Friday, October 07, 2011

market day

i joined a farmer's market co-op a few months ago.
what a great decision that has been!
there are between 10-12 families that each contribute &
 everyone rotates driving to the state market.
since that only means about once a year making the commute
all other months, i just drive to my girlfriends home, around the corner & pick up my stash.
we're able to buy bulk/wholesale
& ta-da
look at what 20 bucks will get you!

my turn to drive was this week
& honestly wanted to photograph all the glorious goodies
but i forgot to bring the camera,
so today's images are from last months run
(except for the lemon shots).
anyway, since i have a honeycrisp apple lover in the house, 
we scored some jonagold ( which are supposed to be just as yummy)
the most beautiful & ginormous sweet potatoes i've ever seen,
cantaloupes that were the most perfectly colored throughout,
& loads of other fresh in season goods.
i also purchased one of my favorite kitchen staples, lemons.
which when bought in bulk averages out to about 376 per family ~ give or take ;)

by the way, several of ya'll asked about the print below,
you can find it here

i'm also trying to be better about taking supplements
so i thought i'd photograph the irony of the purple fred flinstones sitting beside a bag of perfect grapes.
guess if all i feed my family was on this very counter, maybe i wouln't need 
fish oil & multivitamins.
but what do i know?

i found a couple lemon cookie recipes to share with you too
both of which sound wonderful!

alrighty, hope ya'll have a great weekend!


traci said...

look at all that goodness. what a great concept. i know some people do that around here. i should look into it for next year. have a great weekend paige.

Katiebee said...

betting you have some yummy recipes planned for all that goodness~~

happy weekending paige~



Kelli said...

That is some amazing looking produce. I can just envision some asparagus on the grill now :) Thanks for sharing the recipes too...I love lemon!

Jennifer said...

I need to go join our co-op now! Big game of GEORGIA @ UTK this weekend!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Qhat a gorgeous and colorful shot of all those it! We were part of a co-op a few years back, but unfortunately it didnt catch on, so they ended the service....around here we are surrounded by agriculture land, so i guess we never have to worry about fresh veggies and fruit. There are farmers markets practically every day up the coast. We are pretty dang spoiled!

Happy Weekend to you and your loves!

Lindsey said...

I'm on a hunt for these honeycrisp apples that I've been reading about everywhere. Can't wait to try one for myself!

Susan R said...

SCORE! It all looks superp and you got a great deal. Can't beat that.

Maggie said...

go looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee said...

Dang that is a lot of goodness for $20.00. You should see what I get for $25.00. Not at all close to that load.

Can't wait to see what you make with all this. I hope you post some of the pictures/recipes.


Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Love your blog and great deal on market day....

The lemon cookie recipes sound yummy!

3 Peanuts said...

OH MY! Look at all that healthy yummy goodness. I am so jealous!!!!! I have tried to find one of these here but have not had the best luck. Still looking.

Jodi said...

It all looks delish and for $20 bucks!WOW that's a great deal for fresh food! I would love if we had something like that around here!

Have a great day, Paige!

kasey said...

Hey....i'm number 13!! it's my lucky duck day.
Please share the lemon cookie recipe...and i'll share my rocky mountain oyster one with you.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Always so much fun to come and catch up on your blog! Looks like you've been busy as usual! Hope Brinkley is doing better. :-)

Have a great week, dear Paige!

melissa said...

Pure goodness! Love the idea of a market day co-op ... would love to do that here!

Alecia said...

Those veggies look amazing!! I want to grill that asparagus up right now! :-) I love lemon anything...I'll have to check out those always...thanks for sharin'!

Ruth Grigson said...

I've been thinking about joining a co-op too. Your pics may just have convinced me. You have to check out that blog I posted about today.."100 days of real food". We're trying to go "all natural", no processed foods in our house. It's a slow transition when you have a family, but I've found some great recipes on that blog. Baking with whole wheat flour has been my latest experiment.