Friday, April 29, 2011

what a magical day!


like billions of others,
i thoroughly enjoyed THE wedding this morning.
& i found myself completely smitten with Kate.

 her radiance
her elegance
& her grace
 each little detail
i am in complete awe of all the grandeur!
what a magical morning!

i think my favorite moment was how the sun seemed to come out
from behind the clouds just as she exited her Rolls-Royce...


maybe when she stepped out on the balcony 
& exclaimed "Oh Wow!"...

what was your favorite moment?


  (again, image via BBC news)


Maria said...

The music took my breath away but I really loved when William looked at her right as she came up the isle to him and said "you look beautiful." SO SWEET. And he was right, she did look beautiful:)

Debby said...

I had goosebumps. I wasn't too excited before the wedding. Then yesterday I started to get into the whole thing. This morning I was dissappointed when it was over. I thought it would last all day. My favorite moment was the escape in the convertible with the balloons. Hmmmm wonder what the Queen thought. Loved everything about Kate.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

The world will fall in love with her as we did with Di....she is truly a beautiful girl.
I too loved when she mouthed "Oh wow"....
Can you imagine what her eyes saw?! I would have been like Holy @!#!
Thank goodness I am not a princess :)

It was truly magical.

Alecia said...

Sooo fun! I actually haven't watched it yet :-( I'll be watching it at a friends house next week. I know, I know...I have to's ridiculous!

Shannon said...

Amazing!! It brought tears to my eyes, can you imagine? Everything was so perfect and she is just beautiful in every way!

Curtis said...

My wife set the alarm for 2am, we are on the West coast.... and turned it on... it was a beautiful wedding, full of promise and hope. She looked beautiful, he looked handsome, and I pray the they will in deed live Happily Ever After. We need to believe in fairey tales, just for a moment, to be taken away in the beauty and splendor of a handsome groom and beautiful bride.....
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Heather said...

i've already watched it for the 3rd time :) my favorite "Kate" moment was her last wave before she walked in the door ... like, "Here I go y'all!" -- my favorite moment of all times is a tie ...
Harry (i'm a big fan) turning around and giving William the 4-1-1 on the dress. and also him telling her "you look beautiful" when she was finally beside her! OH MY!!!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful wedding...took my breath away. It was all so fabulous from the moment Kate stepped out of the car, but I have to say my favorite moment was when they left the Palace in the Aston Martin, so unexpected, so modern, so sweet!

The Avery House said...

It was a beautiful wedding! My girls and I were giddy with exciement when we woke up early to watch the whole event! This is a day we will always remeber for sure. I loved EVERYTHING about the entire wedding. She was a beautiful sight to behold. And he was so handsome!

Sheri said...

It was so beautiful. Loved every minute of it. Especially when he looked at her and said "you look beautiful". I loved Charles and Diana's wedding years ago - but it was just the setting, flowers, glitz and glitter - he seemed cold - this wedding seemed real and sincere - they are just adorable.

Angela said...

I really do need a little fairy tale in my life right now and this was perfect. Makes me believe in love again. Makes me want a prince in my life. I thought it was amazing and so beautiful in every way. The Queen was very sweet and lovely I thought also. I have a hard time with the stepmother because in fairy tales there shouldn't be one that seems so distant. I however, loved the real princess. Loved the pics and especially the one of them in the car. I hadn't seen that one.

Thanks Paige!!

a peony princess said...

Yes, Kate was absolutely breathtaking, wasn't she? I loved all of it! Your first photo, the one of Kate and her sister, is one of my favorites from the day!

LLH Designs said...

Would you believe I didn't even watch or record? She looks very elegant in these photos. Did your girls watch?

Happy weekend!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

Waking my girls up and seeing them spring to life when they realized I was actually letting them get up to watch! That was my fav moment here.

The reporters said that when William and Kate got into the carriage after the ceremony, she said, "I'm so happy." That was the most chillbump inducing moment. I cried.

When I first saw William and Harry come out. That was the sweetest moment. I kept thinking about how proud Diana must have been.

Biggest chuckle was thinking to myself that Harry looked hungover.

Creepiest moment- the Bishops eyebrows. Ewww.

Priceless moment was thinking that lightening was going to strike Camilla and Charles when they got to the part of the ceremony where they promised to be faithful to one another.

Kat said...

It was magical. She was breathtaking! I loved every minute of it too. Sitting next to Livie on the couch, it occured to me, I was her age when Diana was married. Wow!

Kelli said...

I didn't tune in until the kiss but I loved how she almost didn't know to wave until William did. She is just beautiful and I pray they have a long and successful marriage. I think today made us all want to be a princess :)

Chez Zizi said...

My favorite moment was when he saw he and look so happily in love with her, almost giddy/shy and told her she looked beautiful. That made me cry. it was almost as if he was so smitten with her that he was like a schoolboy to shy to tell her. That is true love.

Louise said...

I loved how Harry and William seemed to sort of giggle together a bit and seemed like naughty school boys when they were waiting at the alter for Kate.

Two of the many Kate moments for me were how she giggled after the second kiss on the balcony and how right as they turned their backs and walked off the balcony to go back inside she turned around and took one look back at the crowd.

traci said...

i am ashamed to say i didn't watch it. but i did see photos on the news. she is absolutely stunning. and he is pretty handsome too. i did see a clip from the wedding when harry turns around to look at her come in and then says something to his big brother and laughs. he is such a character. i thought that was a great moment.

patricia e said...

Loved it! So breathtaking ~ simply divine ~ almost simple and yet elegant. I loved trying to read William and Kate's lips and then realizing what they said: "You are beautiful", "Wow". What struck me was when they left the church and were driving the streets in their carriage, when William saluted, Kate bowed her head. I guess that's customary, but I just thought that was so tender. I have it taped, so I'll be watching over many times.

Christina said...

i adored the wedding. and each time i watch it with my daughter, we hold hands and lean in closer, when kate gets out of the car.

so many favorite moments but, when they are all at the alter, i couldn't help but notice what a sweet grip, kate has on her fathers hand, before he gives her away. it melts my heart.

and how about when harry looked back from the alter.

oh it was lovely.

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

I loved it all and I'm very
fond of her given name.....Catherine.

I think that I fell in love with
the name when I saw the movie Message in a Bottle.

She looked beautiful and appears to be a charming and lovely young woman!

Think of all of the excitment that
you have ahead of you with your four girls.

Blessings to you and your family!

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Tray said...

I loved how shy William seemed, but also how he seemed to me ready to crack up the whole time.

Loved when he turned to her & said you look beautiful!
Loved when they got in the carriage & said Are you happy/
Loved how the sun started shining almost Diana was shining down on them.

I was caught up in the romance of it all & was wishing that they make it despite the odds & the track record of royals & scandals. Since they knew each other for years, they are more worldly & have had more life experiences, perhaps there is a better chance. I think his mother instilled in her children the importance of goodness. He seems to be living that!

Loved it all, woke my girls up to watch on TLC then attended a Big Girl get together later that night, it was even fun to watch it all again!

3 Peanuts said...

My favorite moment was when Harry looked back, saw Kate and smiled and said something to his brother to lighten the mood. I loved that moment between brothers.

I have been disappointed all day missing knowing what they are doing now...bad I know that is how/why the papparazzi hounded Diana.

Kristy said...

beautiful. simply beautiful she was.

Jo Jo said...

I loved it all! But I thought it was really cute when Harry snuck a sneak peak at his brother's bride. And Kate was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!