Wednesday, July 06, 2011

yolo boarding!

 last year, while we were driving home from our vacation
dan mentioned that he wondered if savannah would 
be interested in YOLO boarding with him next year.
a father daughter graduation event sorta thing.
well she was all over it.

there were really only two mornings that would work for them ligitistically & yet
yesterday we woke up to dark clouds.
both dan & i got caught in a deluge
during our morning runs.
being the professional worrier that i am, i feared they wouldn't be able to get over there
& get up on the boards.

which stands for you only live once
is the brain child of two guys down here on the gulf coast,
stand up paddleboarding which can be either in the lake
or the ocean
(they got up on the boards in the ocean too)
& is becoming all the rage.

thankfully the rained stopped just a few minutes prior to their scheduled time!

they LOVED it!


Sarah said...

Paige! How fun is that?! I'm impressed with their balancing 'skills!' LOVE Seaside. I'm so sad that we won't be going there this summer. We live too close to east coast beaches...(3 hours to Kiawah v. 11 to Seaside) with 3 little brainer. Keep the Seaside pics coming so I get my fill!!!

Jboo said...

So cool -- what a blast!! They both look like naturals out there!


Kristin said...

Check out those Yolo skills! Naturals, I tell ya!
Fun memories made I am most certain! ; )

Tracey said...

We were just in Watercolor last week and took that electric boat ride. I can hardly wait for my kids to get older so we can use the YOLO board. And you're so good about posting pictures! Mine are still on the computer but I got them off the camera.

Deborah said...

This looks like alot of fun. I think I'd even be willing to try if it weren't for having an extreme fear of sharks and alligators. Do you think they make them pool size. ha!

I can see you're all having a great time and hope you don't get much rain.

Paige said...

I have been looking into YOLO boarding. Now I am even more excited. Seems like y'all are having a great time!

kasey said...

put the computer away silly. Aren't you on vacation?

Kelli said...

How fun. We saw a lot of this while we were in Destin. I love that they did that sweet.

Alecia said...

So fun!!! Did they have a blast?!?! You are helping me add to my bucket list of fun things to do! :-)

Shannon said...

That looks so fun and what a great workout! You are making me more and more excited for our trip to the beach in a few weeks. Keep those gorgeous pictures coming :)

Jodi said...

How fun! They look like they are doing great and having fun. What a great father/ daughter memory! :)

Take care!

The Avery House said...

I've never heard of YOLO boarding! It must feel like you are walking on water standing out there. Your photos are Uh-May-Zing!!! The colors are exquisite. I love the rainbow shot, and the flag, and the dock and YOLO boards. The colors just pop! Next time, Dan needs to photograph you out there because, you know, you only live once! ;-)!

Anonymous said...

where did they go to do it? we're going down there next week and have been wanting to try it but don't know where the best spot is?

traci said...

i've seen people doing that, just didn't know what it was called. love the name. they look like naturals.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that looks like fun!!! It also looks very peaceful. I think I would like that. Is it hard?

I just e-mailed you where we will be staying.

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

Looks like they're using a lot of
leg muscles there.

Savannah reminds me of the ladies
in Hawaii in the last few pictures.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Chez Zizi said...

Love the YOLO boards. Our neighbor has them at the Lake my in laws live on. My nephew has done it, so cool. Looks like they had a blast! I can't wait for my son to try it out.