Monday, May 21, 2012

are we done yet?

i'm kidding really.
this month has been full of goodness
& blessings.
just a lot. all together. many on the same day!

let me try to recap life in just the last few days...

( seriously...this is life in the last 3 days)
our sweet trevor
( i hope he doesn't mind me calling him "sweet"...he's a winner
& an awesome guy that our family loves)
left to head to florida for the summer.
he's interning with summer beach project in a leadership position.
thankfully he's only 45 minutes from where we vacation so we'll see him 
in july.

i love these two pictures of them.
first & last formals from their freshman year.

madison has been a studying machine.

despite the jokes
i have managed to make a few home cooked meals.
comfort food & protein = fuel for final exams

brinkley praying someone will feed him ....

don't worry
he's not allowed to place his face on the table...
unless i'm snagging a cute photo.
of course

happiest day of happy days...
after a much awaited arrival...
she's here!!!!

truth be told.
i was so intimidated by her
i placed her on my studio table....
& looked at her.
in the box.
for days...

thank you handsome

 we sent little bit to weekend camp
with church & all her buddies

madi planned a surprise party for one of her besties
& of course baked the cake.
two of them!
& made a load of pom poms

the hydrangeas bloomed...

i took her out of the box...

& moved her around...

shot images of a local country club's 
outdoor tour of homes for their newsletter.
( not with said camera.
are you kidding?)

went on a date with my hubby.
in the convertible

cried at church sunday 
multiple times...
my sweet abby girl graduates.
i'm not her mama
( that's her real mama in the cute top on the right)
but i have loved this sweet girl 
the last few years.
she's heading far away...
Texas Christian University
this fall.
yay for abby!!
(boo for paige)

savannah started her internship at our church
thanks bailey for the phone pix!
(remember, i was upstairs crying with the graduates)

i sustained my first injury 
during a photo session last night.
you're probably wondering why on earth i'm wearing awful pants to a photo shoot...
for potentials reasons such as this!

spent a quick 5 minutes dreaming
at restoration hardware... 

why do those exact same glass hurricanes look much more fab
at rh than at my home?
don't answer that

this light fixture could possibly complete me.

oh gosh ya'll. i'm kidding....

after school snack with two of the three blue eyes...
the youngest of which graduates
from elementary school...
my word.

& true story....
i just downloaded "her" software
& she has a lens attached.
just a slight learning curve ahead of me right?
still intimidated but so very excited!!

alirghty, be back soon!
hope ya'll are having an awesome, crazy,
full, busy, wonderful month of blessings!!


Privet and Holly said...

Well, HELLO,
Ms. Paige!

Yes, it's a crazy,
busy world this
time of year, but
oh, how wonderful!

Loving your great
pics and can only
imagine how FAB
they will be with
your new 7D. Congrats!

xo Suzanne

Jill said...

You underestimate yourself, my dear! Get busy with that new camera. Yes, this is a busy time, and I only have two sweet girlies to keep up with! It's funny how many things you did, I did too this last week - including date night! {although not in a cute convertible}.

Birdie Pearl said...

SO excited about the new camera! Can't wait to see the goodness. If Abby is interested in babysitting, a home away from home... I am in Fort Worth, a TCU grad and would love to meet this dear girl!

Jodi said...

goodness girlfriend, you are a busy girl! I love seeing what's going on and of course what your cooking (I have gotten some real goodies from you).

I hope little bit has fun at camp..her hair is so cute in a pony. :)

So sorry for your tumble, not good!

Your new "baby" cool. You will be a pro with in no time! :)

Take care my friend, and take a deep breath, May is almost over. :)


traci said...

break out that camera girlfriend. you will rock it. it's not too different. how did you hurt yourself at the shoot?

Between You and Me said...

sorry for the boo-boo at the photo shoot!!!

I'm with you on a busy May.....kind of ready to close the book on this month and start afresh in June!!!

Anonymous said...

woot woot! LOVE That new camera! what lense did you get to go with it? I've been looking at them on B&H and Amazon... care to share more details? did you order lense separate from camera body? congrats... have I mentioned how much I love your blog?:) love your jewelry, those floaty tops and your brinkley melts my heart! :)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Busy busy girl, you are!! And thanks for the sweet comment on my post last week. It's been a toughie, but I think things are looking up. I hope. :-) Hopefully things will be slowing down for you some. Can't wait to see your photos with your new beauty of a camera!

Kerri said...

Your pictures are always so amazing~I know you will master the new camera like the pro you are!
I have to ask~where did Madison get that adorable bag she is wearing in the photo with the pom poms?

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

LOVED everything in this post! I would have been intimidated by that thing too... but itching to try it out at the same time. LOL I hear it's a good camera- one of my girlfriends just got it.

Debby said...

Wow, you have so much going on. Good times for sure. How is your leg. Looks like you did something bad to it. Ouch. Feel better and rest a little.

Tiffany said...

So fun!! So nice when life hands us such goodness! Makes me weepy when that happens!

Enjoy that new camera! Sorry about your injury!!

You are so pretty, btw!


Jeannine said...

When life is so full like this (and there are two crazy seasons, I've noticed: Halloween through Epiphany, and then Easter through the end of school), I try to remind myself that it's all good stuff. But I can get overwhelmed.

I am wondering what kind of pushing-the-envelope photo shoot caused the injury! I hope the wound is only superficial and heals soon...

Anonymous said...

Please tell sweet Abbey she will love hubbie's alma mater! Love you and your family (and want to squeeze Brinkley).....great pictures!

3 Peanuts said...

So much to take in. When are you in the Seaside area? We are there in July too!!!! Wouldn't it be SO FUN to meet????

Our week (and next week) is like that too. Harry "graduates" and so does Will:) Congrats on your new camera. Just jump in Paige. You can so do it!!!! I was intimidated 3 years ago when I got the D700 too. It was/is the mac-daddy Nikon. Best the manual.

I have so let my photography go. I lost my mojo.

LLH Designs said...

You know I'm dying to hear about HER! I debated and debated about the 7D. Didn't get it, but might be convinced! Can't wait to hear all about it. Don't be shy...introduce us properly!


Anonymous said...


I have followed your blog for several years and friended you on FB. We have some things in common (nurse, daughters) and some things not (you like exercise). I read this today and had to comment. My son-in-law's brother, Evan Lowell is also in a leadership position at Summer Beach Project as well as his fiancé Karen! When you go there, please give them a hug from me!

Dawn Keller
Charleston SC (formerly Marietta)