Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in my kitchen today

 fear not,
i am in no way trying to be a foodie photographer

whenever i post a recipe or images of fruits & veggies
i feel the need to throw that disclaimer out there for ya'll.

i was going to start out today's post with the following...
"there is so much beauty in the simple things that surround us everyday"
that sounded so darn cheesy
so i'll just roll with this one....
"here's a few miscellaneous images from my kitchen".
that's much easier to swallow right?

white eggs in a white bowl.
i love it.
 styrofoam carton who?

& some hard boiled eggs ( a fave snack around here)

recently i've seen a few of my fave bloggers posting their own homemade lemon cleaning products.
so i whipped up some myself
& can i just tell you, i have never purchased any product that smells as lovely as this.

i guess you could say, i have fleeting loyalty when it comes to grocery stores.
i shop walmart for my staples
kroger for their flowers  & sales
but i love our fancy publix.
it's often a little more pricey but many of their bakery items are our faves,
plus i always run into my friends at publix 
so i leave there feeling like i just had lunch with one of them.
or something like that.

i know some folks are all anti-walmart
however...i use this product , better than bouillon.
$7 at publix, vs $3.75 at walmart.

the cash i saved by buying these babies at walmart, financed my latest essie colors.
also found now at walmart.
i'm a wealth of information
back to more random images~

i love to snack on radishes, but do you know how to do anything
different with those little guys
besides just eating them fresh/uncooked?

and a little pasta, peas & parmesan,
one of our regulars

i feel like lately my posts are just complete bullet points
with run on sentences 
& all over the place.
i apologize.
it's how my mind is working these days!

ps.  i'm looking to buy some candy in bulk. 
cute candy, like maybe pink candy sticks, giant jawbreakers
or some fun colored rock candy on little sticks.
something a little different from the usual stuff you can find at target.
if you have any scoop on sites you've used in the past,
i'd love to know.


edie said...

your kitchen posts make me wanna drive to atl and enjoy a glass of wine while you make us dinner. maybe someday:)
love you,

Shelly Powers said...

Try cracker barrel for candy... I know it is not in bulk but they do have candy sticks and jaw breakers... Try a state park with a general store for rock candy sticks... We have a park called tannihill and that is where I got my rock candy sticks... Hope this helps! ;)

Hannah said...

i am right with you on the "grocery list"-walmart, kroger, publix....and when i leave publix...i always call my husband and say...if we didn't have a grocery budget...i would buy ALL of my groceries at publix! ;) clean, organized, and service with a smile..doesn't get any better than that! :)

Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

yes, cracker barrel or party city - are two places i used for ella's candy shoppe party. and then i used candy.com or one that came up quick on google for the other stuff.

Biz said...

I love your home.
I just want to come move in and learn from you.
You won't even know I'm there, I promise ;)

Kerri said...

I love this post! I am dissappointed the Trader Joes near me doesn't have a liquor license!

Cheryl said...

love today's blog~
love the photos,
the chat,
felt like we were
in your kitchen
with a cup of

i'll drink the night away with you said...

to know you drink some chuck makes me happy.

Deborah said...

Love your pictures. I'm having problems with my camera doing what I want it to (and it's not the camera) lol

What's your favorite setting for indoor shots?

PS I get some of my bulk candy for parties at Party City. Less expensive than on-line.

Kelli said...

Do not apologize...I can relate to the random and scattered. I have so much to say about this post:
~ I love, love eggs and you having them in that adorable yellow bowl makes me love them more.
~ That sink picture with the pop of orange and the gorgeous flowers is just stunning.
~ I can't wait to go to Florida to have Publix key lime pie :)
~ Pictures of my favorite flower (sunflower) is a yes in my book anyday!
~ Your dinner look fab and makes me want to come over right away :)

kate@hautetotsboston said...

Would you mind to PLEASE share the names of those Essie polishes? I simply MUST know. My piggie toes thank you tremendously. I will trade you one wonderful blog/radish recipe

Also, I just wrote today about how I shouldn't even be allowed into Whole Foods. It's MY Publix. But I can't stay away.....

Lori Lucas said...

try orientaltrading.com
they have lots of fun candy. all types of cute candy rings too. fun party stuff. lori l

Martha said...

love your kitchen images with your favorite things...your photos are oh so pretty!!

Cyn said...

Love the pics! And the pasta and Trader Joes wine looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

love the photos! inspiring me to beautify my little place today...:)

Sandy said...

candywarehouse.com is a great source for candy!! perfect for finding specific colors of candy. it's sold in bulk; lots of different kinds and colors. i've used them for a few parties and will be using them again for my daughter's high school graduation party.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Now you have me hungry! Your pictures are always just fabulous!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love your random.

Privet and Holly said...

My brain is on
days, too! But
yours are punctuated
with the best pics!
I also get around
when it comes to
grocery love....I
remember when Walmart
used to be so proud
to carry Made in the
USA ~ wish they'd bring
back that credo!
xx Suzanne

Kat said...

Okay, now I'm starving, and I've already eaten lunch... Must have been the kickboxing class, oh, and this AWESOME POST ABOUT FOOD!!! Love it. I always run into half my neighborhood at our Publix, a short trip is always extended by at least 15 minutes or more. So fun to see you two days in a row, will you be at Neicy's class on Thursday too?

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Love your photos :) Food is art too!
As for snacking on radishes.....if you like pickled things, then I suggest pickling the radishes. It only takes a few days. They smell horrendous (think rotten cabbage x 10) but taste SOOO good. My grandma used to make them all the time.
Clean radishes and cut off ends. Halve or quarter them (quartered ones take less time to pickle). Put them in a container (tupperware) add rice wine vinegar (i use it cuz its a bit sweeter tasting), soy sauce and a bit of sugar. Put in the fridge for 2 days. They pickle but still keep a snap to them.
Let me know if you like them! :)

Sandra White said...

A neighbor friend gave our family some of the best candy for Chistmas. A small peppermint stick(smaller that my pinkie) dipped in chocolate made by "Bogdon's"! So good and a great little treat!

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Radishes are good with salt, lime juice, and cilantro! Very Mexican!


Anonymous said...

Cracker Barrel has a lot of those types of candy. Good Luck! Btw, I LOVE your blog!!

Alecia said...

A friend of mine had all kinds of lovely candies at her daughters party...including rock candy on sticks...she told me where she got them but it's spaced me...I'll see if I can find out for you :-)
Beautiful pics by the way...as usual!

chris said...

we are always taking pictures of food. and i dont even have a blog. my daughters send me ph pics and i do too. most people think we are weirdos for it but really we just enjoy a pretty and delicious plate!

cracker barrel... excellent suggestion for old time candy.

Anonymous said...

hit up dylan's candy bar for cute ideas then buy at sam's/costco and nostalgiccandy.com! Love that hpk essie!

Anonymous said...

also http://www.groovycandies.com -search the word "pink"-- they have 80 sticks for $15, I have done candy from them- shipping is fast!

Beth said...

enjoyed your 'all over the place' post. i wish i had the patience to make all those fun things like the cleaning supplies. i am addicted to smells! yes, i have a slight problem. i have been known to sniff the bottle of ammonia. the stronger the better:) that lemon is tempting. just may have to try it out!

Sheri said...

Great post - I love random :) I order from groovycandies.com - they sell in bulk. You wouldn't be doing a candy bar for your graduation party too? Hope you planning is going great. xoxo

Lisa said...

I have ordered from candywarehouse.com on 4 occasions and have never been disappointed! Their selection is the best! Happy candy shopping!! Lisa

Kelly Bradford said...

Had sweet shoppe BD for my daughter's 2nd BD...
1)oh, nuts
2) candywarehouse
3) Hammond's Candies - BEAUTIFUL lollipops (large and small) and ribbon candy...pricey, but WELL worth the money

Louise said...

You could make those little ball cakes on sticks that are popular now. You know those little balls of frosting dippid in icing and popped on a stick. Would be easy to make LOTS and they would look pretty with sticks all stuck in little flower pots (filled with foam and moss on top or something) like little pink flowers.

Walmart has saved us the past couple of years, money has been very, very tight, to the point I feel we haven't always even eaten very well or healthily. It really is cheaper there.

Between You and Me said...

love all of these images....your colorful bowls are just gorgeous.

Louise said...

Also wanted to give you a link, not for candy but for lovely containers and ALL SORTS of craft or even decorating supplies at good prices . . .


Jen Kershner said...

So hungry now! Must eat before I start painting! I think your food photography is top notch girlfriend!

Clare said...

your kitchen looks delicious!! yumm!! i never eat radishes, are they really good to snack on? do you dip them in anything?

LuLu said...

Hi sweet Paige, you now have me wanting to rush out to buy radishes.... I completely forget to buy them and add them to my salads! I wish I was your neighbor... I'd be over sitting in your kitchen having a glass of wine getting inspiration from all your yummy recipes!
I just caught up on your past posts.... Love your Easter pictures!!!! And baileys baptism was solo sweet!
Thanks for sharing such tender moments,

Tiffini said...

I know this is the 39th comment but I just wanted you to know I love your words and your heart and reading about your life...honestly wishing it were mine...lol! just kidding. not really but I LOVE your recipes. So now I have to go to the grocery store:)

Meg said...

I am a huge radish eater too! I just pop them in like candy so I can't tell you any other way to prepare them.

Your pasta looks yummy. Do you just make the noodles and throw cooked peas and cheese on it? My kids would like that!

I love your white fresh kitchen. I so wish I had a white one but my husband has said no painting in there, grrrr! I'll just have to stare at yours for a while!


a peony princess said...

loving all of these images! Especially the radishes!

xo Trish

Angela said...

we put radishes in stir fry. we leave it until the end because when they are cooked, they get soft very fast. leaving them until the end gives the stir fry a little crunch. yum yum.