Sunday, July 17, 2011

emily in rosemary beach

i can't wait to share about emily's mission trip to Peru.
she came home with so many sweet stories and pictures too!
i'm hoping she will work on a thank you/update letter for her supporters
& i will post that here too.

i think i mentioned earlier how upset she was when she found out she
potentially could have a torn ligament.
if indeed that ligament was torn, she would need surgery.
the day she saw the doctor was the day she returned from peru
the day prior to our family vacation at the beach.

she had been feeling so good
& i think had been such a good sport while away
that when she returned home 
only to find out it was worse than she had expected,
it just completely blew her away.

she was basically told to stay completely off it
& wear a boot cast until further notice.

i really try to not to be the dreaded pointer outer of all good scenerios
& allow my children to be bummed or disappointed in a situation
that really is a disapointment.
i try to not be all
"well, look at the bright side. it coulda been so much worse"
on them.
not at first anyway.
having said that,
i was so glad that not only did they tell us she could go ahead & go to the beach,
they didn't slap a plaster cast on her either.

well i'll be honest.
emi was not the most compliant patient while we vacationed
& honestly
i chose to not fight that battle all day everyday
in making her wear it.
(insert here: to my friends with toddlers,
those terrible two's might just come back to haunt you 
around the age thirteen or fourteen. just maybe)
while we encouraged her to make wise choices
while we may have gave her the song & dance
that sounded something like the following...
"if you make it worse & i have to spend one of my beloved seven days of vacation 
sitting in the emergency room in destin, 
while handing over a $100 copay
all because you are over it then i will be a very angry parent".
we allowed her a little freedom
& did not make her walk around on crutches
all week.

we had her followup appointment yesterday
& the doctor asked if she'd stayed off it since her last visit.
& yes, we were honest.
he said she was healing remarkably well
& will not need surgery.
while she did break a bone in her tibia and another bone in her foot
the bruising on the bones was actually quite signifigant
but she could officially go off the crutches 
& officially take off the boot.

glory hallelujah!


CHH said...

Dear Emily,

I'm glad that you are home safe
with your loving and caring family and friends.

I realize that this injury was a temporary setback for you and a terrible scare for your parents (family, friends and little sister) here at home.

I also know that in time we will see the impact you will make as a result of your experiences with the children in Peru.

I bet that you made a big difference in the lives of the children that you were with because you were not as mobile as the other kids that you went on the trip with.

Be patient with yourself while you are healing.

You are a very courageous young lady.

I wish you many blessings!

Debby said...

Really good news. Glad things are getting better for Emily and for you.

Renee said...

I realize that physical beauty doesn't matter as much as inside beauty; but, these pictures are lovely. AND...I have a sneaking suspicion that Emi is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. I am so glad that she is home and that her injuries are healing so well. God is good...all the time!!! She may not even realize, this side of heaven, what her trip and her injuries meant.

Thank you, Paige, for sharing Emi's experience, these pictures, and the way God is healing her injuries.

Ellie said...

oh yay! i love your honesty in the parental advice - sounds oh so familiar :)

lovely photos and looking forward to your beach photos - you always knock those outta the park!!

xo ellie

Hannah said...

ok. i just LOVE your blog..and reading how you deal with teens...i have a "pre-teen" and am nervous about the days ahead! ha! but on another note...where do you and your girls get all of your awesome jewelry???? i love everything you all wear!!! so cute!

Kat said...

That's fantastic news!!!

Kristin said...

Love it. Love her face. Perfect dress for Rosemary and can't even see her bootcast in any of these camoflaged it very well with the flip flops....wink. I can be feisty just like Emi so I cannot say a word! So glad it is healing well for her and well, no matter what, I think you are an amazing MOM!

LLH Designs said...

Good news! The mom in me was wondering where that boot was in some of your vacation photos!

All of your girls are so pretty. And I can't get over how they will pose for you and let you take so many photos. I have to grab my photos in a heartbeat before they run off, look away, scrunch their faces up on me to make me stop. Good thing I love candid shots!


Jodi said...


She has a look of peace and maturity. Too me, it looks as if she has grown up since her trip. I am sure she has in more ways than one. I look up to her going on this trip; I know at her age there would have been no way that I would have been able to leave home for that long, let alone go to another country! Your girls will have wonderful memories!


Jboo said...

What great news for your sweet sweet girl (and all of you)! Lovely photos! She is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

What great news about your daughter and as usual lovely photos..Have a great week..

Alecia said...

What a lovely young lady inside & out! I'm glad to hear she's healing quite nicely and doesn't have to deal with the boot & crutches anymore...Yay!!! Thank you Lord for quick healing. :-) The pictures are wonderful...I love how you take time to highlight each of your girls. So fun and special!