Friday, May 25, 2012

isn't she lovely?

i realize that it may be in poor professional taste
to claim a certain session as a favorite
but with a gorgeous pregnant mommy
& her precious family,
how could i not?

unless i totally missed it, maternity sessions weren't all the rage,
like they are now,
when i was pregnant with my girls.
what i would give for a session like this.

you may remember last fall i had the privilege of photographing 
it's a huge honor to capture these images just before baby
madeline rose
makes her debut.

liz is dan's administrative assistant & precious friend too.
there's a few knudsen girls that can't wait for baby girl
to arrive!
thank you liz & darren

i hope you enjoy....


liz's jewelry can be found here
dulce necklace
& tagua seed bracelets in inca & emerald sky


Dori said...

She's beautiful! They will cherish those bring out the beautiful in everybody! A joy to look at.

Jacqueline said...


Melissa said...

Those are great pictures. You did an amazing job capturing her beauty and the family

Debby said...

She is so beautiful. He looks like he is so in love with her. You are talented. You must make people feel so at ease. It shows in all your photos.

Pam McCutcheon said...

What beautiful pictures! You've done a superb job of capturing the beauty and love in this family. What a lucky little baby girl!

Susan said...

What a beautiful family! You captured them perfectly, Paige!

Rachel said...

Great photos, Paige! I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to get maternity photos done. These make me want to say YES! If only I were in Atlanta so I could hire you!

Lissa said...

she's so lucky cuz you hit it outta the ballpark with this one! what a cutie pie!

Jeannine said...


Stuff and Nonsense said...


my favorite
(and it's hard to choose)
is of the couple reclining on the blanket

so sweet

wouldn't it be fun
to go back in time
and have those photos taken
of our own big belly days?


Susan R said...

Goregous...absolutely goregous. These are such beautiful photos and it always helps when there's a beautiful family in it.

Simply Me Art said...

What a Gorgeous Shoot! I just love every shot, especially the shots of her in the chair with the sun! You can see the love in all of them. Have a Wonderful Long weekend,

traci said...

oh paige. these are absolutely stunning. i love the second one where they are walking and the little guy is blowing the pinwheel. so sweet and the one of her in the chair with the glow of the sun. AWESOME!!

Jodi said...

These are fabulous pictures Paige, what a great job. I would love to have you take a photo session of my family!

Your right...when we were pregnant, these photo sessions were not the "thing". We even wore loose baggy maternity tops. I would have loved to have a photo session when I was preg. I love them!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Between You and Me said...

Paige...these are some amazing pictures. I feel like I say that every time you post a session, but for real, these are awesome.

The color is so perfect...did you shoot these in the late afternoon?

I can't possibly pick a favorite shot, but the one with her in the chair is so sweet and the one of him rubbing her hair and her laying her head in his lap on the blanket is todiefor.

Geeeeezzzz I wish pregnancy pictures were popular when I was having babies!!! I hid from every camera in site and now I regret it soooo much!

Jodee said...

These pictures are fabulous! What a cute family!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty mama and family..Great photography shots..

The 5 Bickies said...

I have to agree with you...most beautiful ever!
Something about her eyes....they really sparkle and jump from the page.

New camera or old?

Jordan said...

these are so beautiful! what an elegant mama-to-be.

Alecia said...

She is absolutely STUNNING! What a beautiful little family...can't wait to see pics of the baby!! :-)