Saturday, July 09, 2011

sisters in the park

a few posts ago i mentioned about being behind with my photos.
i got a few emails asking exactly what that meant...
so i'll share my compulsive photo organization with you...

while i've loved taking photos for years,
once i went with a digital ( canon rebel) four years ago i really loved taking photos.
then in january i up & decided to do a little 365 project
which means i really really love taking photos
& i take a LOT of photos.
a lot to me anyway.

i upload my photos & clear my camera
pretty much after any shoot or series of smaller shoots.
i run a quick edit , usually through picasa
crop & maybe saturate some.
i back these up on my external hard drive.

at some point, usually fairly soon after i've shot 
i do my favorite part.
photoshop & further edits.
which is fun and relaxing for me.
i could spend hours doing this.

once i'm done , i then back those up on a disc or flash.
so ultimately my images are in 2, maybe 3 places.
once i'm done with any post processing
i then order prints & place them in albums.
if i don't stay caught up with this part of the process
i'd end up with files and files of images
or boxes & boxes of images.

since i spend so much time on photography
& i love to chronicle our life
combined with the fact that this is something i enjoy~
i don't want them just junked somewhere
after i've invested that much time and energy.
i usually put up an album on facebook
and then add my faves to a blog post.
the blog post part is often a tad behind.
a prom post almost two months after prom for example.

i once heard a fanatic is someone who is more excited 
about something
than you are.
i'm certain i'm a fanatic.
or crazy.
or maybe addicted to organization.
any of which could use an intervention!

incidentally, i still have images to post from spring break in april.
these photos today are from april.
and by the way
i don't wait for all four girls to be available for each & every little 
photo shoot idea i have.
not only is that unrealistic, they aren't always in the mood.
i'm pretty lucky though because i can usually wrangle
one of the girls into playing along 
with whatever location/destination
& wardrobe i've come up with.

we're packing up & heading home today from the beach.
i'm always amazed how very fast this week truly goes by....


Sheri said...

I wish we lived closer - I need Photo 101 from Paige. Love these pics once again. Safe travels home.

Alecia said...

I love it...a shoot with the blue eyes! I appreciate that you take so many pictures...I'm the same way but I could use a tutorial in the organizational part...LOL! Keep up the good work...whatever you're doin' works for you....and I ALWAYS enjoy seeing what you post next!
Have a safe trip home :-)

Cheryl said...

I love the steps that you take, Paige. I am writing them down. At some point, I will be able to really get organized with the multitude of photos.. the duplicates, oh, I know you understand.

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

How pretty. Love the house too.

Thank you for sharing.

I guess I will have more time
when baby girl grows up...I hope
not to fast.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Susan R said...

So darling. Those girls are GORGEOUS!

The Avery House said...

OK, so I think you are a TAD bit more organized than I am with the photos. All of mine are on my HARD DRIVE Yike-so! Yep, I am playing Russian roulette (I'm sure that's spelled wrong) with my photos except that I have them backed up with Carbonite on an external drive. My prob. is that I have not printed the 1000's and 1000's of photos that I have taken through this 365 Project and put them into albums. I guess I will just forgo that and be content with my 365 book at the end of the year. I am looking for a new lens to learn, any suggestions? I have my Tamron 18-270mm and my 35mm prime, but think I may want a new little lens to play with. I am dragging my feet at this point in 365 and I am not sure why it has become so mundane. I have New York City to look forward to and Washington DC for architectuarl photo ops. I think I am just in a rut. Oh well, sorry for the long comment. Hope you have a fabuloso weekend! xoxo

Jodi said...

I LOVE to look at all you photos, no matter if they are from April or whenever; they are always amazing! :)

I need to be better about my photos, both taking and storing!

Have a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of your daughters..
I am always looking at their jewelry..Love it..Have a great weekend..

Maggie said...

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You amaze and inspire me Paige. So we use the same camera, and I was curious what lens you favor? Also, do you have the time to share what settings you program into manual when shooting in bright sunlight? I'm really struggling with that these days, and I'd love your wisdom.

Laura said...

Beautiful photos -- and I think they were taken in front of Paideia School's 1341 Building -- am I right? (which is where I worked when we lived in Atlanta -- and I can even see my former office's window!) Loved that.

Heather said...

These photos are beautiful!