Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July, beach style

 we had a great 4th.
except for a little morning shower,
the rest of the day was beautiful.

we are big dog lovers
& always stop and pet any passer byers
especially goldens.
this was a mother son couple.
& they loved the attention from little bit.

each year there's a fun little parade
in the morning.

we scooted in to Cowgirl Kitchen
& watched the parade while eating spinach & feta egg burritos,
sipped yummy beverages,
& enjoyed the air conditioning.

oh & here's a random shot of our home
with the view from the kitchen.
we loved the home we rented this year.
went through a private owner & had a great experience.
since i usually receive a handful of questions about where to stay,
here's the link if you're interested.

 i promised dan since we were staying on the water
& i had a fantastic ocean view from the kitchen
that surely i'd cook more meals.
except for july 4th
we ate out every night.
all lunches were eaten in the house
( most of which were chicken soft tacos 
that i prepare & bring, along with some yummy homemade salsa
 i've probably burned my family out on those for a while.)

but since we're there only a week
& some of my most favorite meals are from down there,
we enjoyed ourselves!
training for another half marathon will resume soon.

back to the beach to light some sparklers
& enjoy the fireworks
which i failed to get spectacular images of.

caroline loves to play the laughing game.
who ever can go the longest staring at each other without laughing.
she usually loses.

as much as i love being on the beach for the holiday
the crowds seem to get worse each year.
tuesday morning i was running
 the traffic was quite backed up with the weekend crowd heading out.
the rest of the week was significantly less nutty.

dan & i honeymooned in seaside in '99
& have returned each year.
while the town remains quite charming,
free from chain restraunts, high rises
& waterparks,
the crowds have definitlely found it.


LouBoo said...

Hi Paige - I like the tenacity of your posts and that I get to see some of my beloved Florida in them! It looks so beautiful - such a shame if the crowds spoil it. That staring/laughing game made me smile ear to ear - such a cute thing to play. Lovely, as ever... Lou x

Judy said...

Gorgeous photos (as usual) and I love little bit's ruffled top. I love Seaside and I'm going to check out your link for next year.


Love Being A Nonny said...

I love the pictures you post of your beautiful family! What a great 4th week! Oh, and I love the very first pics of little bit.....she looks like a *girl* instead of a preteen. (I know you love that too!)

Debby said...

Such great pictures of your beautiful family. Do you scrapbook. You take so many and they are all so good. Love the laughing game pictures.
Try St. George Island sometime. It isn't as crowded...called the Uncommon Florida. I don't like crowds either.

Susan R said...

What a beautiful family.
I love Lil Bit's suit, where do you find all these cute swim suits?
See...here's the thing Paige. You alone have probably incresed the ammount of people going to Seaside with all your lovely photos and descriptions. You're going about his in the wrong way. Find the worst possible photo op, shoot that and then tell everyone the place is a dive, there's a bunch of gangs moving in and a lot of drunks and then you've got it made.
I'm not sure anyone is going to believe you, but it's worth a shot.

Elizabeth said...

We were down in Carillon for the week of the 4th. Took us forever to get down there on that Sat. before the holiday and then it took 10 hours to get home the Saturday after (home being Atlanta). I don't think we will go again for the week of the 4th. The crowds were way to much for our taste but I do always love that little 30A part of Florida! Always enjoy your post! :)

Kelli said...

That view is amazing! Your spot has certainly been discovered and I can see why. Sweet Caroline and her laugh is just precious.

Privet and Holly said...

Seaside is most
definitely on my
someday list....
Sounds like a dream
holiday....And I
have to say, that
first pic of Savannah
witht the hat on is
very Jackie Kennedy-esque!
xx Suzanne

Cindy D said...

I absolutely love reading your blog and following your family. Your girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your love of Christ. I was wondering where your daughter got her seersucker ruffled blouse. Thanks!

Alecia said...

Great pictures...the pics of Caroline playing the laughing game are so sweet :-) Savannah looks like quite the southern belle with that beautiful hat on...the pic of Dan and his girls is precious. Glad you all had a good time.

teresa at Nonnie's Blessings said...

We were in Destin while you were in Seaside. I secretly wished I could run into you while we were there!

The pics are awesome! Seaside is a dream, but I agree the crowds have squashed its quaintness.

You daughters are darling. I love seeing little bit grow up. She is such a cutie.

teresa, aka, nonnie

Maria said...

Can I come next year?:) It looks like you had a wonderful time! How is your UGA bound girl doing? Her 4th of July portraits are beautiful!!!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Beautiful pictures as always! We love Seaside, too :) It's heavenly!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

So great that you documented the day - so beautifully too!

patty said...

love your photos! seems like such a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th~

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige - lovely absolutely lovely photos! Totally understand about feeling like your sweet spot is being invaded! However you are mking me want to go!! :)

So I saw this picture on this story (link below) and I thought it looked alot like Savannah!



Jodi said...

Beautiful pictures, Paige! The home looks very nice; I would definately want to be on the beach too if I were going to be there; looks like a beautiful place. Too bad it's getting too busy; I like a nice quiet, relaxing place that's not so "commercial, touristy".

Take care!

Anonymous said...

We too go to Seaside every year for Spring Break, for the last 9 years. And I said the exact same thing this year, "oh no, it's been discovered."

LLH Designs said...

Tha laughing game photos are the BEST! Real life photos are priceless!

Welcome home, sweet Paige!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I haven't commented in way too long...sooo I have a lot to say. Loved all these images! Loooove that starfish image with Caroline and the sparkler in the sand. And your girls have such great style! (but I've said that before!) Also, love that apron in the last post...and the dress Caroline is wearing in the sister post.

Someday I will rent a house on the beach. Can't wait.

Love to you and your sweet family!