Tuesday, April 10, 2012

random thoughts & some things i've learned lately

1. i used to enjoy a quiet day at home. that seems like ages ago. i was sad sending everyone back to school yesterday.

2. i burnt the angel food cake the night before Easter.

but i did redeem myself with freshly sugared strawberries & homemade whipped cream

3. i had to google "how do you peel a kiwi" and then watch a short youtube video before i made fruit salad. clearly  my culinary skills are digressing.

4. if i had a zillion dollars, i'd get a tummy tuck.

5. i haven't had mcdonalds in 2 months. which is probably the reason why i need a tummy tuck.

6. please don't judge me or send me fiesty emails for wanting a tummy tuck.

7. i ran 13.1 miles a month ago. i haven't run 13.1 cumulatively since. maybe if i did that more regularly i wouldn't need a tummy tuck.

8. my twitter is no longer synced with my facebook.

9. i have a daughter who reminded me that frequent updates via twitter is acceptable. excessive updates/status changes on facebook however, is not.

10. del taco is back. i feel this is a good thing. i went yesterday & ordered a shrimp soft taco. the girl told me those were seasonal. i just had one a few weeks ago. how could a shrimp taco from del taco, inland mind you, be seasonal? weird.

11. i made a little succulent bowl

13. our living room furniture went to new homes ( without dealing with craigs list!) & now we are creating a studio. it's basically an office for me but the name "office" sounds so stodgy, so studio it is. pictures coming soon.

14. we downloaded The Hunger Games trilogy on my kindle. i'm probably the slowest reader. i'm guessing that's directly related to the time i spend on twitter. or that i got lost in the recent epic production of Resoration Hardware's latest catalog.

15. speaking of a come back, did you know Wilson Phillips is back?

16.  Bubba Watson is not only the winner of the Masters. He loves Jesus. & i love that smk loves that.

17. i have a serious love affair with my iphone. & because of that, i now have a serious crush on instagram.
18. there may or may not be an acceptable number of selfie shots. oh, the lessons i learn from teenagers.

19. my daughter gave me the awesome necklace which deserved a selfie shot. i'm not even sure if i'm spelling that correctly. one of them will point that out soon.

20. dan's reading The Reagan Diaries. the speed in which i'm reading The Hunger Games he'll beat me. that's because not only does he not tweet, he doesn't hang out on facebook either. there's probably a sermon in there, or at least a life lesson :)


"A crown of thorns to mock your name
forgiveness fell upon your face
love like this the world had never known"


Jeannine said...

Ah, your blog makes me feel restful, like I feel after my prayer group with my friends. I feel more like myself. Some other blogs make me feel like I've got to do more, be different. With yours, you're you, and it helps me be me. I can't explain it well!

And a tattoo? Not for me.
Tummy tuck? Sign me up!

Debby said...

Cute post. Don't you love it when our kids tell us what is good and what not to do, hah.
I love how honest you are. I am as well and sometimes it gets me in trouble, he he.

Sheri said...

ah haaaa - I love it. And I think you should post and tweet as often as you want - LOL - I can totally relate - mine corrects me daily - I wonder how I made it before my Sav came along to tell me right and wrong - LOL. But it's only becasue they love us so much they want to make sure we are "cool" - :) Awesome post - you totally rock sister.

Heather said...

i never want your random posts to end. i could read em all day :)

you don't need a zillion for a tummy tuck. AND you won't hear anything but cheers! from me about it ;)

diet coke at CFA?


Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

love it - I too have always wanted a tummy tuck - for YEARS. But now I'm thinking that money would be better spent on the Life Style lift.. haha.. and Tweet and Instagram as much as you like. What is it the kids are saying now? YOLO... [you only live once] :o)

Ciao Marezy said...

Oh Paige. I loved this post. I was wanting to do a random list of thoughts like that the other day, but thought, "Oh, maybe that's a no no in bloggerland." So, I didn't. But now I see that a REAL blogger did, I might have the guts to. :)

Tammy said...

Hi Sweet Paige! This post was great! Hope you had a wonderful Easter - your girls continue to get more beautiful!!
Junk Wild

Melaine Thompson said...

I can't wait to see your office, I mean STUDIO! xoxo, Melaine

p.s. Hows Brinkley?

Shauna said...

I like the word studio better too, I will have to change mine up now too .. hmmm.. great thinking! Love this post! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Haha, good list. I hear you on the tummy tuck but I don't feel like it's so jmuch about vanity than getting clothes that fit right. I would never do it though because I don't like pain. ;) Good for you on the no McDonalds too! I have been McDonalds free for 5 1/2 years and fast food free for almost five!!!! Not that I don't eat other "crap." ;) Setting up a studio...how fun. :) Your daughters are so beautiful!! And I must say I totally love Bubba!! I had to "break up" with Tiger when he went all budha on me so I picked Bubba to be my favorite golfer and I must say I picked a winner in EVERY way!! :)

Susan R said...

Hey! If you get a tummy tuck, I'll get one too. After 5 children (all weighing over 10 pounds at birth), my tummy needs all the help it can get.
I'm almost finished with the second Hunger Games. My Emily is the source for all the good books. She got me started on the Twilight books and now the Hunger Games. I haven't seen the movie yet.
Love your necklace, it's very pretty.
A little trick my grandma taught me when you burn the cakes...cut it into cubes and it'll look like it's supposed to be that way and no one will ever know.
Love ya dear friend.

Jboo said...

Great update and I am so there with you on the tummy tuck! Just don't even ask me how the filler under my left eye turned out -- ok -- i'll tell - NOT good += horrible bruise for 4 weeks!! Lesson learned is botox = good; restylne = bad!

Anywho, Happy Easter to you and your most adorable family!!!


Kristin said...

Thank you for bringing me a smile to my day with your random thoughts and musings! Hoping your day is full of amazing blessings.

Home: Inside and Out said...

If you actually come up with a zillion dollars...maybe we can get a two for one deal on that tuck. I'm getting ready to start P90X, but I'm pretty sure the tummy is going to need more than 90 if you know what I mean! Loving the random thoughts..you crack me up!

Cate said...

Paige, you cracked me up with this post! I literally smiled reading this one. I don't yet have a teenager (she's 10) so she hasn't corrected me on twitter, fb or instagram yet. However, she does change the radio channel when I drop her off in the morning at school - i'm sure it's only time when she'll be giving me 'feedback' on the social networking stuff too!

PS, I'd get a facelift if I had a million dollars! LOL!

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige,

I really like these kinds of post - the very day stuff is fun to read!

My kids tell me I am not cool because I don't FB; twitter or have an iphone :)

I could use a boob lift - honestly no enhancement - just a lift. My tummy has fared OK with have 2 babies but not my boobs - heavens!

my weakness is McDonalds cinnamin melts - love those! Haven't had one in quite a while I am usually running too late in the morning to stop!

Have a great day Paige!!

Alecia said...

I got the same catalog from Restoration Hardware & I haven't even BEGUN to tackle it...it's still in the wrapper!!

Fun post as usual...can't wait to see pics of the studio!

Heather said...

It's so much fun to read this sort of post! Thanks for sharing. Btw I'd love a tummy tuck too...

Ruth said...

Love this post Paige! I have an iphone addiction too...my hubby is trying to limit my checking of it to 4 times a day. I should probably start with 4 times an hour ;)

As for the tummy tuck...totally do it! After I had Ethan, I joined a class at the gym called "Abs & Assets" with a trainer. It's 2 hours a week of abdominal/core work. Mind you, I've been doing this for over 2 years, and my "baby pouch" is still not gone (granted I'm about 60 pounds lighter, so there's been some benefit). I think I need to make a deal with my husband that if after 5 years it's still there, then surgery it is :)

slip4 said...

No criticism here for a tummy tuck. I'd do it in a second if I could afford it! I didn't know that Bubba loves Jesus. Awesome.

gina said...

You are too cute!! If I had the cash for a tummy tuck I would do it in a heartbeat. Go for it!!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the smile, Paige. I totally enjoyed every word!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute post..
I love reading your blog..
I always leave with a smile..
Have a fabulous week..

AndeM1 said...

OK....absolutely no judgment about the tummy tuck....If I could...I'd go a bit higher.....I love your succulent bowl...I am so into succulents lately and made a wreath! Twitter....haven't even gone there....too frightened! Maybe I will just see what you learn and then go for it!

Barbara said...

I'm with you on the tuck and love the succulent bowl.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What a fun post. I always love coming to visit you Paige. It makes me happy. And....I want a tummy tuck too. :-)

Christan Perona said...

Love you, Paige! Love you.

Between You and Me said...

it wouldn't take having a zillion dollars for me to get a tummy tuck. it would just take more than we have. :)

i love that you say selfie shots and i love that your daughters keep you in the know.

please, do keep me in the know. always pass along their wisdom on facebook, twitter, fashion and other very important matters. :))

Bethanie said...

What would we do without teenagers telling us what is and what is NOT acceptable? I said something the other day, being very sarcastic in the way I said it, and one of my girls said, "mom, dont EVER say that again...." I say it now, and often, just to get a rise out of them. Sometimes when we're shopping, I'll ask if they like something, and if they stick their noses up at it, I buy it...knowing I'll have at least ONE thing in my closet to call my very own.

I could use a little lypo...only I'd like it sucked from my gut and put up in my boobs...just a little from one place to the other and I'd be happy. Why cant they do that with modern medicine?

Once you get into the Hunger Games you wont be able to put it down. The girls and I are on the 3rd book...my youngest started it, but she wasnt reading it fast enough, so last night I snitched it. I brought it to work with me to read in the car rider line this afternoon. I got a text from her awhile ago. "WHERE is my book?! You stole it!" So I sent one back..."Well, what had happened was...." She had the nerve to text back "Where did you put it you crackhead?" Now, that sounds disrespectful, but I know the tone of her voice and I did indeed steal the girls book...

I love your random posts, and as you can tell, I can talk random for hours... :) Have a great day!!

Jodi said...

cute post....Beka is reading the hunger games too, she is on the 3rd one. Super cute necklace! and...i want the iphone so bad!

Have a great day, girl!

Anonymous said...

your girls are so cute...
i want madi's blouse in my closet! ha
and i love all your updates!