Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sitting, summer, & songs to avoid on a tender day

i found a little window time today where i was able to just sit & think.
i don't know about you, but i find it ironic, each & every single summer, 
that i really have very little time to just sit & think.
when the girlies are all in school, i have my routine.
after they're all out of the house, i will spend a little time reading & catching up before heading out to run or heading over to the gym.
but for some reason, i always feel guilty just sitting & reading on blogger of all places, while they're at home.
surely it looks more spiritual if they saw me reading my bible or 700 page classic.

at the risk of sounding cliche (caroline's new word)
this summer has absolutely flown by.

in 3 weeks, the girls go back to school
in 3 weeks plus 1 day, we move savannah into her dorm room at UGA.
heaven help me on that day.
no seriously.
in 4 weeks she will walk into her first class
in COLLEGE for crying out loud.
i'm really not old enough for this yet.

i have made a mental list of songs NOT to listen to that day as we drive off into the sunset.
including but not limited to:

wide open space by the dixie chicks
brown eyed girl, van morrison
your song, elton john
don't you ever grow up by taylor swift
& the clencher...
landslide by stevie nicks

one headlight by the wallflowers came on the other day
& she was telling trevor how much she liked that song.
i reminded her that i played it all the time
( it was big right after gregg passed away)
& she called it "turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn".
i'll add that one to the list too.


i posted earlier about dan & savannah's yolo board adventure.
later that day they were also able to get up on one
in the ocean too.
i'm still working through our vacation photos but here are a few from that day.

those jump shots remind me of some of last year's faves...


Cheryl said...

Songs.... they can just send me to a place I am not ready for. I am usually not prepared although when there are no more tears, I know it was a good thing.
I'm so happy you are having a wonderful summer, and I just love your photographs~

Rox said...

Gosh, I love coming here each day. I love your words and I triple love your photos. It is amazing what the words or the first notes of a song can trigger n your memory. Ha!It seems I say the same thing every time I post a comment even though I don't do it often. But scrolling down my blog roll and seeing you have posted brings me here toot sweet. ;) Every time. I agree, this Summer has been the quickest on record. And it has been a hot one here in the ATL hasn't it?


I remember when our daughter moved into her first apartment. My husband cried every time he went into her bedroom. It didn't even take a song.

Praying for a great year at school for your daughter.

Now it always feels like Christmas morning to me, when our girls come to visit . . . even if it is just for a cup of tea.


Kimberly said...

I think music has that effect on most of us ... once we associate a certain song with an emotion, whether happy or sad, it will always bring on that emotion when we hear it ... 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Thanks for sharing your pics ... so relaxing ... Summer has flown by here in WV as well. Enjoy the rest of it my friend! :)

Alecia said...

Great pics and yes...you must keep those songs far from your playlist the day you take Savannah to college! Enjoy the last few weeks together. I'll pray for your family for these last weeks that they will be rich and full of memories made together before the transition takes place. I'll also be praying that transition period won't be too hard for you all. Enjoy!

Kelli said...

Summer is going by so quickly! Great pictures...both current and flashback.

Kat said...

Oh my, we will have to make some big plans the week Savannah leaves to help heal your tender heart.

Simply Jen said...

Oh Paige...
I know how songs can just take us to a place that touch our hearts...
I'll never forget a story my mom told me after she dropped me off at University of Iowa. She was shopping at the grocery store, picking up a few things, when she came across one of my favorite kind of cookies. Right there...in the middle of the aisle...she burst out in tears, holding a bag of Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies near and dear to her heart. She told me little things "out of the blue" would trigger tears, smiles, and laughter...and she said all of it helped her through that first year her "baby" was away from home. Deep breaths...prayer...and hugs from those around you will help you get through each day...
Jen xo

tJg said...

I have come to love your blog so much! It's a daily read now! Cute photos! Thanks for blogging!

LLH Designs said...

I love your sentimental heart, sweet Paige! When I rd 3 more weeks of summer, I gasped! I hadn't stopped to calculate. I love the time with me girls...even if it does throw me out of my routine. Plenty of time for routine in three weeks. Sigh.

Love and hugs,

P.S. Heaven will help you.

3 Peanuts said...

So sweet. I cannot think much in the summer either and I need to do some thinking. Sorry I missed you this am. I was in the doctor's. I have had a 4 day headache. I tried ti call right back but the call kept dropping. Hopefully we'll connect in the next few days. Thinking of you and S during this time. Have fun dorm shopping.


LuLu & Co. said...

Oh gosh I'm already choking up and I have three more years to go before college!! Gorgeous photos and now I really need a beach vacation!!!!
P.s. We love Harry Potter too.... Named our dog after harry's mom!!!

Jodi said...

I am the same way, I have certain songs that I can't listen too, brings tears every time!

I have to agree, this summer has flown by for us too. We haven't done anything yet except take care of our new pup Bailey! :)

Beautiful pictures as always, Paige. I love the yolo pictures, so cool; it looks fun!

Take care!

Mary Ann Sallenbach said...

I have sent a daughter to college and a son to Iraq. The moments are ones you never forget and they began an entirely new journey for me as a mother. The songs connected with each event have been like milestones in their adult journey. You are so right to stop and savor each moment and season.

Kristin said...

Well then, must find a list of MUST listen to songs on the way home that you can sing very loud too that bring you all great laughter!!!!!

Loving the beach images, the only thing that is missing is me laying asleep on one of those yolo boards smack in the ocean...yes, past the sand bar....as in, so far out there that your girls might say "Mamma....don't you think we should go fetch her!" Just sayin! Wink! : ) Love it that you have your yearly beach rest and fun pictures for all of us to share in!

Kristin said...

I meant sing loud to....not too! HA

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Your pictures are spectacular and I really hope you do a post on how to take photos in sunshine soon, because I need all the pointers I can get and you have it totally mastered! Please? :)

Also, I can't believe school begins so soon for you guys- I'll be thinking of you... I wonder if sending a baby off to college feels anything like sending a baby off to kindergarten!? Does it ever end?? LOL


Anne said...

You, by far, are one of my favorite reads of the day! I cried for 2 hours when dropping my only daughter off at college - and it was only 45 minutes from home! The songs will get you everytime...she will be a junior this year and I still choke up when I hear any on my list! Hang in there sweet girl, you are doing an amazing job!!!

Courtney Walsh said...

seriously, paige, wherever you go for vacation is where I want to go. it just looks so peaceful and beautiful! love it.

and i can't listen to that taylor swift song already. kills me. especially when sophia sings it. ugh. don't grow up babies...stay this little...