Monday, April 25, 2011

He is risen!

 i hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!
i was trying to remember the last cloudy rainy Easter day 
& i can't remember one. i feel the last several years have all had such beautiful weather.
& yesterday was no exception!

the love birds celebrated a special day in their relationship
with a yummy dinner at Nava in Buckhead.

 (remember, if you will, when i explained my girls reaction to my
well, check out their platform wedges in these images & you'll understand
exactly what they consider a true wedge! ;) )

the highlight of our weekend
was watching our Bailey's baptism!!!
the scripture says there is no greater joy then seeing my children walk with the lord...
well, she's not "mine", but i felt so much joy witnessing her
make this public profession of her faith!!

prior to the baptism, savannah shared some tender thoughts
& blessed bailey...

sweet bailey girl, it has been a privelge to watch you grow in the lord.
i see his spirit in you!
 i know you will do great things at ole miss!!
i love you & am so proud of you!!

 we are blessed at Grace to have an awesome staff
especially our youth pastors.
brian, the high school pastor, has been a huge influence on the girls
and was who baptized bailey!

 we headed home after the baptism
ate a little chocolate and then headed over to celebrate 
with Passion City Church, at the verizon amphitheatre.
i really wish i had brought my camera, but i doubt the picture would have captured
what a glorious day it was!

PCC is the "other" church we occasionally attend, usually on sunday nights.
PCC is the one where Chris Tomlin leads worship & Louie Giglio teaches.
wow is what we say after every service there.
however having worship with those guys
outside on a breezy gorgeous spring morning
at a fantastic venue 
with the birdies chirping no less
was so powerful.

one of the phrases louie spoke on was that Jesus came
to bring
& freedom.
that gave me chills.
 i am so thankful for a savior who gave it all for you & i to have life!

 why on earth am i slumping?

 quick wardrobe change for a couple girls
& then hooked back up with emi
before heading over to my brother & sis in laws
for a great lunch!

thank you sweet madison
for whipping up some cute bunny cupcakes!
what would i do without you?!


Bethanie said...

Loved reading your precious post. I know your feelings and emotions on watching your precious girls come to the Lord and grow in Him. We are blessed to have girls who have great, Godly sure does make you sleep better at night knowing who their friends are! What a beautiful family you have!!

traci said...

what a blessed day you had. you and your family always looks so stylish. gorgeous.

The Avery House said...

What a truly blessed day! I am so happy y'all had such a wonderful Easter. How amzazing to be able to watch a friend be baptised! So happy for Bailey and the new life she has been given through her baptism in Christ. All of you looked beautiful in your photos together. Have a wonderful start to your week!

Biz said...

What a blessing.
We just witnessed one of our friends get baptised a few weeks ago and I was on the verge of tears the entire time. What a powerful statement she has made!
Praise God!

CHH said...

Dearest Paige,
You look so pretty.
I have tears. Are you
sure there isn't an invisible
advertisement for kleenex in your
side bar.
God bless, Bailey!
You must be so proud of her.
Have a wonderful day.

Christina said...

oh bless bailey's, sweet heart. her baptism brought tears, to my eyes. i love it!

Angela said...

Love reading about your family and the tender moments that you share together. The way Christ is a part of your lives and the joy that comes with that. Thank you for including us in your life that is richly blessed with God's love.

Susan R said...

Beautiful thoughts on a glorious day.
I must have gone wrong somewhere because I can't figure out how y'all wear those high heels that I see in the photos. I can't walk in them, I can't wear them without SERIOUSLY hurting myself....I just don't get it.

MD said...

Paige, I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and admire you to no end. Your family is SO beautiful and happiness radiates off each and every one (and their extended tribe of friends)! You live your life with such grace and thoughtfulness and beauty, and it's clear your girls are following in your footsteps. (And the man of the house always looks as if he could have stepped out of a Tommy Bahama or J Crew ad!) To build such a precious thing following such a devastating blow in your life is awesome and inspiring to us all.

LLH Designs said...

What a glorious day! I love Easter. My oldest played guitar and sang Chris Tomlin's "Amazing Love" in the worship service yesterday. Melted my heart!

I love that your daughter's BFF is like a daughter to you. S sweet.

Happy Monday!

Kelli said...

I don't think your family could be any cuter!!!! I had tears at those baptism pictures (I always seem to cry at baptisms). Sounds like a glorious Resurrection Day!

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

Paige you look smashing!!!

Kristin said...

Beautiful day, Precious family, loving, beautiful, Amen and Yay to Bailey, yum to cupcakes always!!!!!

LLH Designs said...

Oops! Newsboys version of "Amazing Love." :) But love that you get to hear CT lead worship. WOW is right!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Such a precious family and girl, you look amazing!! I love your necklace so much... it looks like the one you wore for Christmas (is it creepy that I remember that?) and I loved that one too!! (or perhaps the same one...) Glad you had a great Easter!

Alecia said...

So fun! What a great weekend you had...excited for Miss Bailey! Love all of the fashion that was involved....wedges & mini wedges!

Sounds like an amazing service you went to!

Praise the Lamb...He is RISEN!!! :-)

Kat said...

Precious moments indeed! How special for Bailey to have her baptism captured in such beautiful photographs. The picture of Savannah getting all teared up tugged at my heart. Love the family Easter basket, genious idea! Those cupcakes look divine!

janet said...

What a Blessed day for Bailey..I love reading your posts and your family always looks so beautiful together..

Windy Ridge said...

Beautiful post, every bit of it:)

Blessing from us to you...

Jillian, Inc said...

Lordy mercy - so beautiful! I have to laugh at those wedges...super or not so super. I am 5'9" without any shoes so I don't really do wedges at all but wish I could wear them without being 6'7". I think God actually showered me with grace when he made me tall - otherwise I'd spend a gazillion $$$ on shoes. As it is now, I only spend slightly half that.

Courtney Walsh said...

We are still searching for the right church, but the one we visited on Easter had baptisms. When we left, ethan (7) said "I can't wait to get baptized, Mom." At first, I thought he was too young, but he's always had such a sweet spirit and interest in Jesus... I just think it would mean so much more to have a very special pastor baptize him...and we haven't found that place yet!

I so admire the way you have grown your daughters to love Jesus in such a sweet, real way. Happy Easter, Paige!

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

Beautiful Baptism. That's awesome that your sweet girl was able to speak. What a wonderful day!

Jboo said...

Sweet!! Cutest little family ever!! I love your posts and your most adorable family!


melissa said...

A beautiful, blessed day for sure! Love reading about Bailey's baptism .. Ole Miss is getting one fine, sweet girl!!
You and your family all look fabulous as always! I LOVE the girls wedges! :)