Thursday, May 17, 2012

she needs a momagenda. for herself.

i joked with caroline yesterday that she needs both
a smart phone & a mom agenda for herself to keep up with her
crazy end of school schedule.

she's had dance extra days trying to prepare for her recital.
upwards of 4 times a week.
( ballet, tap, jazz &lyrical)
she's tumbling & was asked to stay for an extra class this week to 
practice with the competition squad.
she's been working on her roundoff tuck.
when the head coach, at the practice with a team she's not officially on,
asked the girls to try their roundoff tucks--
she nailed it, without a spot, by herself, for the first time
& under pressure!!! i was so thrilled for her!
dan was there watching that night so he was the lucky one!

she's wanted to return to her art classes but her schedule wouldn't allow
so we've just signed up for a quick 4 week course during the summer.

she leaves for a weekend church camp tomorrow
& then rolls in sunday in time for company auditions at her dance studio.
craziness i tell ya.

i'm usually a little nuts about making sure no one's schedule
gets jacked up
but sometimes that just happens.

several months ago i took some headshots of her
bestie that she needed for a competition
& yes, she's 11.
such a doll.
they tumble, dance & will go to camp together too!


Karen of Little Red House Designs said...

as the Mom of an 11 year old dance obsessed daughter I get you on the schedule. Yet I love to see her passion for something so beautiful. It is recital weekend here in New England <3

Lyssa at Living Simple in the South said...

So sweet!
Adorable HAT!

Lindsey said...

My head is spinning just reading about Caroline's schedule! Hope y'all can make it through these next few weeks!! Summer is almost here!!

Love the photo shoot with her friend...looks like we are in for many more years of cute friend pictures!

Susan R said...

Cute photos, cute girls. And you know how much I just love Lil' Bit. She's amazing, just like her mama.

Kerri said...

Paige, you always write about what is on my mind and what I am struggling with. Rather than picking up the phone to call a friend, I can visit your blog and find the words that I need to comfort me.
This week I am stressed bc on top of returning to teaching this year, both of my girls had their dance rehearsals yesterday and their recital is this weekend along with a few other things going on this week! It feels like complete overload, but reading your sweet words, CALMS me and I can say "OK, I CAN do this!" XOXO

Kelli said...

Adorable! I love that your daughters are so involved :)

Jboo said...

Look at little Miss Adorable Little Bit -- getting so grown up and so tall --beautiful girl. She and her friend are such cuties!

Have fun with the happenings there!

Michele said...

I love the pictures of Caroline and her friend :)

Alecia said...

Wow...I just got worn out! LOL Sounds like she'll be busy and will have lots of fun this summer...hope you all can keep up! ;-)

The head shots are so great...Caroline's friend is just adorable....and you did a wonderful job as always.'ve gotta run...I'm sure! LOl