Friday, October 14, 2011

some business, barns & balloons


after several overcast days, the sun is shining
& we're set to have a glorious weekend here in atlanta.
while it's been dark and gloomy for a few days & the sun now streams brightly through my windows,
i easily see how dusty & full of dog hair my home is! 
hopefully my compulsive nature will simmer down & i won't be distracted long enough to get a post up!

first of all, Lil Light O'Mine is back up & running.
i had joked with courtney that i'd feel i'd arrived as a blogger
if my feature would cause a site to crash!
the links are all unkinked now & you should be able to get through without any problems.

secondly, i'm still receiving requests from readers trying to locate the sorority girl necklace
that savannah frequently wears in her photos.
is currently offering free shipping & 15% off!
& she's graciously extended the sale for YOU until october 19th!
please enter SAVE15 for your discount.
your free shipping will automatically be applied.

i have a few fall images taken last year that i don't think i ever shared.
i'm off to swiffer & get a run in.
i'm registered for another half marathon & have a long way to go to be ready!

ya'll have a super weekend!


Anonymous said...

my husband and I registered for the seaside 1/2 marathon after i read about your running it this year. we love that area of florida. if you are running it in 2012~would love to meet you. lisa goff

Debby said...

What sweet pictures. Little Bit's hair is adorable just like her. You can get all kinds of paper items for soriety things also at Donovan Designs Inc. If you have trouble getting there let me go. The owner is mu daughter's friend and I used to work there. Fast and personal service.

Lindsey said...

Love Caroline's hair-do! She looks like an Alabama sorority girl in her houndstooth and crimson. Better send her over with the Pauls for a game!

Susan R said...

I ask you? Can that girl get any cuter? Her hair is really adorable.

Kelli said...

Your Caroline is just too sweet...thanks for sharing the shoot. My plan for tomorrow is to be a cleaning maniac and I'm actually looking forward to it. Enjoy your day :)

Anonymous said...

Paige-I love reading your blog and am so excited about the lil light o mine's products.

This is totally random but will you take that picture down of Caroline jumping. You can see her little undies and I don't want some crazy person exploiting your daughter. She is a doll!

kimberly said...

Thankfully, I can now look at that girlie's hair without envy! :)
Have a marvelous weekend my sweet friend,

Christina said...

all of the photos so sweet and autumnal.

3 Peanuts said...

Love that necklace. I ordered it the with the last discount but I must have bought the wrong one because my chain is totally different than S's. Bums me out.

Love the pics of Caroline:)

my2twins said...

So funny, I was just looking at that very necklace this morning and planning some Christmas shopping. Great timing. Must be meant to be.
Thanks for the deal.

Raining Pearls said...

Great photo shoot, such a shame Little Bit doesn't like to have her picture taken ;) Love the balloons, cute touch. Have a great weekend, I'll be cleaning as well.

Ruth Grigson said...

LOVE the photos of Caroline! My 5 year old saw them and loved her outfit. Elly already has a pair of similar black boots, and struts her stuff around the house in them. She LOVES when we both wear our black boots, and we get to be "twinkies" for the day.

Thanks for posting the Carol & Co deal! LOTS of new things on the website these days, and LOTS more fun new things coming soon.

To the commenter 3 Peanuts, please contact us at Carol & Company about your chain. I want you to LOVE your necklace, so if we could help you find the chain you are looking for, please call/email us.

Kerri said...

Your Caroline is so sweet! I love how both of our babies are Caroline! Now I only wish that this momma could take such beautiful pictures! Have a great weekend!


Between You and Me said...

beautiful pictures of your little.
Happy running and cleaning.....

Jodi said...

Great pictures, it's amazing how fast our girls grow up. Caroline has changed quite a bit from last year!

Have a great weekend, Paige. I too am cleaning and cleaning this weekend.

Take care!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh Paige, you could never take another photo (know that won't happen:) and STILL have more gorgeous old photos than the rest of us. You are so talented, but then again you have beautiful subjects!

SoSoBella said...

Absolutely wonderful photos. What a sweet girl. And it's fall, how wonderful :)