Thursday, May 03, 2012

celebrating the heart of a beautiful mother & a giveaway

i'm really excited to be part of Lil Light o Mine's

several of us have come together to encourage you
& we have some treats for you too.
i encourage you to start here .
you'll be blessed to  read some
beautiful posts & have a shot at some great giveaways.

for several days i've prayed about what to share.
& then this morning i was praying for some of the women i've learned about since joining noonday
& realized
 while i've never met jalia
i want to introduce her to you
& celebrate her mother's heart.
i think you're going to love her too!

jalia and daniel are the lead artisans for our group in uganda
that makes jewelry exclusively for Noonday.
i don't want to mess up any of the story so i'm going to share with you
& i promise, 
you'll be touched by the story of this mama.

"We arrived Kampala around 10:00 at night and within the first 10 minutes of being in the car with Jalia and Daniel, the head artisans who create our goods in Uganda say, “We were living hand to mouth for so long. Being poor in our country is as bad as being diagnosed with HIV. Because of Noonday, we have enough for our family and we now get to employ others so they can provide for theirs."

  Because of poverty, Jalia and Daniel have moved 11 times in the past year along with their two children. They are now house sitting for a professor while he is on leave at a local seminary.
It is at this seminary where the other artisans gather daily to create the pieces that you wear so stylishly. The group eats together, laughs together, and cries together. They are a family.  “These people are just glad to tell their neighbors in the morning that they are going to work. For some of them, it is the first time for them to say this.” 

Jalia is number 29 of 40 siblings. Her father was a zealous Muslim of four wives who died only a couple of years ago. Jalia heard about Jesus when she was 19 and the new found truth of God’s unconditional love gave her the courage to go against her father and become a Christian. Violence often ensued in her home because of this decision so she soon fled and found refuge in a pastor’s home. She met her husband, Daniel, while they both studied art at the local university. 

Her and Daniel dreamed in University about being able to use their art to provide jobs for others and create a bridge for sharing the gospel. “We have dreamed about an opportunity like this for so long, but to run a true business in Uganda is expensive. You must have the proper government papers and lawyers. Because we get paid so well by you, we have been able to save up so that we are now a registered business here.”  Their next savings goal? They want to buy land and build a house large enough to have an art studio, sewing, and jewelry workshop. “In this way, we can provide well paying jobs for so many people. You know, for the first time we are not being exploited. We are finally getting paid a decent wage.” 

Tonight we sit spread across the dining table with pantone colors and magazine tear sheets from Vogue and Elle. We are collaborating on spring designs. Designs that will change even more lives through your purchasing power. I am humbled when she tells me how I can pray for her.  “When you pray for us, pray that we live. The life expectancy in Uganda is so young and we want to see our children grow and teach them about Jesus. You don’t see old people in Uganda much. So please pray that we will live to see our children into adulthood.” 

i think about this mother who prays that her family stays alive.
simply. alive.

caroline had to have her immunzations updated earlier this week.
she had four shots. i tried to explain that we're so fortunate to live in a country that 
has the means of protecting us from many illnesses.
we came home to an air conditioned home and beds with clean sheets.
while i was a single mom for a few years
i never went without.
i think about this mother & i want to meet her.
i want to hug her & tell her how i think she's amazing.

i see jesus in her smile.
i hear hope in her voice ( she's on our noonday video)
i think about her and what her life must be like. i'll be honest. i can't really imagine.
i've seen so little of the world.

"Many women who work with me are really struggling. Most of these women are widows with children; they struggle to look for rent, school fees and food. But the interesting thing is that they are very hard working and some of them have come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They are in lot of poverty. They cry to us, yet we too can not do much for them, since we are still struggling with food and rent," Jalia wrote to me in an email. "I have a dream of becoming a famous Fashion/jewelry Designer. In this way I can attract a higher market, and be able to support my people, as they work to get out of poverty, which has crippled many; brought a lot of suffering and death in my family and my country at large and I have come to hate it. My dad died 2 months ago, he was much stressed, and because when ever it rained his house would flood. The day he died, it flooded so much that it covered the house up above the windows. He left 8 young children in that house, we are doing what ever we can to help,
 but the situation is big. We are Trusting God in this and working harder." jalia.

when jalia speaks about the women she works with
many of whom are widows
she talks about how hard they work.
"trusting God and working harder".
beautiful. simple. raw.  truth.

her nurturing spirit to those with whom she works
her heart for her children
& desire to see a better life
the joy in her voice
her dreams for her own life 
& her spirit of entrepreneurship,
i love these things about this woman
this mama across the world from me
all the others she represents.
i pray for them daily
i champion them on
& i will cheer, even if only from afar,
as they accomplish much in their lives
& the lives of those they love

happy mother's day jalia
you inspire me!!! 

in honor of jalia
( & for those of you who hung in there for this epic post)
i'd love to giveaway one of the minted necklaces
made in uganda by jalia and her crew, African Style.

excuse the shameless plug
but i'd like to  ask you first to "like" my new Noonday page on facebook.
(i'm sorry. i usually don't ask ya'll to do things like this but i'd love to get a little plug for my page) 
& then just leave me a comment.
the drawing will close friday night at midnight along with all the other drawings.
both courtney & i will post the winner.

( the images i'm sharing show the minted doubled and then worn long 
on savannah. madison loves to wrap it as a bracelet)


slip4 said...

All of these ladies' stories are so inspiring! I Liked your Noonday collection on FB.

Christie said...

What an inspiring story! Liked your FB page too :)

Jenn A said...

BEEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!! I'm not on FB...Sorry!

Ellie said...

So inspiring! (both Jalia & you,)

I liked your new Facebook page!

xo ellie

Vickie said...

Love your Noonday Facebook page! I would love to win the necklace.

Lyssa at Living Simple in the South said...

OH paige you inspire me so much. Just today I made myself a cute desk after being inspired by yours! You make me want to sell noonday and take better pictures! Thanks for being you and sharing this story as well as yours. The minted necklace is one of my favs...i just pinned it last week!

Desires of the Heart said...

Such an amazing business with amazing women! I liked your Noonday Facebook page!

Jen T. said...

It's beautiful and the story is really even more so. Great FB page.

Privet and Holly said...

You put it all
in perspective,
Paige. What a
gorgeous soul
Jalia is!

xo Suzanne

PS: I am not on
FB, but do love your
Noonday line, not only
for it's beauty, but for
the spirits that it represents....

Anonymous said...

Love being introduced to all these new blogs! Your is fantastic! Anyone with a heart of gold and a love for missions becomes instantly "liked" by me!
Love the necklace!
Ally Sutton

jham said...

Sent here by lil' light O' Mine. What an inspiring story and gorgeous jewelry!

Between You and Me said...

oh, I think you picked an amazing person to honor this morning.
i hope you get to meet her one day....i hope you get to hug her and tell her how she's inspired your life.

it's a beautiful necklace and it looks amazing on your models. :)

Joanne said...

Paige, just received my order it is outstanding! Em Face Timed me when she opened it. I am just delighted with everything.

Funny it is now on its way back to Africa with Em, she is coming to visit for 3 weeks. I want to wear my pieces so I can tell the story of Noonday.




Dana said...

yes please...and you would not even need to ship it :-) All of the items are very pretty, more so b/c of the stories.


Michelle Whitaker said...

I liked your Noonday page on FB. I love the jewelry and will have to check it out. The stories behind the jewelry are so touching.

mollie's mom said...

I liked your FB page and I loved reading the story of Jalia. I am intrigued by Noonday. I have shared before that I own a lot of art and jewelry from Haiti and from Africa because I love seeing these industries pop up and the happiness it creates when these women can care for their children. I hope that Noonday is so successful because it helps so many. I showed my daughter the items last night when she was home from college and she loved the items a lot as well. She said - "Oh yeah, Id' wear that!!" It is great that it appeals to young women also so that they can help spread the story as well. Good luck!

KTG said...

done I "liked" it.
Now you have 85 likes. I'm going to pick out a necklace for myself. I need a versatile necklace I can spruce up some work outfits I wear often. :)

Ruth said...

I loved reading this story. The opportunity that these women and families receive through Noonday is awesome. I pray that God will richly bless and prosper it. Unfortunately, I do not have a Facebook account. I hope you receive hundreds of likes.

Tiffany Henderson said...

"Liked" your new facebook page & I LOVE the collection!!

joy said...

liked! can't wait to browse the designs. thank you for encouraging me with your world-perspective and jalia's story.

Jessica said...

what a beautiful story - and necklace. i liked liked liked your noonday fb page : )

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for the sweet giveaway. (I liked you on FB :)).

Bethanie said...

I just love reading these stories...they are so inspiring! Cannot wait til life settles down and I can have a Noonday party!! I like you on FB and everywhere else!! xoxo

Kelly said...

Just liked your fb page! You represent a wonderful company. So many businesses starting up and partnering with third world countries to help the impoverished. Your models are beautiful too. Love.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

This is such an inspiring story. We are so so blessed, thanks for the good morning wake-up call.

Went on over and "liked" your FB page.


tessie said...

I liked your Noonday facebook page (cynthia toone riley). Your posts, your story, your family and now your new work have all been so inspirational. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful piece of art.

Michelle said...

wonderful story! And, so happy to like your FB page. It will be fun to get updates that way as well :)

Hillcrest Acres said...

Thank you for sharing Jalia's story. Reading it, reminded me how truly blessed we are living in this country.

I "liked" your Noonday facebook page. The jewelry is even more beautiful after reading all your inspiring stories. Thank you.

Lori said...

Love it all-the jewelry, the stories, the women!! Noonday has inspired me to spend my money and time where there's a purpose!

HIS Handprints on my Heart said...

"liked" your Facebook page. I have been lurking around your blog for some time. You inspire me, and the women of noonday inspires as well.

The Peachy Keens said...

Thanks for the inspirational story. Your line is beautiful.

Carmen said...

I needed a little perspective today. Thank you for the inspiration and gentle"swift kick in the tush" that I needed today.

Liked your fb page too!

Sarah B. said...

Oh my gracious, what an amazing story! I liked your Facebook page, and saw that you are local-ish to me (Atlanta). I am going to read more about Noonday now.

Sarah B. said...

Oh my gracious, what an amazing story! I liked your Facebook page, and saw that you are local-ish to me (Atlanta). I am going to read more about Noonday now.

Deborah said...

What a great story. Liked your new Noonday FB page.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Tracey said...

Liked your page on FB. I also gave my husband my Noonday wish list for Mother's Day and birthday a few weeks ago.

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing Jalia's story. I love all of these necklaces and am thankful these women are able to use their talents to make jewelry.
Christy Fiftal

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing Jalia's story. I love all of these necklaces and am thankful these women are able to use their talents to make jewelry.
Christy Fiftal

lauren said...

i liked your FB page! what an amazing and inspiring testimony.

Lauren said...

Love what Noonday is about. Thank you for sharing this story!

Jenn Key said...

What a great story. I love wearing my race let and just ordered the fuschia necklace for a graduation gift!

Michele said...

liked our facebook page, love what Noonday is about!!

acarlso3 said...

I would love the necklace!

kristi said...

Such an inspiring story! I 'like' you on facebook and would 'love' you if that was an option!

Mary Craig said...

I already 'liked" your page! Love this post!

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous collection, made even more so by the incredible stories of these artisans. love each and every one of them.

Nikki said...

What an amazing company!!! The jewelry is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I liked your FB..Such inspiration stories...

Yolanda said...

Love your vision. I bought a pair of earrings a few months back for my girl and we love them. Thanks

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! Love everything about what you do!!

Michele said...

I already liked and follow your FB page and I love your post about Jalia and Daniel!

anne rae malone said...

that is some seriously special jewerly! i'd be honored to wear it...liked you on fb!

Kelly said...

I love this story!

My Vintage Studio said...

Beautiful post. Took a peek at your FB it.
I also took a peek at your jewelry site. Your jewelry list is beautiful...and a wonderful cause.

I would love to win your giveaway.
Blessings, Sharon

Donald Conrad said...

Liked your FB page :) Thanks for sharing! This will come up as my husband's name. I am Mindy not Donald.

Lindsey said...

It always warms my heart when I see you and Courtney teaming up! Loved reading Jalia's story. always...beautiful pictures!!

Ashlee said...

Would love a noonday necklace! My sis is in Ethiopia right now with her friend seeing their soon to be son for the first time! I have such a heart for Africa!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I liked your sweet FB page RIGHT after you got it going, so can I still count? This is a super cute necklace... I'm so loving beads right now and the stories that go with them... well they are the really jewel. :)

Anonymous said...

Done! Thanks :)

Onesweetworld67 at

Michele H said...

I liked your facebook page, and I love the story! The necklace is darling.