Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this is gonna be fun!

we are headed to Athens this morning
for Savannah's orientation at UGA!
two days chock full of information & meetings.

she finished all her sorority rec's
health forms
dorm deposits
& parking details
right before we left for vacation.
we're right on track
& i'm so excited!!

listen to me
sounding like a big talker.
she'll be riding back home with us on thursday.
it's not time to leave her yet.
on that day
i won't be using exclamation marks
or smiley faces. 
that day...well. i've heard about that day
from sweet mama's who've gone before me.
about driving away
about arriving back at home
& walking by their reasonably empty room.

but today
this day is gonna be fun!


Maria said...

ENJOY it:) I know you will have a great time. Much love to you both.

The Avery House said...

You will have such a wonderful time together! Love all the photos of you two and the 4th of July photos as well. Enjoy your campus orientation! You are right! It's gonna be fun!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like like everything is coming together. Enjoy this special time!

Judy said...

Don't want to be a "debbie downer" but yes I remember that day all too well...when my daughter left to get married. she was moving her stuff into the home she'd share with her new husband and i stood at the dining room window watching after she loaded her last load and drove off. i went to the refrigerator for a glass of tea (should have had a glass of wine!) and there on the door was a cup of her favorite chocolate pudding....well, I lost it then and there! it's the little things that will touch your heart and make you miss them too.

but paige, you will be fine. this is a new chapter in savannah's life and you will be along for the ride of your life...the little sparrow is leaving the nest but not your heart. just think of all the new adventures ya'll will be sharing.
you have raised a strong, smart and independent woman...she will make you proud!


.30goingnorth. said...


A lady I work with's granddaughter goes to UGA and absolutely loves it...I'm sure she will too.

Just Ask Beth said...

I know she must be so excited!!! Have a great day!

Cheryl said...

I am loving your photos of vacation~
So excited for Savannah. You may be like me... I was elated to see my number one so comfortable, excited and happy, I couldn't bring myself to fall apart.
Now, please know that there were many days in anticipation, and when I was safe in my home that I did dissolve into tears.... just not that day...just not in front of her.

Amanda said...

what a great pic - you two look like sisters! my only daughter just turned 6 and i feel like the time is going waaay too fast...most days im exhausted and knee deep w/ 3 kids and a crzy wild toddler but i try to savor the times, good and bad, b/c I know the college drop-off will be here before we know it! best wishes and i want your tunics - can you share where are they from?

Babsarella said...

Just went thru this last week with our daughter and UF. Tons of info for sure. Scary part is they want these kids so responsible for everything. It's mighty hard to cut those ties. Have a great time!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

I remember my orientation at UGA like it was yesterday. Now I've graduated and moved on, but Athens owns a very large portion of my heart. I am confident she is going to thrive at UGA! There are so many great churches in Athens, too. Athens Church and Watkinsville First Baptist are at the top of our list. We went to both during our time there and there are so many college students who attend both. They are fabulous environments for the Christian college student! Beautiful pictures! Have a blast :)

Susan R said...

Oh don't even go there. I'm too close to heading down the same road and I don't like it one bit.
Do you think it's irresponsible for me to not want my children to go away to college?
How far away will she be from y'all?

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

Have fun making treasured memories!


Coastal Blue Ocean

tJg said...

She is so beautiful! I'm about to hop on that journey too! {Just not at UGA} Best of luck to her!

Alecia said...

Have fun!! Love the bathing suit coverup.

Shannon said...

How exciting! Just think you get to pretend you are a college girl all over again hanging with your best friend checking out all the fun spots on campus :) Have fun!

Lori Lucas said...

We had spent the day moving our youngest (of 5) into the dorms at the University of Oklahoma. I was SOSOSOSOSOSO dreading the good-bye. Luke, our youngest, has never gotten too big to hug his mom in public. I was scared I might embarrass him with the Ugly Cry though when I left him that day. So we took the elevator down to the lobby and I was giving him all those last-minute-oh-so-important-instructions. He was so excited to be at school. I was so sad to send my "baby" away, but I was trying to be brave. We get outside to the courtyard and are JUST getting ready to say good-bye when a very cute girl comes walking up the sidewalk carrying (or trying to) a TV. Luke RUNS to her and says, "Hey, let me get that for you. What floor are you on...I am Luke....." Then he looks at me and winks and waves. And that is how we said good-bye. I still say "Thank you God for sending the girl and her TV just in the knick of time!" Roots and wings. Roots and wings. You have to repeat that to yourself over and over! Lori L

Anonymous said...

I remember the excitement of orientation for my oldest daughter (Texas A&M). You will experience so many feelings from now until August when she leaves(highs and lows) but I just had to keep telling myself that this is what I wanted for my be smart, love God, active, involved, caring, have grace, and many more things. I wanted them to spread their wings and soar.
BUT these next few days you will have fun and the excitement is contagious.
Glad you are getting to experience this with your daughter. And just think you have 3 more to look forward to. LOL
Have fun!!

Whitney said...

As a graduate of UGA let me just say that your baby girl is about to have the time of her life! Athens holds some of my most treasured memories and I wish that for your daughter as well. Enjoy orientation.....Go Dawgs!

Bethanie said...

I checked in with you like I do every day to see what yall are up to...I dont know why todays post made me so teary eyed. I guess because my first is headed out in a bit to get her senior pictures taken for the yearbook. I should be excited for this year, but I just want to put it in slow-mo mode...I will be watching and reading and taking notes this year as you let Savannah flee your nest. No pressure!!! Have a great time at orientation, and remember there are those of us taking notes :0)

Sheri said...

Love the pics. Especially the one of you two. Beautiful. Robert has a little over a month before he leaves for "good" to Tallahassee - gonna be a sad mama day. Have fun on this trip and eat a Varsity Hot Dog for me - LOL. xo

Katie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shirt, dress, swim suite cover up?

Cyn said...

How exciting! You have a beautiful family. Good luck and God bless you and your daughter in your next chapter =)

Jodi said...

Enjoy your days away, you two aer going to have so much fun and deal with that "day" when it comes. I can't wait to hear all about it!:)

I love the pictures, the one of the both of you is great; you look fabulous! :)

take care!

The Haskell Family said...

"Athens" The word itself brings a smile to my face. The experiences I had in college there have shaped who I am today. What a wonderful time she will have! Athens Church is awesome and such a blessing to keep college students grounded while temptations pass by. I am sure you know this, but Cat (Hydrick) and Will Cantrell live there. I know they would love to be her home away from home.

Project Life said...

Love the swimsuit coverups, too too cute. Love your blog, too ... I've spent last three days reading everything! Unfortunately, I don't have any advice in the leaving your daughter department, but my mom {who's left 3}, says it is great to cry all the way and then throw yourself into cleaning their room. Then you will wonder how they ever lived like that and you'll be ok for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The first 'empty nest' year. Our son (our only child) went away to university this year and it was a real adjustment. I was happy and excited for him, but my heart had 'an empty' place. I sighed a lot, and cried a lot. But at the same time I was very happy for him and excited about all his new adventures. I kept telling myself that other moms have gotten through empty nest syndrome, and so will I. And...I did! It was a long year and I finally, finally,(after about 7 months) started to enjoy my quiet house,reconnecting with my husband, not feeling guilty about staying a bit later at work each day, a clean house, less laundry, access to the tv remote,not as much cooking etc. Thank goodness he came home a couple times a month, though. You will get to spend some extra time with your other girls and it will be so exciting when she returns home for visits! Take care.
Shelley in SK.

Anonymous said...

saw this link and thought of yall
also did you see that lefetime movie about jk rowlings story? i think it comes on sunday night!
yall have fun this weekend!

tessie said...

One word of advice when you do leave your daughter at school-DO NOT play the Dixie Chicks' Wide Open Spaces on the ride home. I made that mistake-it was a new song at the time. Played it not knowing that I would be a basketcase within 3 minutes! I will never forget it! Cindy

Auntie Cake said...

Have a wonderful time! I know what you are going through as my own daughter just graduated. She is so looking forward to starting life on her own, and I am dreading it! Glad one of us is ready. Looks like your daughter can't wait either! Hopefully that will make dropping them off a little easier on us moms...

I pray that God will guide and protect both of them this year!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

How fun! I can't believe it's time for college orientation already. Here in the Pac NW, our summer hasn't even begun yet! (Which, I'll be honest, is getting really old!)

She looks so cute in that shirt. Well, she looks cute in everything of course.

Privet and Holly said...

Awesome, beautiful
girls, both of you.
Enjoy this very, very
special time together.
xx Suzanne

melissa said...

LOVE both your tunics .. and you have the prettiest legs Paige!!!! ;)
SO exciting for Savannah .. and you, but I know just how hard it is to let go too! You have done a amazing job raising such a beautiful girl!!
Oh .. and I just have to add. I do love the photos of S and her boy friend. He is so sweet to pose for you too .. not happening with my boys! ;)