed having her around.
i think this shot was taken in park city!

& here she is with a random unidentified cute boy.
found this one on facebook.
please tell me i'm not the only mom who downloads her children's facebook pics
with random unidentified cute boys.
i'm certain she's going to tuck that wallet down in her purse.
safety first!

emi's wrapping up the last couple weeks in her freshman year
& spending her time learning to drive.
with dan.
i'm not the drivers ed teacher with my girls.
they have a calm, non-reactive dad who is gifted with the patience of job.
so he's the winner!
she's loving working with the baseball team as a manager.
our highschool was state champs last year
& heading in to the playoffs so she's definitely in a fun place!

i'm so tickled to share with you that Carol & Company 
was able to donate a sizable gift to Wellspring Living
thanks to your purchases last week!!
they are currently furnishing some apartments for the girls
& so the funds went directly to that project!
they currently have an amazon list of their needs,
please feel free to join in if you so desire!

& the lucky duck winner of the sorority girl mongram bracelet by John Wind

tara is one of the kindest most loyal bloggers out there so i was so happy
to count down to #27 & see she had won!!

  give thanks to him and praise his name
for the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations.
psalm 100 4&5


Debra said...

I agree, this year has flown by. We have less than four weeks of school left. Goes by quicker every year.

I love Katie Daisy. I actually think you were the one who 'introduced' me to her. :)

The picture of Madison is in Park City. Looks like the top of Main Street. One of my favorite places on earth! Looks like she's having a fun week...

kimberly said...

Can I say that teaching the boys to drive has been my least favorite part of parenting? I really truly dislike it. The deal is I do the first two, Mr. Taylor does the second two. Thus, I am nearly done!!!
Gorgeous girls, as always my friend.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I always love these sorts of posts. So fun to hear all the good things going on. (And you're right...that pic of Madi IS in Park that place.)


Anonymous said...

This has been a quick year..CRAZY..Glad you will have your daughter home soon and everyone is doing well..Have a wonderful week..

just call me jo said...

When I see the pictures of your girls, I can see such freshness and goodness and niceness. (I'm sure that's a word.) How lucky they are to have the guidance of two wonderful parents. (I'm not trying to butter up. I really feel that way and I'm not normally a "sweet," sunny person. ;o)

Debby said...

Time does fly, way too fast. Summer will be nice to have them all home for a short time. Can't believe Lil Bit is growing up so fast. Love how she could she not with her big sisters.
Have a great week.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Loving the updates on your sweet family, and SO excited for Tara- she totally deserved that win!! :)

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige!!

Yay for happy things!!

cliche or not - times DOES go by fast and its not obnoxious to brag about your kids :)

Its so nice when are kids are doing good things they love!

happy for you all clear news!

Hope you are having a great week!

Between You and Me said...

I'm just seeing this and after my day at the doctor's office...I needed this WIN. :)

I read your sweet words and the tears came rolling down...proof that the doctor's office WORE ME OUT. :(

I can't wait to ROCK that bracelet. know I'll wear it every day.

your girls are beautiful....truly.
can't believe smk is finished with her freshman year..deans list! all A's! that does your heart good, doesn't friend!!! :) so proud.

and madison and her adorable outfits. you know you could do a blog post every week on fashion, right? your girls could steal the show!!!

i write my heart out in some of my posts and I get 200 page views...I do a post on fashion and it gets 1200 views. ??? c to the r to the a to the z to the y!!!

emily is learning to drive??? already??? please be assured that andy lowry will most definitely be teaching the driving around these parts...mama would die of heart failure while trying to bark orders at them.

and little bit.....middle school? I'm there with you with luke. it can't be. i bet his hormone levels are higher than hers!!! *whoever said that boys didn't have something similar to PMS was WRONG. geeeeezzzz louise...tell me I'll survive.

you have now reached the end of the novel. :)

AndeM1 said...

I just was texting a friend about how quickly this year has flown by......Congrats to Miss A's her freshman year.....Yeah! I just love seeing pics of that stinkin cute Madi....ok...all your girls are so stinkin cute!!!! So cute!

So glad you got good news!!!!

Lindsey said...

Woohoo! So glad the follow up news was good! I know you're glad to be able to move on from that.

Can't believe sweet Savannah is almost home for the summer. Seems like yesterday that I was crying while reading those posts about dropping her off and her bid day. I know you'll be glad to have her home...and I know those middle schoolers will be blessed by her immensely.

Sounds like y'all have lots going on with deca and driving as well...but that's just life in the Knudsen home. :) said...

I love your blog. It makes my heart very happy. And even though I don't know you or any of your girls, you all are amazing. Dan too!

And I LOVEEEEEEE every single outfit each of your girls wears. LOVE THEM! Pinterest Style Boards eat your heart out. =)

Anonymous said...

I just have to share, it is funny, but I read your blog regularly and when I was looking through a craft site today I thought to myself "that looks like Madi" I must let Paige know . . HA, anyone would think I really do know you, and I RARELY even comment. But anyway, this just makes me think of Madi becasue she loves classic literature and fashion and this looks like a metal version of something one of her literary heroins would have worn.


Anonymous said...

That link doesn't take you right to it . . search "metal lace French collar" on the SaveOnCrafts website . ..

Calamity J said...


Calamity J said...


teresa sheeley said...

After 30 some years I can't believe they still have the DECA convention in Utah; some things never change. :) My step-granddaughter from Georgia was also there that week. I hope your girl did well!!