Wednesday, April 18, 2012

all for your splendor....a letter for emily

last night the above image showed up on my instagram while dan & i were at a meeting.
when we came home he went upstairs to say hello to everyone while i finished making dinner.
he came in to the kitchen & said, "do you know what emi's upstairs doing?"
i showed him what she had posted earlier.
"she's a good one, babe. she's a good one"...was what he then said.

this morning i listened to "for your splendor" on my new cd from Christy Nockels.
we're so blessed to attend the church where she leads worship.
i listened to this new song over & over.
the melody & the lyrics both captivated my heart.
i realized this is exactly what my em was doing last night,
spending time with the Lord.
deepening her relationship with him.
growing more into who He is creating in her,
wondering if she'll blossom in what He hopes she'll be.
pruning her heart
growing up strong & beautiful all for His splendor.

i've been so guilty lately of letting the things i'm doing
while trying to build both my businesses
albeit good things
i've allowed those things to take a huge amount of my time & attention.
i'm missing my time with the Lord
time to plant my heart by the streams of his living water,
growing up strong & beautiful for His splendor.
my sweet loyal 15 year old reminded me of this.

i want to share christy's lyrics with you.
read them & let them saturate your heart...

i'm so concerned with what i look like from the outside.
will i blossom into what you hope i'll be.
yet you're so patient just to help me see
the blooms come from a deeper seed that you planted in me.

sometimes it's hard to grow when everybody's watching.
to have your heart pruned by the one who knows best.
and though i'm bare & cold
i know my season's coming
& i'll spring up in your endless faithfulness.

with my roots deep in you
i'll grow the branch that bears the fruit
& though i'm small i'll still be standing in the storm.
'cause i'm planted by the river by your streams of living water
& i'll grow up strong & beautiful
all for your splendor Lord.

so with my arms stretched out
i'm swaying to your heartbeat
i'm growing with the sound of your voice calling
you're bringing out the beauty that you have put in me
for your joy
for your glory falling.

 with my roots deep in you
i'll grow the branch that bears the fruit
& though i'm small i'll still be standing in the storm.
'cause i'm planted by the river by your streams of living water
& i'll grow up strong & beautiful
all for your splendor Lord.

sweet em
dad & i are so proud of you
& who you're growing to be.

i see jesus in  you.
i see your heart of worship
free & unhindered
loving on the Lord.
i see you with your arms stretched out
growing with the sound of His voice calling.
i see the beauty in you unfolding.
i see you spending time with Him
by the springs of living water

& i know
you're growing
strong & beautiful
all for His splendor...

to my readers
you continue to be such loyal & encouraging readers.
i'd love to bless you & give away 3 copies of Christy's new cd

i'll draw the winners & post next week.
thank each of you


Home: Inside and Out said...

She is beautiful. Clearly inside and out. I know you are blessed to call her yours. Hugs, Ashley

Love Being A Nonny said...

This does my mommy/nonny heart good. There is NOTHING I desire more than for my children to be SOLD OUT to Jesus.

Deb S. said...

Warms my heart so when I read or hear or see wonderful young people like your Em!!!What a gift she is!!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

I love her so much. She really is a good one!

Rebecca said...


Alecia said...

What a beautiful post and such an encouragement to me. Emi's passion to grow closer to Him challenges me as well. Like you, I've let the busyness take over and I find myself struggling to spend time with Him. I pray we both turn that around...quickly! Emily is a beautiful young lady & her heart for the Lord shines through. I pray her roots grow deep in Him so she can be found standing through any storm that comes her way.
To encourage you...she is a reflection of her sweet parents as all are good ones (to use Dan's words) all live out Christ & set beautiful examples for your sweet girls...Truth is revealed when you speak & write.
Thanks for sharing your life with so many. You all are a beautiful example of 1 Thessalonians 2:8
Many blessings to you all!

Now...I'm gonna go see if I can find that song on-line so I can hear the beautiful vocals of Christy Nockles sing those lovely words. ;-)

Kelly said...

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a child at any age yet as young as Em grow in her relationship with the Lord...nothing! You are blessed!

Privet and Holly said...

Gorgeous, my friend.

Can totally see why
Christy's lyrics touched
you. You are obviously
a great example for all
of your girls, despite
being your toughest
critic : )

xo Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...
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Just My Cup of Joe said...

Great post!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You are such a good Mama and she is precious. Such an encouragement to continue being faithful.

Lorie said...

There is no greater joy than to know your children are walking hand in hand with the LORD.

Anonymous said...

The words of that song really spoke to me this morning, thanks for sharing :)

Melissa Lynch said...

Her light shines!

Joanne said...

I have a Emily also now 23 years old and I

believe "Em"'s have a lovely spirit within

them. They are true, faithful and mine

makes me want to be a better person.

slip4 said...

What a blessing to have children walking with the Lord. A beautiful young lady, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paige for all your heart-felt, insightful posts. I was in Nashville for the Pearl Event II & heard you speak. Thank you for sharing your story & your life with all of us.

Kate B.

DeeDee said...

Wow, such an example she is to all of us!! Can't wait to read what God continues to do through her life...what a beautiful testimony!

amymck said...

all of your beautiful girlies....both radiate inwardly and outwardly with the love that comes from our Creator....i know you're such a proud, proud mama...and you, too, paige radiate his love. it just surrounds all of you. i see my emily in each and every one of your girls....<3

Kelly H said...

WOW!! totally slaps you in the face when you see such a dedicated 15 yr old spending the quality time in the word that we all should be doing - makes me realize that I am not always where I should be in this area. She really is a good one! I know that you know how truly blessed that you are - I hope and pray that my three - ags 10, 6 and 3 will one day have the same desire to spend quality time with the Lord! I absolutly LOVE reading about your wonderful family and all of the things that our Lord has blessed you with!

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige!

You always make me smile! All of your girls are beautiful - and I just admire so much how share your heart on your blog!

Wonderfully made indeed!


Meg said...

Sweet, sweet girl! I have a 17-month-old daughter and I pray for her future salvation in Jesus. That she will grow to be an oak of righteousness. I want her to love Jesus with all her heart and to model Christ to her daily. What an amazing and humbling opportunity!

Anonymous said...

This blog post may mean more than any other to Emily. It's very special! Destiny

Lesley said...

I just love your blog- you are such a wonderful inspiration as a mother your words speak to my heart! Thanks for introducing me to Christy's music-I love it!

Laurie said...

Thankful for the ways that the Lord speaks to me through my daughters' lives. I'm a huge fan of Christy Nockels from way back when they were Watermark! Her music/lyrics are amazing!

Kim said...

I am also 1 of 4 daughters of great Christian parents - we are so blessed to have good role models for parents - she is a beautiful girl!

Kim K.

Julie said...

Your daughters are just beautiful inside and out! great job raising them.

Sue H. said...

I pray that for my children all the time - that they would grow to love the lord so much that they choose to carve time out of their busy days to spend time with him. Blessings!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Your are one lucky lady! :)

naturalkids said...

Love it! Such a fine example for our youth today!

Lindsey said...

Now you're making me cry with sweet Emily! Love seeing a family full of women chasing after God!

Anonymous said...

How proud you must be..
What a beautiful post..
Please do enter me in your giveaway..

Michele said...

Hope to raise my girls the way you are raising yours. Would love to win the giveaway!!! Beautiful song!!

Jboo said...

So sweet! Love this!

Jacki said...

How tender your daughter is. This reminds me of why we learn from young hearts beating for God. Their hunger to know Him humbles all ages.

Deborah said...

How special your Em is. But she does have such a special mom.

Ashlee said...

I have been wanting this CD, I love Christy's voice and her heart!

JenP said...

It's so encouraging to see a teenager who is so on fire for God. What a blessing for you and Dan! And thank you for sharing the lyrics to that it!

Bethanie said...

Sometime our girls really humble us, dont they? My youngest was cleaning out her purse the other day... I couldnt figure out what in the world she could possibly carry to make that thing so heavy...well, one of the things was her Bible that she carries with her to school every day. I wouldnt have dreamed of carrying my Bible to school when I was in high school.
Your girls have had very good role models in you and Dan, you should be proud! xoxo

andrea said...

Beautiful, beautiful post - thank you

3 Peanuts said...

she is a good one. They all are. You and Dan are excellent role models for them:)

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are! Love...Love...Love your Blog!

Joy C.

Yesenia said...

She is truly a blessing...
I have a beautiful 14 year old named Genesis Carolina and a 12 year old named Adriana Simone. I know the feeling of being blessed through our children.
I read your blog everyday you bring inspiration to me. I have left little hints around my house for a few pieces of the Noonday Collection for mother's day it will be a honor and a blessing if I can wear these pieces.
Once again you are blessed beyond words and you daughters all are extremly beautiful.

Ruth said...

This post is beautiful. What an encouragement. I am new to your blog. I came here through Edie's. I am encouraged by your testimony. I hope in God and trust in Him to work in my life each day.
I would love a chance to win one of the cd's.

cincin said...

Thank you for this beautiful post.

Polly said...

Paige, what a wonderful post! You and your entire family are inspiring to all of us! Please enter me in your giveaway, haven't heard her but would love to!

michelemybelle said...

Beautiful post! Love, love, love her music!

Jane said...

What a precious moment you have captured, almost makes me cry!

patricia e said...

You're a lucky girl to have her as your churches worship leader! What a beautiful heart and soul this girls has. Love all the songs on his CD!! Went and listened to the little teasers...

How proud you must be of your daughter watching and seeing her grow in her relationship with Christ..

Anonymous said...

What a precious blog you have..I thank God for allowing me to "happen" upon it!
Nana Jan

acarlso3 said...

would love to win a cd!