Friday, July 29, 2011

The Help, burgers and feeling sorta sad

I finished Bloodroot last night.  It was a good read.
 heavy and sad, but sweetness at the end.

By the time it was light's out, i was feeling pretty sad.
as dan climbed into bed, i thought, poor guy. he's gonna have a time
with me these next several weeks.

We move Savannah into her dorm in about 10 days.
10 days.
I am thrilled for her. She is so excited.
I am proud of her. She will be successful.
I am sending off a confident, bright, beautiful daughter
to an excellent school.
I am so happy for her.
My mind is happy. This is a good thing. really it is.
But my heart....

i'll finish that thought another day....
The Help is coming to theaters the week she leaves.
thank goodness.
in order to be all refreshed,
I pulled my autographed copy off the shelf last night
to read it all over again.
by page 4 i felt like i was back with those old friends again.
I love aibileen, and skeeter. and minny.
i can hear their voices in my head.
a good book will do that to you, you know?

i whizzed through it last time
& found myself wishing i hadn't finished so fast.
the ultimate sign of a great book.

i love how aibileen loves on mae mobley.
i love her humility and her strength.
i wanna whack miss hilly with my own handbag.
i laugh out loud and i cry right along with them.
sad that many of them were treated so poorly.

my precious girlfriend gave me a copy right after it came out.
wrote in the front, "pass it along when you're done".
no way jose.
i loved this book too much.
i loaned it out a couple of times, but it's a keeper.
it's such a keeper it lives on a shelf in the family room.

i guess that's how i am about my things.
i want them with me.
whether it's an autographed copy of a favorite book
or my first born.
all under my roof.
i'm just a greedy person
who likes what i like.
gosh....i need to get a grip.

with savannah heading to the Braves game,
& my middle two at cheer camp,
dan & i took caroline to try out a new burger joint.
 Yeah Burger in virginia highlands.
grassfed burgers and for those of you who need gluten free,
you can get that too.
we are huge Farm Burger fans so we wanted to check 'em out.
i loved mine, but i'll be honest,
farm burger is out of this world delicious.
& yes, the chili cheese dog & salad was for little bit!

any place with fun outdoor seating
izze drinks
fried pickles
 tolix chairs and stools
& seriously yummy white peach shakes
is alright by me!

with emi & madi cheering for the same squad
i'm loving all their "twin" outfits.
i was strongly encouraged last night
to "stop it with the twin thing".
maybe everybody here at the knudsen home
will go easy on me the next few weeks
take me out to eat to help overcome my sadness.


Jboo said...

Lots going on at your place! The burger joint looks heavenly.

I know you are excited and thrilled for your sweet Savannah, but still -- it's hard! Hang in there -- and yes, definitely -- people need to be taking you out! Have a fun weekend!

traci said...

i should reread the help too. loved that book. can't wait for the movie. it will make a great night out with friends.

i am not going to kid you, it's hard sending your child off to school, but when they are excited about it, it does make it easier. she is going to soar!!!!

i wish we had some great eating joints like that around here. that one has great character.

Simone said...

I think I am going to cry when Savannah goes away to I can only imagine how you are feeling my friend :(

I loved "The Help", can't wait to see the film. I just started a book set in Savannah, so interesting for me - it's like a whole new world, I am loving it. In my mind, I am SO there....those beautiful houses, the people etc :)

The new burger place sounds SO good :) What is that in the red and white tray, I have no idea!!

Happy Friday honey :) xx

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

I was just catching up on my saved episodes of Nate and some of the cast were on the 6/23 episode. He
was also a producer on the movie.
Enjoy your weekend.


Kat said...

I see a girls' night out in your future. We need to plan something to get you out of the house and giggling. I walked by Yeah Burger back in the Spring whem my parents were here but it was slammed busy, being a Saturday and all. I LOVE a good burger, so I will have to check it out soon. Still haven't been to Farm Burger or Flip yet, those are also on my list.

Heather said...

You are right; Bloodroot was sad but I really liked the ending, which I thought was sweet - that there's some good in everyone, you know?

slip4 said...

Paige, I would love to hear about some of the college preparations going on, what she is decorating her room with, etc. If it's not too painful for you! :)

Sheri said...

I'm right there with you friend. Sad day here - have been shopping for Robert's apartment :( Blessings to you sweet mama.

Judy said...

I absolutely loved The Help and plan on seeing it just as soon as it comes out. I ordered it for my sister's b'day back in May and had it sent to her home...she's been reading it at the lake house this summer.

Those fried pickles looks sooooo good...I might have to get some at a local fish camp restaurant over the weekend.


Jill said...

Big hug from the left coast!

PS - my word verification is "sucksto" ! Ironic?

Susan R said...

Those gals are so darn cute.
Now about that burger joint. Fried way! I'm movin' to GA. Colorado must lack vision because we just don't have a lot of fun places like that.
I have a feeling that with Savannah off to school and Madison Grace and Emi cheering that Miss C is going to get spoiled. Nothin' wrong with that. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to keep your things around you, including your family.
A confession...this is a terrible thing here.....I've been trying to convince my daughter, who will be leaving for college next year, that spending so much on college might not be a good idea since there doesn't seem to be any jobs available. Now wait before you judge. Part of that is true and part of that is a very overly protective, uber paranoid mother that obviously has a serious problem with letting go, so cut me some slack.
I swear it was only yesterday that I came home from the hospital with her. Really it was.

Kelli said...

I cannot WAIT to see The Help. I read it a few months ago and I'd like to listen to the book on CD before the movie. I pray your spirits are lifted, I know this has to be an emotional time for you. That burger place looks divine, even the sparkling peach...for your peach :)

Kristin said...

I want to wrap your heart up in something happy and pink and put sparkles all over it to keep you feeling a moment of sad with Savannah opening her wings and flying. I want to find something that is going to make you laugh out-loud and soften the blow. So, I am on a mission to do this. So when a dose of laughter and happy come out of nowhere you will know why. You are just the best Mamma and if I had been a mamma in life I would want to be much like you.

Thank you for your color in this post today. It somehow made me say, ok girly...go and find color and a happy.

Loves you much my precious friend.

Katie said...

I wanted to smack Ms. Hilly too!

Can't wait for the movie!

Sarah663 said...

We tried the watermelon beer the other day - so light and refreshing!!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hang in there! It is a hard thing to have to "let go", but you are an amazing mom, and you can do it!

And just so you know, dear Paige, when I'm feeling blue, I visit your blog. Even in your bit of melancholy, it is still a happy and uplifting place for me to come! Thank you for that!

Tammy said...

That place looks too fun!
I'm guessing that I'm the only person on the planet that has not read " The Help" yet, I've been trying to get a copy from a friend that keeps loaning it out to everyone else.darn it. I want to see the movie but i gotta read it first...guess I;m off the book store to pick up a copy.
Junk Wild

Bethanie said...

I finished Bloodroot last night was sad, but I guess happy at the end. Sad to think people probably did have that life. I need to re-read "The Help". I borrowed a friends, but need my own copy. There are some you just need your own of! (Anything by Charles Martin is a keeper...) Thinking of you in these busy days...thank the Lord everyday for your healthy babies...that's what I keep telling myself! Hugs to you.

Shelly Powers said...

Gosh I think those cheerleaders need to eat a cheeseburger....sigh oh to be that cute young and skinny again! ;)

LLH Designs said...

What a super cool hamburger place! I need to go there! You know...when I'm visiting you someday! I wish!

I think your signature photo is one of your girls holding something out in front of her with extended arms...object in focus, girl out of focus. It will always make me think of you!


Lissa said...

I'm in! Let's go get a burger!!

Minny is my favorite character by FAR! Whoever plays her in the movie has big shoes to fill!!!

I can't imagine when my girls move out! I will just live where they live. That's just how it must be. Hope they're aiming for cali!

I really loved the peach keeper and Molokai if you're looking for a great, new read.

Lyssa at Living Simple in the South said...

luv ya paige! you are so great, sorry you are hurting!
Thanks for the book lineage of grace and oh my its a keeper, you are now a trusted source ;)

offset printing said...

It's great news that your daughter's going to an excellent school. You're a great mom. I think it's a great book, I might as well get a copy of that. Nice blog.

Carol S. said...

Wow that food looks seriously delicious. Your posts are so heartfelt and lovely. Every mom can relate, especially me with a 17 year old son entering senior year. I can already feel the "lasts" coming on. I'm grateful for women like you who share the ups and downs. I know you believe in God and encourage you to first pray for your families health and safety, but then for your strength, peace and (don't take this wrong, it's more directed at me than you) unselfishness as your kids go on their own. BTW, I honestly hear the grandma stage is THE BEST, which I'm in no hurry for, but it's the truth, each stage brings delights our way. Take care these 9 days! Y-O-U C-A-N D-O I-T (cheering that).

melissa said...

Well, you know I LOVED tThe Help .. and I am sure I told you about The Kitchen House??? Dare I even say, I may have liked it more?!
I know just how difficult this stage of life is .. letting go is hard!! And don't even get me started with boys, you let go and they don't come back!! LOL .. son #2 just got home from Ole Miss after not being home since Christmas!!! So happy to have him home for a few weeks.


Privet and Holly said...

Sending you
happy thoughts,
Paige, as you
navigate these
next 10 days.
Help and I get
to see it with
my mama out here
in Washington. I
hope it lives up
to the book!!
xx Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: My little bro
lived in Virginia
Highlands for a few
years; what a fun

Rachel said...

That burger joint looks delicious!!

And I, too, am SO excited for The Help movie. I have been looking forward to it for months. I loved that book!

Tiffini said...

food looks delish:) I read the last couple of posts and I just laughed and sighed. You have gorgeous girls and I can so tell how much you adore them...I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes a million pictures of her could become quite an addiction...where they have group meetings.
loving the camera and the kiddos!

Alecia said...

A friend just gave me a copy of The Help yesterday at church and said the same thing your friend said "when you're finished, pass it around!" I just started yesterday after church and I can tell, I'm gonna love it. I really wanted to have it read before the movie came out but seeing as I'm such a slow read...I don't know if that's gonna happen! Here's hopin'! I guess I don't HAVE to go on opening night ;-) LOL

Ruth said...

I'm almost done reading the Help...I almost don't want it to end. I don't know how the movie is going to live up to this incredible book.