Thursday, April 19, 2012

a story of compassion for the broken hearted

"On June 10th 1991, my life was "forever changed". It was on that day that I was given one of the most precious gifts that anyone could ever be given. A baby girl. And not just any baby girl - but exactly what I had "ordered", what I had prayed for. All 8.8 lbs of her came into this world with all ten fingers and all ten toes. In addition, she also had the blue eyes and blonde hair that I had dreamt of. She was perfect - absolutely beyond perfect.

  December 20th 2008, and my life was once more forever changed. That beautiful, vivacious, wonderful young woman left this world ........... and just as I was 17 years earlier when she took her first breath, I was with her and holding her when she took her very last breath. It truly was an honor and a privilege to be that person."
those words are written by amy,
my sweet friend who introduced herself via my blog.
her emily was a stunning beautiful blond,
just like her mama.
her life a testimony to the love from her family
& her own love for jesus.
a life ending too soon...
i often times think of amy.
she was on my heart the other day, being so close to mother's day
i wondered how her heart was doing.
let me tell you how her heart is doing...
a few days ago, Jalia , the manager ( if you will) of our Noonday artisan group in uganda
posted the following image
& the following:
friends pray for nalongo,(lady standing on the right) on friday 6th april she lost her 7 year old daughter. she got sick at 6pm, Daniel and I rushed her to hospital, at 5am on good Friday she passed. Doctors say she had tetanus, please Pray for courage, and strength as most of us here are in sock. nalongo has not stopped crying since .

i posted the prayer request on my facebook timeline
& quickly heard from amy
she wanted to do "something" to show support for nalongo.
i explained to her that nalongo was part of our group in uganda
& any of the pieces purchased would
support her group.

a little while later i came back to my computer
to see she had purchased not one, but several products
from our uganda group,
one of which was the Happy Day necklace

& here's a little of what she sent me:
"oh paige! i feel as if i am the one who is being blessed know her grief and to be able to reach out in some small way and let her know that i care - even though we are a world apart. i stopped the minute i read your facebook update and prayed for her right here at my desk that God would shower her with the grace that will sustain her through each and every day of her life until she is reunited with her sweet girl.... while i do not believe in coincidences....the very first item i already had in my cart was the happy day necklace. it was the one i had in mind to get from the first time i saw it through your blog. "

i sat there with tears in my eyes.
watching one mom reach out across the globe
& stand with compassion
unifying their hearts
& their grief for the loss of their baby girls. 

obviously jewelry doesn't heal the unmeasurable hole in the hearts
of either of them
but amy did something.
she prayed for this mama.
she reached out symbolically to love on nalongo 
& i know she will continue to pray for her.
& one day, amy will see her emily again
& while i don't know what it will all look like
or how it all works,
i like to think she'll see that baby girl from uganda
whose mama she prayed for.

i immediately went & ordered that same yellow necklace
made of paper beads
& while i don't know if nalongo actually had her sweet hands on the actual piece i ordered.
in my heart 
i like to think that she did.
& i'll too wear my yellow necklace
a paper bead necklace
that will forever symbolize the kindness of one tender hearted mama
towards another broken hearted mama
the symbol in my heart of compassion....
i have teased ya'll with a few photos of savannah & her best girlfriends wearing 
some of my Noonday pieces 
& i will share them all very soon ,  pinky promise!
this image is of Mckinley
wearing a few of the pieces my sweet amy purchased to support the uganda group.

thank you amy for allowing me the privilege
of sharing your story.
i love it when our stories collide
bittersweet when through tears.


Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

:'( I don't even have any words - just wanted you to know that I read your post.. I'm at work holding back the tears..

Just Ask Beth said...

amazing..we all are the same..cultures apart..we love, we hope, we grieve..we pray..we are ALL God's precious gifts.

amymck said...

Paige - I shed tears yesterday at my desk and this morning - have done the same. Thank you for your sweet words and sharing mine about my girl who continues to touch this world even in her obvious absence. I pray that you are right...that when I am reunited with my Emily, that right alongside her will be that precious little baby girl for I have no doubt that Emily has already met and welcomed her with her loving arms outstretched. I always envision Emily taking care of the little ones.....just as she did when she was still here on earth. I will continue to lift up Nalongo in my daily prayers. Praying for grace to flow down upon her in abundance <3 And I will be reminded of her each and every time I wear that beautiful necklace as she will forever be a part of me.
Once again God reaffirms to me that he brings us together in His name wherever we are near or far. He brought you into my life - no doubt.
love to you my dear friend.

Chrissie Grace said...

I just started reading your blog and it has touched me in so many ways.
This story reaffirms a God who has blessings beyond our imagination.
Thank you for always sharing.

I'm pouring over Noonday collection, and will put my order in soon! :)

suzanne Wilson said...

Thanks for what you share Paige - I love your heart for the Lord and this is such a tender post. Thanks.

Between You and Me said...

i sat there with tears in my eyes.
watching one mom reach out across the globe
& stand with compassion
unifying their hearts
& their grief for the loss of their baby girls.


Jodi said...

What a touching post. I just don't even know what to say.

I just love the Noonday collection and I love that it helps wonderful people in need. I have been eyeing several new pieces.

take care friend!

Debby said...

Such a touching story. It has to be so hard to loose a child. Thanks for sharing. Hard not to shed tears.

vermonter said...

Beautiful Story.

Sogni Siciliani said...

What a gorgeous photo of Mckinley.
That is a keeper!!! Love the jewelry too!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paige what a story. I have seen so much of this living in Angola West Africa. Breaks my heart every time I go out. I have started to say a little prayer for the person who catches my eye while I travel in the car.

I will order the Happiness Necklace for my Emily and I today.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Pure sweetness in heartbreak. Lovely.

LLH Designs said...

You were made to do this...your love of photography, accessories, powerful stories and Jesus all coming together for His glory!

loving this for you,

Alecia said...

Wow...I will be praying for sweet Nalongo. What a tragic story but thankful for the Hope we have in Christ that she will see her child again. Praying she feels God's loving and comforting arms around her during this time.