Wednesday, July 20, 2011

catch up post....also known as the basketball banquet

another catching up post.
from February. 
oh my word.

this was the first cheerleeding banquet where both of girls cheered for the same school.
madison cheered JV football & competition.
savannah took a break from the stress of tumbling and competitions
& enjoyed a year of cheering basketball for the first time.
( a much lower key gig!)

so proud.
both savannah & madison
each received the academic award for their squad!
way to girls!!


Kat said...

Lovely, gorgeous and smart!!!

traci said...

smart, athletic and gorgeous. lucky girls!!!

Susan R said...

Good on ya girls! You have so much going for ya.
And there's my little Miss C. I bet she follows in big sisters foot steps. She looks adorable in pig tails. Is that a faux pas? Are they called pig tails anymore or are they ponies? Either way, she's a doll.

Courtney Walsh said...

oh, I love these...and those dresses are just beautiful!!!