Friday, July 15, 2011

we sure do love Harry Potter around here!

 we are quite the Harry Potter fans here in the Knudsen home.
i'm sure i've mentioned once or a 730 times
that the older girls have read the series numerous times.
crazy amounts of times.
dan & i read the series a year or so ago
& LOVED them.

i know there's a little controversy over the books
& there are those who don't understand all the hoopla
the entire good vs evil theme,
the amazing way in which each story weaves back & forth 
between the others,
the jaw dropping creativity,
the phenomenal characters,
has left me to declare The Harry Potter series
my most favorite series ever.

so needless to say
both savannah & madison
were not going to miss the midnight premiere of the final movie

& to understand the true
indepth loyalty these girls have for the movie
find it no surprise that bailey flew in from 
Ole Miss
to attend the movie with savannah.
yes, i was the snoozer mom who forbid smk from ponying up cash for a
"flight to oxford mississippi just for a movie for crying out loud"
yes, that was me.
bailey's mom=mom of the year.
here they are in all their glory.

in fact, if i truly felt creative, i'd come up with one of those
tickets =$$$
hogwarts costume=$$$
snacks for movie=$$$
memory that will last a lifetime=priceless

this image is short a few of our copies
but you get the general idea...

last month savannah & bailey attended the one year anniversary
of the opening of Harry Potter world.
she brought us home a set of Hogwarts tumblers!
too cute.
so of course,
all drinks were drunk from the tumblers yesterday.

madison had her buddy over
& they made t-shirts
painted each others faces
& headed out with another mom of the year
who volunteered to take them.

honestly, i took the girls to see the midnight release of Twilight.
i think it took me days to get my sleep cycle back in gear.
i'm a "i need my 8 hours, preferably starting around 10pm kinda girl".

 & i just have to say this...
their tshirts are not referring to 'make love' as in sex.
just need to clear that up
being a family friendly blog & all.

little bit has only read the first book
but has seen all the movies.
she has some hysterical quotes that she does 
with a stellar British accent no less.
but since our collection weighs about the same as she does
i couldn't resist taking the picture!

savannah enjoying a butterbeer at Harry Potter World
(which is non-alcoholic btw)

the girls proclaim this final movie
as their favorite~
both of them sobbing through much of it.

i'm hoping to get there very soon myself!
(probably during a matinee. of course!)


Kat said...

How fun!!! Love Harry Potter!!!!

Louise said...

I read the first book to my son who is now 21, and I like to think I did a mean Hagrid impersonation as I am British myself, and could "hear" Hagrid's accent in my head (decidedly North of England sounding, as he indeed turned out to sound in the movies). Shame on me I never read the rest of the books, nor did my son, but I do think the movies are very, very creative.

Shannon said...

How fun! I still need to read the last 2 books but agree that the Harry Potter books are the best and I'm jealous they got to visit Harry Potter World :)

Susan R said...

I want to see it badly, but my husband has been called out every night this week due to a launch that is going on at Cape Canaveral. He's launch support, so when they call, he runs.
My kids haven't seen it either, YET.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! We were sleep deprived today... doing the 3 a.m. pickup of our daughter and her bff! They loved the movie...and yes, the memories are priceless. They finally slept at 5:15!

I confess to never reading a book or seeing any of the movies!


Cathy Louise said...

Yes Kirstie, went to the midnight screening as well here in Aus...A day earlier then you guys which doesn't happen too often lol:)....She LOVED it and said it was a perfect way to end it...Andrew hasn't seen it yet but has read all the books several times.......and saw the last movie in London just after it opened so that was extremely special for to you c xxxx

Anonymous said...

We are in full on Harry Potter celebrattion mode at our house too.

My husband and I took our son to WWHP this spring to celebrate his 18th birthday and we all ended up having a fabulous time, despite the fact tht neither my husband or I have actually read any of the books.

We initially bought into the controversy (having had no knowledge mind you -- silly!) until son was exposed, by friends, at age ten. At that point, we had to investigate because it's hard to close a door once it's been opened (Especially when the door was "amazing, Mom!" and turns out, we had no issues ourselves. It was a very good lesson. Judge not and do your homework... Destiny

Anonymous said...

Please overlook my typos. I'm sleep deprived ... hehe! Destiny

Sheri said...

The movie was awesome - not feeling like mom of the year today - LOL - after getting home at 3:30 a.m. I have been a little on the crabby side today. Even a 3 hour nap didn't help. - Love all your HP pics. xo

Alecia said...

The girls all looked adorable! You're slowly convincing this girl to possibly pick up the books...I'm the slowest reader in the world though and the stack is VERY intimidating! LOL...I might have to have a Movie Marathon since I've only see the one that came out last November.
I have a feeling Bailey's mom was THRILLED to have the excuse of Harry Potter to get her girl home ;-)

traci said...

great memories for them. i saw the first three movies and read the first three books. loved them, but never continued. not even sure why. have a great day.

Mommabelle said...

Oh yeah! Looks like fun!
My kids too have memorized entire passages together all with a British accent!

Beach Coast Style said...

I am convinced I am the only person in the world who has never read one of the books or seen one of the movies. So glad you all had a great time!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

The Hubby and I took my two oldest kiddos to see the movie yesterday morning! LOVED IT! It's my favorite so far as well! Have to admit, I find myself just a little sad to see the series reach its finale! It's been so much fun awaiting each movie's release.

Heather Crawford said...

I just want to say that I love reading your adventures with all of your girls..and you make me feel confident in the fact that teenagers/parents can get along and have kids are 6 and 8 right I have some time to go, but you always hear such negativity about teenagers..thanks for showing another side to it all :)


Jillian, Inc said...

I'm so intrigued by it all but must confess...I have not read a single HP book or seen a single HP movie. I am lame. And I know it! haha

Bethanie said...

Im so glad you arent ALWAYS the mom of the year!! Look, I took my girls and their friends to a Jonas Brothers "concert" in the parking lot of a cell phone store a few years ago. I sat and read a book, they thought that was just hilarious. Im trying to think of another time I was the cool mom...nope, cant think of one!! :0) Have not read the Harry Potter or Twilight books, one day... :0) have a good weekend.

Jodi said...

Great photos, Paige! I have not read the Harry Potter books, but have thought I should find out what all the excitement is all about! :)

How fun for the girls to get dressed up and see the movie; what a great memory! :) I know I couldn't make it at that time tho! :)

Take care and have a great weekend!

Renee said...

Your family inspired me!!!! I'm reading, reading, reading... Really cute post, thanks.