Monday, May 07, 2012

wrist adornment overachievement

i have to tell you i had planned on posting this months ago
but keep feeling funny showing a post full of bracelets.
thank goodness
the over adorned wrist became really popular
which works out great for me & my girls.

i obviously do not live under the less is more law
when it comes to jewelry.
i've tried to do that move when you look in the mirror
before you head out the door & take just one piece off.
sometimes i do, but it's seldom from my wrists.

ya'll being the cutest readers ever often times ask about the jewelry the girls & i
wear so here you go....a post full of bracelets after all.
if you wish to join in & tell us a wonderful piece that you've found
& love to layer with, please do so!

leather cuff -jeanne oliver
brown wood beads- walmart
antique medallion bracelets-yesterday jewelry

silver knot cuff -james avery

trust your story cuff - etsy

cuff - jeanne oliver
jeweled cuff - j crew
jcrew, old navy & maybe target ( older ones)

thick beads- local artist ( no website but these are all over etsy)

personal silver charm bracelet, very old
"P" charm john wind & looks fun mixed in with sterling

brown leather with silver cross -island cowgirl from carol & co
gold bracelet - target

monogram cuff - JW from carol & co
sorority pom initial bracelet carol & co
gold bangles set of 3 - nordstrom

embira seed bracelet - noonday
worn with jeanne oliver leather cuff
lenny & eva sentiment cuff
( must be googled, sold at multiple online places)

white buckle bracelet- kate spade

wrap bracelet with cross - the pink chair 

wrap bracelet - the pink chair
watch - michael kors
blue clear bead - target
blue medallion - uptown girl boutique
darker blue - gift

all john wind pieces from carol & co

all from noonday
fusion cuff, nomadic & taj cuffs

embira seed bracelet -noonday
gold leather with silver cross- the pink chair


& speaking of jewelry
 privet & holly is the winner of our noonday minted necklace
that was part of the Celebrationg Moms series
happy mother's day suzanne
i hope you enjoy


Cheryl said...

Such a fun post! Hope you are recovering from the wedding shoot!!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Paige! I LOVE how these look on all of you....LOVE! I can't handle it me! I wear a watch and sometimes some bracelets with the grandchildren's names on them. They came from The Vintage Pearl and I LOVE them but it bugs the snot out of me to have them on my arms...I need bracelet therapy!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, I'd like all of it if you could package it all up & send it over, I'd be one happy girl ;)

You all seem to have an innate sense of how to put it all together....not only do I love the colours, textures & styles of all the different's the way you mix & match, that looks so great! And I love the large MK watches too :)

Great post know what your readers want!! Xx

christina said...

I love them all! Such fun pieces!

Kim said...

Finally... I've been waiting on this one forever!! lol :0) Thanks for doing this! So fun to see all the different ways to stack and layer. By the way, hubby sends his love because... now I MUST have a leather cuff!!

traci said...

you all pull that off beautifully. i am a less is more girl. i have tried lots of jewelry and i just can't do it. maybe if i copied your wrists completely i would like it more. you've got some awesome pieces.

ohio retirement community said...

It is your most amazing look.

Shannon said...

just proves I need more girls in my home so we can all share jewelry ;)
Now you need a post on where to buy all of your gorgeous tops you wear!!!

Susan R said...

Lord Have Mercy!
That's a lot of bracelets my friend. Now I have never been known as a wearer of jewelry. I have a few pieces that I wear ALWAYS" (my watch and my pearl earrings), but y'all got it goin' on with the arm candy.

Deborah said...

Love all of your wrist wear. I have a couple of the same pieces and wish I had others. ha

It is really nice to have so many girls to share with.

Have a blessed day Paige.

Jboo said...

Oh my word! If only I could put together an outfit AND jewelry like you and your cute girls -- I would be looking way more fashionable!! :)

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I have noticed that this bracelet thing is a trend now - you were way ahead of things! Thanks for posting the sources - especially the target/walmart ones - as unfortunately that's what my budget allows.

I agree with Shannon -we need a post on all the tops!

Would also see how the teenagers organize all their accessories.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

HILARIOUS! I LoVE the Over~Fabulousness on you & your girls wrists! They look great.

Thanks for the Post!

Between You and Me said...

never tire of seeing all of you so bedazzled in your bracelets. :)

Privet and Holly said...

First, So excited
to win; thank you!!

Love seeing all of
these fun combos.
I have an awesome
cuff from my pal Becky
(farmgirl paints on etsy)
which reads "A Beauty-Full
Life," which Is one of my
very favorites. Know the
Noonday piece will be
treasured, as well : )

Thank you, friend!

xo Suzanne

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

I love that all of you do the layered bracelet thing. I bet it bonds you all in a fun way. If I pass a girl on the street with an armload of bracelets, I'll have to look up and see if it's a Knudsen girl! :) Funny...I rarely have a single thing on my wrist. Only a few times a year. A statement of it's own sort, I guess! I'm pretty unadorned, but not in my house! :)


Alyssa said...

THE ring the ring! Where is the 1st ring from...LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing love it all! I am sharing my testimony in a few weeks at our MOPS about how God has helped me overcome insecurity since becoming a mom and I thought about ordering the trust your story cuff so I have something to look down at when I get the jitters, but it just really doesnt fit me so now I am thinking I need a grey, cross wrap! I emailed them and hopefully they get back with me soon! Thanks again for being you paige!

Wendy said...

Paige!! I just love these and your girls have such great style.

And you know, I walked into my house the other day, and I was feeling like it was too cluttered. I thought of you and the feature I did of you for Houzz, and I really understood how you felt about your house. I don't have a lot of clutter, but I'm going to downsize and be even more intentional about what I have out. Just thought you'd like to know you inspired me! :-)

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Your girls are beautiful!!! I love bracelets but midway through the day I have to take them off. They bother me!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the post and pics!!! would love to know about all those airy tops all of you wear!! please post info and also - how do you "store" all of this fun jewelry - I remember the board you made with hanging jewelry but all those bracelets? and where did you find the m kors watch????? LOVE your blog! you are all definitely "stylin!"

Paige said...

I love this post! You girls have such great style. I have some family pieces I'd love to incorporate this way. Thanks for the ideas and sources.

Paige said...

I love this post! You girls have such great style. I have some family pieces I'd love to incorporate this way. Thanks for the ideas and sources.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You know what I like about you so much?


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Since I consider you one of the most stylish bloggers I follow, I am TICKLED that you or one of the girls has my iPhone case. :) My friend April owns the company that produces them, TechCandy Cases, and I wish I had one in every design. :) I have one for my iPad, too! And now I feel EXTRA trendy because the Knudsens have at least one. Ha!

Jodi said...

I have always had a love for accessories. I am not necessarily a necklace person, but I love earrings and bracelets! I love the look of lots of them layered on the arm; so pretty!

I have the Dream Big Jeanne Oliver cuff; love it! :)

Have a great rest of the week!

julieann said...

OOOO I have a thing for layer of bangles and beads on my wrist. Just found a young woman on etsy today. She has a touching story and some nice pcs. I ordered one and cant wait for it to arrive. Check her out I believe it was Free Bird and her name was Ruby. Very inexpensive pcs and so cute.

brockey said...

I bought the wrap bracelet form the pink chair is there a tick on putting it on ?