Monday, July 04, 2011

***Happy 4th of July***

Happy 4th of July!!!
i am so thankful for our freedom & for the men and women
who have sacrificed for us.
i am so proud to be an american
& pray that i never take that for granted.

we are enjoying a little familytime
apparantly with a gazillion other folks...
the beach is packed!
would i sound like a local if i said
that i hope most of these folks are daytrippers
& will head out after the festivities?

we've eaten shrimp po' boys
( my fave)
and dined at The Red Bar.
watched some fireworks
& loved on Emi with her boot cast.
turns out her ankle is broken.
we will get the full report, probably tomorrow
& then follow up with orthopedics when we get home.
for now we are trying to love on her & clank our half full glasses
to the fact that while she must wear the boot cast
it could be so much worse.

 my goal for the day
will be to quickly get a grip on my shutter speed
so i can take some respectable fireworks shots tonight.
last night they had a quickie display
but tonight we'll watch them from our porch!

enjoy your holiday
thank you immensely for praying for my girl!

Happy 4th!!


Jodee said...

It looks like you are having loads of fun! Love, love, love these pictures! Hope you have a fun and relaxing 4th of July!

Cheryl said...

Love your post today... we are gearing up for the beach... and I am cringing at the thought of the crowds... I know how terrible that sounds. I tell people that I may not be a snob in any other way, but I tend to be a BEACH SNOB!!! How terrible is that???
Your last post about Em's return had me in tears!!! So happy she is home!

Debra said...

Happy 4th to you and your family. It's crowded where we are too - usually a winter resort and people have discovered it's great in the summer too. Used to be our little secret but I guess it's out now. :) Beautiful photos like always. Have fun!

3 Peanuts said...

So fun. I love every shot. Your photography has evolved so much. You have always been very good Paige but I just see these thins in each shot that just show what pro you are now:) I really need to work on mine. I was doing well a year or two ago and then I just let it go because other things needed m time and attention and now I have certainly regressed.

This post has me SO SO SO SO excited!!!!! We are going to Seaside next month and I cannot wait. We did not go last year because of our Disney trip. And the year before was our first time but we loved it. (We used to go to Hilton Head but it is too far to drive now). Anyway, I mUST have that bucket for MIss KAte. Where did you get it?? Also, please tell me your fave shops and photo spots...pretty please. You seem to really know Seaside and we do not. We are staying in Seagrove. Dave and I jusy said yesterday that this year, we need to explore a bit more.

Happy 4th. Love,

3 Peanuts said...

PS SO sorry about Emi's ankle. Like Dan reminded you though, I am sure God is working on her through this time. YOu all have my prayers.

The Avery House said...

Happy 4th to you too Paige! Love these amazing photos you took, every last one of them! My fav is the one of Caroline with the red white and blue boogie board. How all American is that?! Y'all have fun and enjoy your rest and relaxation time. Keep loving on Sweet Emi. I know you will, though ;-).

Shannon said...

Happy 4th to you and your family! Lovely pictures Paige :)

Maggie said...

Happy 4th July to you from Poland

Mirmade said...

What a nice pictures you have. I was looking around and visit your blog. I hope you had a nice celebrating of 4 july.

Greetings from the Netherlands.


Jodi said...

GREAT pictures, I love them. Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Poor Emi, not fun, but she looks great in her one glitter tom shoe! :) I bet she is glad to be home with her wonderful family!
Take care and happy fourth!

Maggie said...

HAPPY 4th!!!!
The girls look like they got some sun!!
We just got back from a cruise.
The sun has kissed my skin as well..

Debby said...

Love your pictures (again). Sorry about the ankle being broken. Will that be easier to heal?????? I know a tear takes forever. Poor thing had to deal with alot of pain over this. Glad you could get away. Happy 4th.

Between You and Me said...

okay. you look hot tamale in those pink/white shorts...SKINNY MINNY.

HOW, oh HOW!!!!! do you get your pictures at the beach to be so CRYSTAL CLEAR and not fuzzy looking???????? I can't get it all figured out with my NIKON.

great know I teared up looking at dan read the word of God....what is it that makes me cry to see a man and the word??? thank you, JESUS, for men who love you.

Have fun!!!!

Renee said...

Get some good fireworks pics!!!! I live in a part of Texas where fireworks have been banned this years because it is soooo dry. You can not even buy them!!! Sad thing is that I L.O.V.E. fireworks!!! The 4th of July really could be my very favorite holiday. Enjoy your evening!!! :0)

Clare said...

beautiful pictures paige! i am so glad that emi is okay and i know that boot cast must be horrible, especially in the beautiful weather and just wanting to enjoy summer!! thinking of you guys, happy 4th!

Courtney Walsh said...

This looks sooo fun, Paige! I don't know WHY I didn't plan some sort of out of town trip for us for the 4th, it's one of my favorite holidays! You guys all look sooo beautiful and sun-kissed!

Happy, Happy Independence Day! :)

A Thrifted Market said...

Beautiful pics and family! My son broke his leg last week so we are also in a boot cast..praying they both recover quickly! Happy 4th of July to you and yours!!

Susan R said...

You guys are so darn awesome. That place looks amazing and y'all fit right in.
So happy that Emi is home safe, but sorry to hear the news about her leg.
Hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family.
Hugs to my little Miss C from Auntie Susan.

Just Ask Beth said...

glad everyone is ok and you are enjoying a relaxing fun time at the beach!!

Kelli said...

These pictures make me want to work really hard and sacrifice much to get back to Destin next year. Your pictures are just beautiful...I adore the very last one. I'm sorry about Emi's foot but glad she's safe and sound.

.30goingnorth. said...

GREAT pictures! Looks like such a good time!

LLH Designs said...

When you get a grip on shutter speed for night time shooting, will you teach me? When I lose my sunlight, I'm at a loss!

Soak up every bit of joy with that precious family of yours!


Mary said...

I am new to your blog following family-- love your beautiful blog! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Pick up a book at Sun Dog books for me! I was there just two months ago. Seaside is wonderful!

Bethanie said...

So glad you're all together again. Have a relaxing vacation and enjoy each other. Your girls are all so beautiful, but that little one, as we say here in GA, "I could just eat her up!" :0) God Bless, be safe!

patty said...

great shots... some remind me of old fashioned post cards. looks like a fabulous trip!

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

Great shots and even better times.

That last picture looks like
Christmas Card material!?


Coastal Blue Ocean

Cathy Louise said...

Have the best time my friend....We just had 2 days at the coast and it was magical....Love to you all from Aus c xxxx

Alecia said...

Lots of fun!!! You all look relaxed and like you're enjoying each others company :-) You & Dan look great and the girls are lovely as ever!