Friday, May 11, 2012

life as a 15 year old & being a mom

i mentioned to ya'll that the month of may was going to take me out 
but we're rolling along ok
& no event has been forgotten
& everyone has been where they're supposed to be.
so being 1/3 through, i feel that's quite an accomplishment!

i recently did a photo session with emi
for an ad for Carol & Company.

she is shown here modeling two pieces
from the island cowgirl line.
they have beautiful words engraved on each piece &
are even prettier in person.

emi's currently managing the boys baseball team.
i'm certain she's up to her ears with my "oh my gosh, i did that in high school too & loved players are so cute"... seriously.

she's also learning to drive.
heaven help me.
few things are as scary as 
a. teaching your child to drive
b. letting your child drive
on a street
with other drivers-
some of which
be driving

i was involved in round one of teaching savannah to drive.
that was the undoing of our relationship.
dan is solo in teaching both madi & emi.
end of story.
the man has the gift of "not overreacting".

emily is so much like her biological daddy
both in looks & personality.
she's 15.
she's shaken the dust off the infamous middle school stage.

she's my lucy pevensie
who incidentally, besides aslan, is my favorite literary character.
loyal & kind 
but has a little stubborn streak too.
i'm not one to point out my children's failures or flaws on my blog
but we're working on getting our act together.

for me, things with my girls get a little fuzzy around this age.
i tend to not be the most patient person.
i'm also a one gig at a time kinda girl.
in a big family, full of women
patience & being able to roll with multiple issues simultaneously existing
is crucial.
the joke is i'll probably figure it all out by the time caroline hits highschool
having wore out my first three!
honestly parenting
is a daily reminder of how much grace i need
& how much i usually learn from my girls.

she'll like me again one day.
{ she's gonna read this & say.... awww mom i like you!}
i promise moms...they do.
they come back around & declare things like the following 
on facebook & you'll know ya'll are all good again.
you'll breathe a deep cleansing breath 
& give your self a mental high five
& you'll smile despite the tears in your eyes
& the big lump in your throat

to my own mom
& to my sister in law who has the heart of a mom
and to each of you that are mothers
i pray you have a glorious blessed beautiful
teary hug-filled
lunch at your favorite restaurant
 mothers day!

for my precious friends who have lost a child
i pray a special blessing for you on this bittersweet day.

A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.
proverbs 31.10 


SSM said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Paige! xoxo

Jboo said...

Sweet! That girl is a beauty!

Happy Mother's Day Paige!

courtney said...

i love this paige. you are a precious mom. and those girls WILL grow up to be your very best friends one day. keep going my friend. you are awesome.

Susan said...

Another beautifully written, beautifully timed post. Your words are always a blessing. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Paige!

Unknown said...

I loved reading this Paige....

I smiled at Dan teaching the girls to drive....I find "teaching" maths to my daughter a challenge (and that's just for homework)....I most definitely will not be teaching her to drive!!! LOL!

My 11 year old is slowly changing before my eyes and certain issues are becoming more challenging....I know it's a phase that they must go through, but it's an odd time isn't it?

Happy Mother's Day to you Paige XXXX

3 Peanuts said...

Aww so sweet. Emi is darling.

I am struggling with Will a tad too. He will be 15 in a month. He is taking driver's ed this summer. He knows everything. I know nothing. it is hard. So comforting that they come back to you. I am trying to sped extra one on one time with him just listening (if he'll talk).

Happy Mother's Day to you. You are a great Mom. I have always admired the way you handle things and the close relationship you have with your girls.

funny what you wrote on my blog this monring ...I had no thoughts of Mother's day when I posted that. I actually emailed Dave a gift hint weeks ago and he ordered it and it is backordered. It is this tray for my business cards in my office:)

Lindsey said...

Happy Happy Mother's Day to one of my all time favorite even though I've never met you moms. :) Wish all my sweet teenage girls had someone like you pouring into them the way you do to your own. Hope your day is filled with the reminders of just how wonderful you are!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Wow.. what GREAT post. I love it when you share your Mama triumphs/struggles with us because it makes me feel so encouraged. And love that you don't have it totally together in the mothering department too. I managed the track team to be near one very cute boy who threw shot put and discus. (My man.) I also have no desire to teach my littles how to drive when the time comes... I remember my father and I fighting and battling because I couldn't figure out a clutch. I also remember being humiliated when he set up garbage cans and made me practice parallel parking on the street IN PUBLIC where all the cute neighborhood boys might see me. Oh the memories.

Jill said...

And happy mothers day to you precious friend! I know eating out is your love language so I hope you are treated to a very special outing to celebrate mama hood. {and a mimosa on the side, too!}

Ruth said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Paige! Emily is beautiful! Love these pictures of her.

Did you read the Lil Light of Mine blogpost today by Lynne Hybels? It's all about parenting different personalities as each child is so different and so different from ourselves. Definitely worth a read!

Simply Me Art said...

Another Stunning Daughter! You are one Lucky Momma! Keep up your Amazing work, I so Enjoy reading your Blog and just drooling over each Gorgeous Shot you take. Happy Mother's Day to you,

Kerri said...

Happy Mother's Day to someone I admire so much and look to for parenting skills! And, yes, it is a bittersweet day for my aunt and so many others who have lost children.
Love the photos as always! XOXO

Kerri said...

Hi Paige,
I forgot to ask~ where did you get your earrings in the picture of you with Emily? They are really nice. Are they Noonday?

Kelli said...

Awe Emily...she's so sweet. And I love how you open up and share and inspire. Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!

Jeannine said...

Paige, you really *are* so cool.

I am going so much easier on my oldest due to what you've written here...

And the necklace, the bracelet, modeled so beautifully, it's all so lovely.

Tiffany said...

totally 100% get this!

after my morning - grace is the only thing I can hope for in motherhood!

i wrote about if you have a minute and want to read!

so love how you write your heart paige!

happy hug-filled teary mother's day to you!!!!


P.S. ALL your girls are beautiful! they must get it from their momma!

Jodi said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Paige! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I am with you and the driving! Beka turns 15 this summer and Rick has to teach her how to drive; I just can't do it!

Great pics of Emi, she is beautiful!


Shaz said...

Oh I get the "driving thing". Tried it twice and that was the undoing of me. My nerves just can't take it. I have handed it over to my husband too, and thank goodness he is fine with it. Works well for all of us.:)

Happy Mothers Day to you too Paige.
p.s. lovely post

brockey said...

Beautiful girl....... love her lace dress. May I ask where she got it ?

RachelRAdams said...

Love this post. Precious words. You have a beautiful heart. Enjoy your girls and husband this weekend!

Between You and Me said...

Happy Mother's Day, Paige!
You're one to look at and learn from!!!

Ruth said...

I love the honesty in this post. No sugar coating-just being real. It helps to make me realize that no one is perfect and has their act all together.
Your daughter is beautiful.
Hoping you had a beautiful Mother's Day.