Thursday, April 26, 2012

the simple grandeur of the every day

please come visit me today at Kimberly Taylor's blog
Life on Blackberry Farm

 i have the honor of guest posting
for her new series, Simple Moments.

i have a few
reminders for you that there is 
beauty in our every day.
maybe a little encouragement to
cultivate a heart grateful for the priceless pleasures
found in the simple, albeit quickly fleeting, moments of our world...

 even in the charm of an old farm house.

see you there...


kimberly said...

Thank you endlessly my friend - I couldn't be happier that you are my first for this series as I know you find those simple moments often~

Jenn Key said...

Hey - I have a crazy question for you but so admire your awesome taste in jewelry, kid raising, shopping in general, decorating, and all things life! I am currently reading You're Already Amazing. What a great read. I'd like to use it possibly with a young life study group.
Here's my question and since your girls are so awesome I thought they may think of something too. Our family has a great friend graduating high school. I'd love to know your thoughts on a great gift for her. Just thought you'd be the right one to ask. I was thinking about another piece of jewelry from Noonday.

Jenn Key said...

forgot - email is
blog is

Kat said...

Gorgeous shots!

Jboo said...

Love this!! So pretty -- just like you!