Wednesday, May 09, 2012

the greatest of these is love

my girl came home yesterday
 after wrapping up a superb freshman year at UGA.
{that's her very cool little instagram shot above.}

cliche as it may be, i honestly can't believe how fast the last year went by.
that day when we loaded up the car 
& left her in her new world about did me in.

in 20 years i've been pregnant 6 times.
celebrated 19 mother's days as a mom
nursed four babies
changed endless diapers, taught four little ones to walk 
took 4 girls to their first day of kindergarten
loved on. prayed for. fed.
showed them jesus
& hopefully filled the love tanks of four daughters.

to turn the page signifying the end of that phase with my first born
for the first time
was honestly
just too much.
friends that have gone before me told me
"once they go. they're gone. it'll never be the same"

to begin to set the table for 5 not 6
to have days where i didn't hear her voice
for her to be all dressed up & not photograph her as she heads out ( ya'll know that's a biggy)
was just plain hard.

but there was so much goodness this year!
she chose fantastic friends to surround her
& encourage her in her walk with the lord.
she plugged in & loved on so many new girls.
she rocked her honors classes & made dean's list.
she volunteered at her church.
she had a ridiculous amount of fun
our relationship is awesome.
i love being the mom of a young adult
& watching her make her own choices
& dream her own dreams
and basically just watching her chase the things that matter most to her.

she'll be here this summer working as an intern at our church
probably with the middle school-yay for caroline!

ya'll may have seen this video circulating through 
facebook & twitter recently....
you must find 8 minutes 
& fall in love with these two young people
& see jesus ....

the greatest of these really is love ya'll


traci said...

that time did fly by. it does seem like she just went of on her new adventure. i am sure you are over the moon to have her back. enjoy every minute.

Between You and Me said...

so happy for your girl but that video wrecked me.
{in a great way}

gonna pick up that book for pre-marital counseling....what a great asset!

Jboo said...

Sweet post and your college girl and other girlss are such a reflection of you and your hub's wonderfulness and good work!

Hope you have a great week!

Love Being A Nonny said...

You are blessed beyond measure to have your sweet, beautiful, sold-out-to-Jesus girl!

Debby said...

So glad that your beautiful daughter is back home for the summer. She is a special one for sure.
That video........I am still shedding tears. How strong this couple is. I'm beyond words.

Kim said...

I would love to say something profound, but I am trying to scrape myself back together after seeing that video... my. word. Love is amazing.

Enjoy your summer with your girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Such a sweet young couple & an inspiration to all!

Anonymous said...

I love this so much as I just registered my oldest for middle school and my youngest for pre-school in the same year. It's tough on a mommy and this post is so relative and just made me cry. Above all the noise, love is all that matters. Thank you for sharing. We are kindred sentimental spirits. Blessings, Anna

Simply Me Art said...

Thank you for Reminding me to be Grateful for the Wonderful Life I've been given. Your Posts and Family always put a Smile on my Face.
A Touching Beautiful Video, I'm in Tears as Usual!

Jen Kershner said...

Holy wow! That was amazing. I am, of course, all teary and sniffly now. Amazing. I know I already said that but wow...amazing! I want to hug my sweetie now.

I hope you have a happy summer with all of your little chicks under one roof.

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige!

Hooray for your oldest being home for now! I love how you wrote about mothering you girls!

And thank you for posting this video - I have not seen it! Amazing couple! Amazing women of God!


Jeannine said...

thank you for sharing that beautiful video...

and congratulations on surviving freshman year! It sounds like Savannah absolutely THRIVED! What more can we hope for? God bless you!

Stacey said...

what is the link for this video? i would really love to share it. very powerful! i am not grateful enough for my health & my loved ones health. thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Knudsen...
My name is Abi and I am 14 years old. I found your blog and I love reading it everyday to see your awesome girls and hear about your life. My dad is a pastor and so I've been brought up by wonderful Christian parents too. I messaged Savannah on Instagram and told her how much I look up to her without even meeting her! Thanks for encouraging me, and making me laugh each day!
Sincerely, Abi H.

Cate said...

Paige, so happy your daughter's first year away was so positive and that she's home now!

What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day - you are an amazing Mom.

Jodi said...

That year did go by very fast, it seems like yesterday when she first started. I am sure it's so nice to have all the girlies under one roof for a while. Sounds like she is going to have a wonderful summer!

I video was awesome Paige...thank you so much for sharing! How inspirational.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video..What a beautiful couple..Glad your oldest is home from college..It goes fast for sure..

Lindsey said...

I remember crying in the sorority house when I read the post about dropping Savannah off. Nine months later, I think I'm tearing up even more reading this post. Warms my heart to read how she has done so well at UGA this past year. Clearly, she is making her mark...and she's making that mark for her Lord and Savior. Oh, if we could only take her passion and put it into the hearts of others! Makes me thrilled that she is going to get to be intentional in sharing it with some middle schoolers this summer!

I know you're thrilled to have all your brood back under one roof for the summer. Soak it up!

LLH Designs said...

What a HUGE gift for your daughters to all know how proud of them you are. It's something I wish I had heard more from my own mom. She had a hard time saying it. Still does! You're blessing your girls BIG TIME!


LLH Designs said...

Oh, WOW. Just watched the video after leaving guy first comment. I love John Piper and was feeling all "in the know" and prideful about my knowledge and THEN...saw what sacrificial, Christ like love really looks like. Humbled beyond measure tonight. xo!

cheryl.mccann said...

Paige - you and i are kindred spirits. for the past 10 months, every time i pull the 5 plates from the cupboard - instead of 6 - i am reminded of my boy. he will be home on thursday from his first year at uni - and i am so thankful that he is as over the moon excited to be coming home - as i am to be having him here. he too has had a wonderful year of greatness - with many adventures, excellent grades, good friends and a closer walk with Jesus. it is so hard to let them go, but so satisfying when they become the adults you always hoped they would be. ps - thanks for that video - so amazing.