Friday, July 01, 2011

highs & lows

we received a call ...she does indeed have a broke tibia.
we won't get the full report until tuesday.
hopefully this means no surgery....
we won't be able to see the orthopedist for 10 more days.
now i just need to keep her compliant with her boot cast & crutches
while we're on vacation...

 yesterday was quite the day for highs & lows around our home.
we headed out early to pick up emi from the airport.
we stood behind our security ropes,
talked nervously, full of excitement with other parents,
and cheered for servicemen as they exited their flights.

every time one would walk up the entrance way cheers would erupt.
it reminded me that while emily was only gone for three weeks,
i can't imagine sending off my child or my spouse for an undetermined 
amount of time, with their life in jeopardy no less.
again, a time to be grateful for all those that sacrifice for our country.

 her group finally came up
i looked for her
& looked for her
& looked for her.
i could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes as i kept trying to find her
in all the hoopla.
the last one up
behind everyone else
walking with ms. stephanie
hobbling on crutches
came sweet em.
forget that darn security rope thingy.
oh gosh, i was so excited to see that child!

 (crying again as i write this.
talk about highs & lows.)

her leaders told her over & over again
how proud they were of her.
everyone hugged her & told her what a brave trooper she had been.
she just smiled & smiled.

 her sweet nurse keely
that took care of her
through throwing up
shots of toradol
ankle wraps
& a little homesickness.
from one nurse to another, thank you keely
you are awesome!

 one of madi's besties
( one of randy's daughters)
was also on the trip
was such an encouragement to emi.

funny thing.
after 21 days of basically eating nothing but chicken and white rice
she was begging to head to chickfila.
i've raised her to appreciate the finer things in life
wouldn't you say?

i scored some good mom points
by bringing her long lost cell phone
so she could social network on the ride home.
talk about excited.

she was so happy.
so excited.
she called her bff & chatted away.
i looked over to dan in the front seat
& told him how perfect. we bring her cell phone
& we can listen to her retell her trip 
& not even "annoy" her with all our questions.

funny thing.
later in the day i was cleaning out her luggage ...
i had sent her with a bar of soap.
guess what came back....
the unwrapped bar of soap.

we slammed down some chickfila
she took a hot shower
& we headed to the orthopedist.

while the xrays showed she had not fractured her ankle.
she appears to have torn "the worst" ligament you can tear.
until we get the results back from the MRI
( which could be middle of next week. hello long holiday weekend)
she has to wear a heavy boot cast
& stay completely off it...
if the MRI shows a tear,
she may need surgery.

while this is certainly not life or death
she was just devastated.
i think after spending a couple weeks of her trip
unable to do alot that the other kids were doing,
having to ride piggy back
or have someone help her do things
to come home & find out we're not done yet
was just too much.

 we were all a little deflated.
my heart just goes out to her.

i've never been on a mission trip, but dan has been on many.
last night as we plopped into bed
(after my previous night of 4 hours sleep. remember?)
he first helped me out with a little glass half full mentality.
he reminded me of all our blessings
& some specifics of how things could have been much worse.
i really needed that.
i was pretty mentally overloaded 
feeling overwhelmed with just all that's going on this summer
& needed to be grounded again.

he told me that her spirit is processing through so much...
through what she saw
the orphans she held
the poverty she witnessed
the emotions she experienced
the way she felt the presence of the Lord
the connection of friends from her group
her working through the conflict of what "we" have 
verses what so many in other countries ( & here too for that matter) do not.
through the weeks of feeling a tad homesick
and then add on an injury.

he told me
while he obviously doesn't know what "it" is
he does know the Lord has a plan
has an event, or many
has a person, or many
has something
that the injury
wrapped around how she spent her last three weeks
being loved on & loving on others
will shape her.
will develop a deepness to her character
will affirm in her spirit
who she is & who she's called to be.
but for now
while she unpacks all those thoughts
we will love on her
we will let her be frustrated and disappointed
we will listen to her highs & lows
& we will be so proud of this brave child of mine.

how i love her so....


Kat said...

Beautiful! So glad you have your precious girl back in your arms. Can't wait to see you when I get back!!!

Beach Coast Style said...

Soooo glad she is home and that all is well. I so understand all of your emotion. It's hard being a parent you want to let them go and experience things but in the back of your mind you are scared to death. I always say to myself don't allow the fear to take over...if you do it will ruin your thinking. A big whoohoo to her trip and all the goodness she experienced! Hope you have a great 4th and you get to relax a bit now. :-)

Judy said...

I had a torn ligament on my right foot about 7 years ago, it hurt like heck! I had to wear the boot thingy and then do PT for a while but luckily no surgery was involved.

I know you are so happy Emi is home. And we love "Chick-Ole'" (which is what we call it!)

You have a very wise husband, I could hear the Lord speaking through him. Your family is very blessed.



My husband and I took hundred of students to Europe over aabout 18 years,(with an organization called Royal Servants.)I was always sad for students when they got sick or injured . . . away from home.

But always, they were so brave and strong and sweet. And God still used them on our team and in our ministry.

I say this to say . . . it is good you are so proud of your girl. She deserved it.


Paige said...

I don't know Emily and I am so very proud of her:) Dan could not have said it better, beautiful post of how we live life as Christians. Hoping she heals fast and does not need surgery!

The Avery House said...

Dan's right, sweet Paige, he's so right. Wise and great man that husband of yours. So happy your girl is home. Her journey has already blessed me and I haven't even heard her story about the trip yet. Thanks for sharing her homecoming with us. I loved all the photos especially the ones of her with the children. I'm so thrilled for Emi and the seeds God has planted in her heart. I will pray for her continued recovery.

Susan R said...

Welcome home Emi. You are an amazing gal.
Now your mother can rest.

Leslie said...

That last photo did me in! Oh my heart! Dan is very wise! I know when I came back from China my whole perspective on life changed and I appreciated so many of the little things that I used to take for granted. She will be forever changed. I pray that surgery is not needed (unfortunately we have been down that road too!) wink! Hang in there sweet Paige! I am sure you were a welcome sight for her! Glad she is home and in your care now!

Christina said...

yes, He does have a plan. i so believe this. and i don't doubt that emily being where it was meant for her to be( hurt leg and all) sent strength to many people. ; ) good job mama!
such a blessing~ all of it.

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

I'm glad that Emily is home and she can focus on healing her leg.

The picture of Dan carrying Emily was so touching.

Wow, how blessed you are to have Dan. I'm so happy for you and your four girls.

I also have a husband that has went on mission trips and is a blessing to me and our daughter.

Just think of the one on one time that those precious children got to spend with Emily.

Enjoy your weekend with you family.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Gallegly said...

I have followed your blog for quite a while but I'm one of those 'read, read, read and don't comment' types. After reading this post, though, I have to say something. It was beautiful. The way you describe the 'unpacking' of all of her emotions is.... well, beautiful. I need a thesaurus, don't I?
Thank you a million times over for sharing.

Lori Lucas said...

Your Dan is a special man!

Anonymous said...

What a privilege it has been to pray your sweet girl through this journey. I will continue through the weekend; believing that surgery is not required.

Yours is a beautiful and blessed family, Destiny

Cate said...

I am wiping away tears as I write this! I love what your husband said to you last night. You have a pretty amazing husband (and child!). I'm so happy Emily is home safe and sound. Blessings to you - I admire you! You are a wonderful mom.

Tammy said...

Oh Yah! She's so precious (the whole family is by the way...Daddy included!) I love the last pic...priceless! So glad she's home and hope all goes well with the MRI! I'll be praying for her!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Junk Wild

Debby said...

What a celebration. Loved how her Daddy gave her a piggy back ride. So sorry that she has more to deal with her ankle. The first thing I noticed was how thin she looked. But what a great smile on her face. I hope things go well with the MRI and she heals quickly. Spoil her rotten and enjoy her being home. You are such a wonderful mom.

3 Peanuts said...

Prayers for sweet emi. THat Dan is a very brilliant and wonderful man. Glad he could share that wonderful perspective with you.

Renee said...

Praise God Miss Emily is home!!! I will pray that surgery is not necessary. Dan is a pretty smart cookie!!! Have a lovely weekend.

LLH Designs said...

She is a brave girl indeed. I have a feeling this particular trip will be used by God for a long time to come in her life. For that, I give thanks. For her safe return, I give thanks. For a loving family who is happy to have her home, I give thanks. And the rest, the uncertain, I trust Him.


Just Ask Beth said...

I have nervously and anxiously waiting on this POST..I am so glad she arrived safely and is in the loving arms of her family!! Take care sweet Emi Poo!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Paige, I am praying for her to heal quickly. Hopefully it's just a hairline fracture and there is nothing else they need to do. I hope you have a wonderful 4th with your family.

LuLu & Co. said...

So happy to see her back in the arms of her amazing family!! Sending thoughts and prayers for ther foot and that staying off it...needing help ...that she stays in good spirits!!!

Privet and Holly said...

So much love
in this post.
What an adventure.
What a girl!
So wonderful to
see your Emi fly...
just a little...
xx Suzanne

Jodi said...

I am so glad that she is home safe! What an awesome experience, tho; she will hold on to this forever!

Great photo's, the 2 little girls with emi, love that one and then Caroline and Madi holding the sign; super cute! :)

I can't blame emi.....gotta love chick fila :)


Clare said...

what a beautiful post paige, so many great reminders. just that she went on the trip is amazing, and then to last through the trip injured is too much. i know i would have been in mama bear mode too, that is why we have great guys by our side, to remind us that they are ok, and this will all work out. although it wasn't ideal. i am thinking of emi and i hope that she stays in good spirits;) i also love that you got to listen to the trip via the cell phone call to her bestie, i am taking notes for the future!

patty said...

what a great post... i'm sorry for her injury, but i love all that dan shared. so insightful. "deepen her character" what a positive twist to something you as a mom worry about.
ps: glad, too, she's home safe

Alecia said...

What a great post...and I love that you have Dan who has been on mission trips to explain what she's going through...he hit the nail on the head! I've been on many mission trips one when I tore my acl 3 days before I was scheduled to leave...the injury allowed me to learn things about God, myself and the body of Christ in a way I may not have learned otherwise. I can't WAIT to hear about the trip in her words...and yes...GENIUS that you brought her phone with you ;-)
I'll be praying for her and for quick, surgery free healing!