Monday, October 24, 2011

country living fair photo bombardment

atlanta sure was on it's best fall manners this weekend for the Country Living Fair!
the weather could not have been more perfect!
we're usually about 10 degrees warmer so the breezy cool mornings were definitely a treat!

friday morning we were up & at 'em early ready to have madison at the hospital for her surgery
at o'dark thirty.
turns out it was a little more invasive than they had predicted but she did fine.
we came home with her loaded up on drugs
tucked her in & said nighty night.
dad did nurse duty
and i ran as fast as i could headed over to the fair.

after a hectic week
it was nothing but pure heaven for me
to enjoy the glorious day, shop,
gaze at the jennifer lanne paintings,
meet some blog readers-which is a huge treat
run into some long time friends.

let me state the obvious,
i have the roundest face.ever.
for some reason, if someone says "hey lets take a photo"
i get real excited, smile huge
& my face doubles in size.
it also goes without mentioning
that all my friends
have tiny well proportioned faces.

i have been a fan and customer of jen's for a little over 10 years.
you've seen her gorgeous fabrics, sis boom, everywhere.
when we caught each others eye, it was so sweet.
you know, when you've known someone via the world wide web
for so long
& then meet live and in person,
it's so sweet!
so we hugged tight and kissed cheeks
and may or may not have teared up.
she's a serious rockstar ya'll!

next up was debbie from french laundry home
who's line was blowing up one kings lane
while she was being the booth at country living.
i think i mentioned we were neighboring shop owners years ago.
i gushed all over her & congratulated her for taking over the world
of all things linen and burlap.
her lovelies can be found at horchow & neiman's too.

brought this little baby home with me.
thought it would be mighty cute in a photo session.

my little cube again~

 you may see some of these babies in an anthro ad.

i was pretty behaved with my shopping.
i did snag a bag of kettle corn which , as you can see, is a fave of little one's.
some french laundry goodness.

i also picked up a couple large gold frames to use
in some photo sessions too.

alrighty, time to wrap it up!

one last goodie~
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with daily promotions.
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Bethanie said...

FUN!!! Im so jealous!!
I heard Parkview did great at the cheer competition on Sat! My daughters bff cheers for Flowery Branch, they were keepin' tabs on Parkview for me! Hope the nose is healing!!
So glad you got to get out and have a "you" day at the CL fair!!

Kim said...

Oh thank you for the fun picts!! Here in CO> there is no fair and I'm so glad to see an inside peek!!

ko said...

Great pics! Where did you get those awesome cowboy boots? LOVE them!

Kelli said...

First, I thought that first picture was a picture of Madison when I first looked at this post...lookin good mama! I adore the Country Living Fair and that's wonderful that you were able to get out and enjoy the goodies. Looks like you snagged some really neat stuff :) I pray Madison is doing better.

Polly said...

Love those boots, scarf and the ring, awesome!! This probably sounds tacky, but I like the pictures where the price tag shows, fun to compare from Atlanta to Indiana:) Thanks for the pictures and keep us updated on the "nose"!

Deborah said...

Great pictures at Country Living fair. Would have love to been there. The chairs were beautiful.

I also thought the first picture was madison at first. Your look great. Enjoy your great fall weather.

Hope Madison is feeling better.

Debby said...

First of all I hope your daughter is doing okay. Can't be too easy.
Love seeing your CL photos. I saw Modern June in there alond with Happy Chairs. I can't wait to go again next year in Ohio.

Beach Coast Style said...

oh wow!!! such great photos! so glad you posted them. I have always wanted to go to CL fair, but it's never close to me! I didn't see anything in the pictures that I didn't want! :-). Love your outfit you look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Glad M is on the mend!
My son had the surgery too and missed like five days right at Christmas. He remembers nada!
Love the CL pics!!
I have to go to one of their shows next year!
Love your outfit..I have the j.o. camera bag/purse it!!!
your face is not look pretty!

Susan R said...

Oh I don't even want to hear it. You talk about having a big round face...missy, you are gorgeous and that round face and beautiful eyes of yours light up when you smile.
I'll take one (or three) of everything I see there, including the old wire form mannequins.
Sorry to hear Madison Grace isn't doing so well. I hope it will have been worth it though.
Love that photo of Lil' Bit and the cute bag, I don't think she could take a bad photo, the camera loves her.

Susan R said...

By the way...Dan the Man scores big points for being the nurse. Whadda guy.

Ali said...

I need that cute French Laundry bag for my daughter!! I am in Texas, any idea where I can find or order one?

Between You and Me said...

I love those eclectic and colorful fabric covered chairs so much I can't stand it.

Where can I get one if I didn't make it the fair this year?

Between You and Me said...

OH! I love your round face and my round one wants to meet yours. :)

Shannon said...

You are so adorable Paige and seriously must get mistaken for one of your daughters or their friends whenever you are out with them!
Thanks for sharing some pictures of the Country Living Fair, it looks amazing and I love the new goodies you brought home especially that cute cube.
Hope Madison is doing alright now :)

Jboo said...

Oh my -- you are so darn cute! Love your sense of style! And love your photos -- awesome girl!

Hope your patient is doing well!


Lulu and Co. said...

What FUN!!!!! It look like ooodles and oodles of FUN!!!! The chairs were amazing!!!! My willpower would definitely been tested!!!!!
Happy Monday, so happy to hear the nose surgery went well.

Kat said...

Paige! I totally should have gone to the fair with you!!! I missed out again this year! Looks fabulous. Next year, when both my girlies are in school, I'll be able to go! Looks like you snagged some wonderful treasures. Looking forward to seeing you soon, sweet friend!

Micah Jamie said...

forgive me Jesus, I have envy in my heart...your boots & your new cube. I die :). Lucky, beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

hey...i have got to know where you got that denim shirt you have on! i've been looking EVERYWHERE for one long enough to wear with leggings and not so fade washed. i love it love it. please share.

thanks so much!


Tiffini said...

you know you just sent me on a pinning!
just beautiful!

Ruth Grigson said...

I LOVE that "You are my sunshine" sign. Is this fair related to the Country Living magazine? Oh, and those blue/ivory chairs...oh to die for! I want to go!!

There's no Country Living fairs in Chicago :(

3 Peanuts said...

I love your round happy face!!!!! Next year, can I fly in, crash with you and your cutie dancing girls and we can go shop together? I am drooling on my computer!

Anonymous said...

Ruth: Laurie and Lee Dayvault d/b/a Go Jump in the Lake, from right here in Georgia, make the
"You are my sunshine" sign. I bought a "This is the Life" sign from their Etsy shop and am very pleased with it.

I enjoyed spending Saturday at the fair -- and you are so right, Paige, that the weather couldn't have been better. Already looking forward to next year... Destiny

Kelli said...

I went on Saturday with a couple of friends and we LOVED everything. So many more vendors than last year! We were pooped when we left at 5! I got so caught up looking that I forgot to take pictures! I did snag one of me and the Fabulous Beekman Boys though.. haha! Great pics Paige - glad to hear your baby is doing well.

julie said...

well, i should of known you would be there! i wish i could of seen you! i did think of you when we were driving around! it was beautiful there! i loved it so much i was telling my family that i want to move there! here in florida we do not get to see the leaves changing:( i hope madison is feeling better! love the pictures! xo

Jodi said...

I am glad that Madison's surgery went well and I hope that she is getting along good; esp. with the wonderful care of Dan! :)

I LOVE all the pictures, Oh, my I wish I were close to be able to go! WOW!

You made some great scores, love the cube! I have to agree with Caroline, kettle fav!!!

PS....your are rockin' in those boots, girl! :)
Take care, my dear!

{edie} said...

i left you a message on my tumblr page.
love you,

Dawn98k said...

Had to go back and look at the first picture again after reading your post. I thought you were one of your girls! You are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. So fashionable! You make life seem fun.

Carol S. said...

simply delightful. I saw the first picture of your post and which daughter is this, is it the one that had the cute short hair pics with leopard print, can't be since I think she had the nose injury?? Looked again, and darn, you are looking's the blogger herself! Enjoyed all the eye candy.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

So much fun!!! I'd have loved to go too! And round face or not, you are a lady!! (I myself have always had what I lovingly refer to as chipmunk cheeks, but I think now they make me look a bit younger, so I *guess* I'm grateful for them. LOL!)

julieann said...

I think Im in LOVE with 1/2 of this stuff. Is that wrong?
The cube you bought is so cute. Love the bright colors in these chairs.. I wish I lived closer.
Any chance you remeber who you got the cute bag from? The one with the horse? My daughter would love that for a x-mas gift..
PS I really thought that first pic of you was one of the girls. YOU LOOK so darn CUTE!!! Love the boots...

Object of Maya*ffection said...

What FAB pics! You are adorable as always Paige! BUT I totally identify with round face syndrome....lemme give you a silly lil tip (trust me, it WORKS but you'll laugh so hard the first few times you try it) Stick your neck out in pics - kinda giraffe-esque and it makes the face look less round - I promise!