Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 years 4 months 7 days

art lessons on thursdays

finger nails painted dark grey,
french manicure on toes

 chili dogs with cheese

knows all the words to Adele's cd 21
all the words.


reading "The Tail of Emily Windsnap"

favorite Harry Potter movie= number 7

loves flamingos


looking for a cute romper for school

has Ms. Swingle for 5th grade

round off double back handspring

sleeps with the same three "blankies" she's had since she was tiny baby

cracks mom up with her impersonation of amy duncan's "mama's gone have a baby child"
every. single.time.


favorite color="you know... that creamy orange mixed with light pink"

always wakes up on the right side of the bed. 

ash TOMS

pierced ears
 Gracie, Kristin & Catie

wearing Jo Malone's orange blossom
(thank you for the sample ms. nice lady at nordstroms)
& Burts Bees champagne

daily eater of popcorn

bike. tennis. tumble. art.

butterfinger snackerz

shopper extraordinaire

favorite thing to do = "when i crack up really hard. i love to laugh"

blondie with blue eyes & a random freckle on a button nose

loved like crazy


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

she shines!


Shannon said...

Paige, she is such a cutie! I love seeing her pictures where she is giggling. She always looks like she is having a great time. :)

Ashley said...

I'm loving your pictures Paige!! What a doll baby! Mwah*

LuLu & Co. said...

Completely darling!!!!
Her laughing with her whole heart is fabulous! Great moment to have captured!

Debby said...

Such a cute and happy one.

Judy said...

what a cutie pie (you too Paige!)

seriously, taylor would love that yellow ' to know where we could buy one.


3 Peanuts said...

Oh she could not be ANY cuter!! Love her cute lil self. AND you know Harry is 10 years 7 months and 19 days and going in to 5th grade with a smattering of freckles across his nsoe...just sayin..... they would be be super cute together!

everydaymomma said...

You have the most stunning children,they are so blessed to have you as their momma.

tessie said...

She just exudes joy! What a sweet blessing!

Jboo said...

Such a cutie! Love reading about your girls and adore your photos!


Bethanie said...

I could just eat her up!!!!

Jen Kershner said...

She and my Little Bit have a lot in common. Em also still sleeps with her blankets. Sweet pictures of your sweet girl!

Renee said...

She, like all your girls, is precious!!!! BUT... In a special sort of very individual amazing sort of way!!!! (love the pictures!!!)

Kelli said...

She is a doll. And I, of course, love the yellow!

Simone said...

She is beautiful and looks exactly like a girl who is loved - and always will be - like crazy :)

LOVE these photos Paige.

I think she is born the same day as my daughter - 2001, March? How funny!! xx

Tami said...

SHE is adorable...and...I have a gorgeous brown hair, big brown eyed 10 year 6 monther!! Guess they are a little too! :) Just discovered your blog and enjoy seeing your beautiful photography! Love all of the girly touches..I have 3 boys, so I take it in whenever and wherever I can!

Christina said...

what a sweet pea!
i love that yellow!

Beth said...

Such a beautiful child! Her happiness is infectious, right through the pictures. I can imagine the lives she will touch!

Jodi said...

She is adorable and I just love her smile; it just makes you smile when you see her smile! They just grow up so fast!

I LOVE the beach pictures!


LLH Designs said...

What a great way to capture your little one right where she is. I absolutely adore her laughing smile! Makes me want to smile big and happy!


Anonymous said...

How cute..Your photos of your girls are so beautiful..
Have a great week..

Alecia said...

Beautiful pictures and fun facts about Caroline!!! She's PRECIOUS!

Amanda said...

beautiful girl! awesome pictures.