Thursday, October 06, 2011

fall around our home

tuesday was early release day for caroline.
savannah had asked if i could come visit & bring her along, so we just decided to take a mental health day.

she & i drove around the middle of nowhere
trying to find some locations for fall shots.
which ended up sort of a bust, but we had a sweet little time together.

we headed out with her and trevor to The Last Resort for a yummy lunch.
savannah took caroline & i to tour the alpha chi house , which is so pretty!

when we got back to her dorm, savannah had gifts for everyone back home.
she had them all displayed sweetly with personal notes for each.
her love language in action!

( & yes, i was too caught up in the moment to change my camera settings)

thought i'd share what fall looks like around our home this year~

thank ya'll for asking about brinkley.
i'm going to take him by the vet this morning & make sure his foot is healing ok.
poor fella, he could chase tennis balls all day...

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traci said...

your fall touches look gorgeous. i have hardly even decorated for this beautiful season. what is wrong with me? i need to get my butt in gear.

Just Ask Beth said...

the house looks cozy..I will be right over for coffee!

Kristi said...

I love your dough bowl! Is it an antique? I think they're so neat. I keep trying to find just the right one.

I love your framed chalk board too. So pretty.

Debby said...

Your house is just so sweet. Love all the COZY touches.
So nice that you can visit with your daughter. I loved that mine was only a couple hours away her first year in college.
Poor puppy. I hope he is doing okay.

Jennifer said...

So cozy! How do you keep all that white so clean? I'm too afraid to try thinking mine would look so dirty within 30 minutes! BTW, linked your blog on my last post.

Kat said...

Lovely!!! Your house is simply gorgeous. I love your decorating style! What a fun trip to Athens for the day, I bet C loved every minute of it and how sweet of S to get gifts for everyone. Precious. Give that sweet Brinkley Boy a kiss for me, I hope his foot heals quickly. Fergus would love to take a walk with him one day soon! xo Kat

Jen Kershner said...

Fall around your home is just gorgeous and inspiring. I must pin, I must. Love that you let little bit have a mental health day. Those are VERY important. Also, hooray for awesome big sisters!

Shannon said...

How sweet is your Savannah getting the family cute little gifts!
Love your house as always. Especially Love how you display all the older Fall pictures of your girls, great memories for you!
I just posted our Fall home yesterday if you want to come take a peek ;)
Have a great day Paige!

Heather said...

Beautiful, Paige.

Kendra Henderson said...

somehow, you always manage to be spot on! your home is incredible.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

So gorgeous! I love the simplistic touches.

Anonymous said...

Simple but perfect. ;) You have some beautiful frames. Maybe I have missed it, but will you share where you bought them? Thanks! And thanks for sharing your home, family and life. :)

Alecia said...

Your house looks so cozy and lovely decorated for fall...I got all relaxed just looking at the pictures. Fun times with big sis and her cute surprises :-) what a sweet young lady you have there!
Mr. Brinkley...he's sooo cute...hope he gets better soon and is back to chasin' balls in no time!


Jboo said...

Lovely fall touches!! Are those real pumpkins outside? If so, how do you keep squirrels from chowing down on them? Love your house -- it's so pretty!!


Kelli said...

What a fun day. I really want to come over and sit on your porch :) I love all of the pumpkins.

Tina said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day with your sweet that!! Your Fall touches around your home are beautiful, as always! Being Spring here in Australia, it is lovely to see all those orange pumpkins :) As for that dinner menu ... what time should I be there? ;) YUMMMM!!! Hope you have a wonderful end to your week, lovely Paige ~ xx

rachel said...

I love all your fall pumpkins!! Are those real on your kitchen table?? Love the color!! Your home is so lovely.

rachel said...

Ok, so they are real pumpkins. I live in Louisiana. Where did you purchase them. Whole foods???

Amy R. said...

Everything is simply beautiful! You inspired me to go buy some pumpkins at the church nearby. I love your pillows too on the red couch! Did you make them or buy?
Happy Fall!

Tiffini said...

can I come to you home?:)
simple pretty warm homey
and my oldest daughter and i were just saying how we loved your food started because of the menu on your chalkboard;)

Jodi said...

I love the fall decor around your home, beautiful! Those green pumpkins are so "cool"!! :) But, my fav are those little velvet pumpkins, so cute! :)

The girls and Trever look great, I bet Savannah was glad to have the visit! :)

Brinkley is such a sweet, I just love your pictures of him. I can't wait till Bailey will sit still, ha ha! :)

Take care, Paige!

melissa said...

Gorgeous fall decor .. as is all your decorating! I envy you so .. close enough to Savannah to visit and for her to pop home! Not so for me and my college boy.