Tuesday, April 17, 2012

dinner for two & other things

last night i made one of our favorite dishes.
we had fresh veggies from the farmers market & 
the weather was perfect for dining on our back porch.
we found out at the last minute the middle two wouldn't be able to eat with us.
(caroline was at dance)
dan & i sat down outside. alone. in the quiet.
& he says.... you know this will be us in 7 years.
had it of been a different week in the month, if you know what i mean,
i would have proceeded to bust out in tears.

~chip crusted fish fillets~
4 cod fillets or other firm white fish ( i use tilapia)
 2 tsp canola mayo
2 oz salt & vinegar kettle style chips, crushed
light ranch

arrange fillets on parchment paper. brush mayo atop each piece & sprinkle with salt.
gently press in about 2 Tbl crushed chips on top of each
bake at 400 x 10 min or until fish flakes easily with fork.
serve with ranch dressing.

brinkley appears to be back to 100%.
i'm guessing he had a really bad stomach virus
that wreaked havoc on his intestines?
we ran a couple miles the other day & he did wonderfully.
thank you all for asking about him & praying for him.
i was completely a wreck worrying about him.

 madi has new neon pink shorts. they're way too cute.
& pink shoes. which reminds me of a story.
that child was completely out of whack at target a few weeks ago
when after saving up her cold hard cash for the above beauties
found that target had released a large amount of "knockoff" styles.
which is otherwise wonderful
unless you bought the real thing! 
she was in quite a fluster. it was actually pretty funny.

speaking of pink...you can find these awesome wrap bracelets at 
The Pink Chair
you can find their info here
donna can get you all hooked up. i have a grey one too that i love.

i finished book one of the Hunger Games trilogy & am soon to dive in to book two.
spoiler alert,rumor has it book three is a bit of a disappointment
compared to the first two so the jury's still out on whether i'll go that far.
i usually formulate in my head what the characters look like
but since there's a movie, i had madi phototext me this image
so i won't be all confused when i finally see it.
(probably on dvd. in july.)

we have a noonday page just for the ambassadors & lately we've all been sharing images
of us wearing some of our pieces
so i figured i'd share with ya'll too.
i realize this is only one step above the forbidden overused "selfie" shots i was warned about
but whatever.
i'm currently editing shots of the photoshoot i did of savannah & her
sorority sisters in noonday. hopefully will share later this week.
we guarantee mother's day delivery if you order by may 1.
in the above shot i'm wearing the kampala with love necklace
layered with the funky paper bead necklace.
packaged pretty earrings
& the embira seed bracelet.

below is the tagua seed bracelet in emerald sky
the embroidered belt
minted necklace
tagua seed bracelet in seagreen 
leather bangles
& organic lace earrings
all found here.

i clearly violated the "always remove one accessory before you walk out the door" rule
but with my noonday, i can't resist.

while the living room was temporarily a dance studio for caroline
while we were in transition
she still does many practice numbers
& stretches randomly in here while i work.
& apparently, war eagle.
( i'm kidding Georgia friends)

speaking of Georgia. savannah is only a couple weeks from being done with finals.
as cliche as it sounds , i can't believe she's almost done with her freshman year!
she came in friday to head over to the Braves home opener with Dan.
such a good time those two have together.

we have a parents information meeting tonight at the middle school caroline
will attend in the fall. 
middle school.
which is exactly why dan made the "in 7 years" comment...


"no greater love
God's only son
no other name
mighty to save
christy nockels


Simone said...

Where to start with my comments LOL??!!

Madi looks FAB-U-LOUS!!! LOVE those wedges - and don't you girls all wear accessories so well, how do you do it??!! I laughed at your "take one thing off before you leave the house comment"....you girls do "more is more" perfectly :)

Cannot believe Savannah has nearly finished her first year....EEEK, time does fly.

And finally....how great do you look...hello?! The Noonday jewellery suits you to a tee...gorgeous pics :)

Have a great day! X

alli said...

i am so happy to hear about brinkley. i was praying for him. the more you did not post updates, the more i worried and prayed.
we lost our beloved golden in october and i just love seeing pics and hearing stories about your sweet pooch. glad he is back to his sweet normal self.

Debby said...

What a beautiful family.......not just on the outside but also on the inside.
What was Caorline doing......a jump. She is so flexible.
Time flies by so fast.
But there are good times ahead for you.

Anna said...

Where did Madison get those amazing wedges? They're adorable and I'm dying to get a pair myself!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I feel like I have so much to say about this post but where to start? You covered SO MUCH and I want to sit across from you and chat...

All I can tell you is have book 3 ready when you close book 2. Book 2 might not be the best but it's got an awesome cliff hanger and you'll want to dive right into book 3... and it'll be worth it in the end. :)

SO glad Brinkley is better... relief. Your dinner looks amazing! Such cute shorts and love the bracelet. Okay I've got to get kiddos to school.. have a GREAT day sweet Paige!

Kelli said...

Love that you and your hubby were able to have a quiet evening (and that his comment was not during THAT time!). I'm happy about Brinkley feeling better...I know you were really concerned about him. How cute are all of you with your cute shoes and jewelry :)

3 Peanuts said...
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3 Peanuts said...

Sorry about that last comment....In a rush and had too many typos....Anyway, here I go again....

ALL the pics are adorable. You look GREAT! Madison looks darling and I love her shorts and her shoes. I feel Madison's pain. Dave and I looked for YEARS for a Fortuny silk hand painted chandelier years ago and we finally bought one for our dining room. Then Pottery Barn came out with knock off's. Still makes me mad!!! But I do love ours and it is the real deal.

Harry is going to middle school too:) And Will is heading to high school!!!! Maybe it is a good thing Kate is probably repeating kinder...we'll have her home longer:)


Playing Sublimely said...

Oh that dinner!

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige!!

The dinner sounds yummy i like those kind - yummy and pretty simple! I will try the crusted recipe sounds good!

One of the very reasons I am savoring and relishing as much time with my kids is I realized in about 6 to 7 years - they will be off to college or busy nearby and family dinners will be sparse! Its said ALL the time how fast time goes when you have kids and its so true! when they are toddlers it feels like that phase will last forever and then boom - they are pre-teens and its moving way too fast!

Love those photos of Caroline - she is so cute!

Have a great day!

~♥~ Sara ~♥~ said...

I have read all three of the Hunger Games books, and I agree that you must download the last one. I read the last book in one entire day, I just could not put it down.
My girlfriends and I went to the movies to see the Hunger Games and we are all hooked...persevere...it's worth it!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Love all of you.....thank you for always letting us peak into your beautiful lives :D

ps - you look amazing!! Your girls definitely get their beauty and style from their Mama ;)

Alecia said...

Fun post...you look amazing in your "selfie" pics ;-) Savannah is about the cutest thing to ever attend a professional baseball game...love her wide band bracelet whatever it is! That recipe looks amazing...I have some tilapia in the freezer & asparagus in the fridge...I'll have to try it out. Madi is adorable it her neon shorts & shoes...I'd throw a fit too if I paid the big bucks for some shoes & then found some like them at Target...grrrr!

Ok...I really need to peruse the Spring catalog again...there are too many things I want from Noonday :-)

Happy Finals week Savannah...the year has gone soooo fast!

Erin said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. I just wanted to tell you that I always look forward to your posts. I can tell that your family is genuine, and if/when I have a family of my own someday, I can only hope it's as amazing and loving as yours!

Cate said...

I love everything about the outfit you are wearing with the black tee, white jeans, awesome sandals!!! Where are the sandals from?

You look so cute!!

Jboo said...

Your fashionista girl is something else --too cute -- well, and you are toO!! Fun times are your house!

Jodi said...

the dinner sounds delish, I have gotten several great dishes from you, so I will definately try this one too.

Beka is reading the 3rd Hunger Games book, she just said that it's really not as good as the first and second.

I am so glad that Brinkley is feeling better. It's terrible when our fur babes get sick.

You look super cute, girl! I love the Noonday collection....I mean LOVE LOVE! I am definately going to be ordering more pieces. I just love the earrings that.

Boy that first year of college for Savannah has gone by fast. Where does the time go. :)

Madison always looks fab,....she has such great style.

Take care.....jodi

Glovers Lane said...

I'm so glad Brinkley is better. Love that boy ha! =0) Madi looks awesome in her shorts. Love that tan. Wish I could rock some big wedges like that. You make me laugh (this post), and cry (those moms losing their daughters). Your blog is just real and inspiring.