Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 madison is a rockstar helper.
she often times comes with me to my noonday shows
& is a huge help
she might come with me to a photoshoot
& help me check out lighting for a maternity session~

savannah came home from college & had her wisdom teeth removed.
i stood there in the office while she was in her drug induced semi-coma
& got a little overwhelmed with all the home care instructions.
when the nurse informed me she was going to show me how to remove the gauze
i had to remind myself i am an RN and can handle this.
didn't remember what a rough few days that was going to be for her.

although i kinda wish i had the option on having mine removed
post having four children. it would have been a fantastic start to a weight loss program!
btw, the pomegranate acai blueberry & the lemon grove sorbets from kroger
are seriously delicious.

little bit is wrapping up 5th grade with many fun activity days

my little herb garden ( & i do use the term garden loosely as it's basically just an area
where i planted said herbs but it's no fancy cute marked garden)
is growing like a beast.
so are the bunnies that are enjoying my basil & blueberries.
i'm probably not even supposed to plan blueberries & herbs together
which is proof that it's not technically a garden.
mothers day morning i woke up to a downpour. major downpour.
the thought of staying inside, in my jammies with no where to go
& people bringing home take out honestly sounded fabulous.
i might have made the remark, i wish we celebrated mother's day on saturdays
so mom's could sleep in
but we rolled out ( sans medicated child post wisdom teeth extraction)
to head to early service.
in the downpour.

& this is the shot of sweet dan using the hairdryer on my 
soaked cd holder thanks to my suburban window staying down all night long.
in the downpour.

we had a wonderful lunch.
they loved me extravagantly
& wrote priceless love on their instagrams & cards picked out pre-surgery.

even brink got in on the mother's day love

 not only did we not stay inside in our jammies
we went to not only one church but two
& then proceeded to eat out again at dinner.
it was awesome!

in keeping with my new slower than a turtle reading pace
i finally finished books 1 & 2. debated on starting book 3 as i had heard it was a disappointment.
life's too short to read a 400 pager only to regret the time spent
but then a friend gave this endorsement, 
"Having close family and friends live threw extraordinary circumstances like war, PTS, loss, etc., I think book 3 is her best book yet. I understand why some feel disappointed, but Collins' purpose is not to entertain. She brilliantly conveys the thread of HOPE to the book's conclusion and eloquently describes the depths of healing in a realistic light. Many of my said friends had found book 3 therapeutic. Coupled with a biblical viewpoint, this book changed my perspective on the world and our role in it."
so yeah, i'm on it!

smk recovered quickly &
despite a still puffy face, has been hanging out at 
braves games & shooting ranges.
heaven help me.

i'm spending today finishing editing photos of sweet hutton.
remember the little girl who i asked for prayer months ago 
after she was life flighted here to atlanta?
she's doing fabulous. almost to the one year mark post her heart transplant.
her mama has been one of the most encouraging friends i've met in the blog world.
we might as well have been neighbors for years as i love her just the same!!
we've talked about our photo shoot with hutton for months...
eat her up!!


Kerri said...

Wow! I love this post! Truly written from the heart! I am glad SMK is feeling better. I remember being her age and having mine pulled. The shooting range. My husband is a police officer and personally I choose not to go. However, I know the day will come when my two little girls are going to want to go with their daddy. Again, I will turn to you for advice! Everyday is something new with being a mom as you well know! Your words and your honesty truly help me be a better mom and a better person! XOXO

Kelli said...

I love the lately update! That's good that Savannah is feeling better...I'm sure that was pretty painful. I will need to hunt down that sorbet pronto! How sweet of Dan to rescue your CD's :)

Alecia said...

What a great post...I love that SMK goes to the shooting range...she's sooo cute while doing it too!! LOL

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day...minus the whole window down through the night during a downpour...bummer!

Madi is so cute posing w/ her faux belly!

Wow...Emily Driving...soooo exciting...happy lessons to her & Dan.

Could Caroline & her neon outfit be any cuter?!?! So fun!

Dan's presh to dry of the cd case...what a sweet hubby you have.

Brinkley...cutest dog EVER!

You...ADORABLE!! Love your outfits, your heart & your sweet family.

Jboo said...

Great update and so happy the fam loved on you so well for Mother's Day!

She looks that good post-op from wisdom teeth!!! Seriously, you and your girls always look beautiful! They take after their Mama, don't they! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Looked like a great Mother's day.

Debby said...

Such a sweet posts. What a great Mama's day Some do very well with their wisdom teeth and others not so well. Glad it is behind her now.
That little girl is adorable. So glad she is doing so well.
Brinkley is such a great dog.

Between You and Me said...

wasn't that a yucky weather for mother's day?

we hung out at my mom and dad's all day long after was glorious, but it would have been better with sunshine. :)

that sweet hutton is beautiful in her rain boots!

Jen Kershner said...

My mother's day was pretty lazy but I would have enjoyed going out for a couple of meals!

Maddie had her wisdom teeth out during Spring break. That was not fun. I almost hurled when they showed me the gauze process. There is a reason I'm NOT a nurse!

Jodi said...

I am glad that savannah is feeling better. I only got 2 of mine out,one at a time. Probably should have done all 4 at the same time...I am such a chicken! :)

I am so glad you had a Happy Mother's deserve it your a great one.

Beka is done with school on the 18th, this year has gone by so fast; she's ready for summer. I just need to keep her tushy out of the recliner all summer. :)

Have a great week, my friend!

Lindsey said...

Love the picture of Madison posing like she's expecting!

And...can I just tell you that the picture of the sorbet reminded me of how much I miss Kroger! I fell in love with Kroger when I lived in Atlanta, and there's not one to be found in Birmingham. Suppose I'll have to add that to my list of things to do when I visit GA this summer!