Tuesday, April 19, 2011

for the love of new shoes

friday was a big day for me.
i got a new pair of shoes.
& not just any shoes my friends.
gold wedges.

now, this may not be any big deal for most of ya'll,
& remember , i already told you things might not be riveting around here,
but the shoes are awesome.
this of course coming from someone who lives in either
ballet flats
running shoes
or cowboy boots.
but truly, they are awesome!

it will come equally as disappointing 
for you to find out that i own only one pair of heels,
black patent leather.
that incidentally i think are classic and stylish.
my girls think not.

well back to my gold shoes.
they rock
they match my fave gold gap bag which is really more frostyish gold that 80's gold.
i know you understand me. completely.
and while they might only be considered to be a mini-wedges, 
( per my highschoolers)
they are wedges nonetheless.

the clencher=
all teenagers that live under the same roof as i
love them.
& let me really seal the deal
& maybe show my age.
they are comfy.

last year, i picked out this awesome high heeled wedges.
girls, they were awesome.
pink & gold
sorta lilly pulitzer meets kate spade.
i felt confident i could be graceful in them.
the girls laughed.
they were quick to put me in my place & inform me these pink&gold beauties
i don't recall asking their opinion
yet i'm sure i did.
because of course,
when it comes to my personal fashion statements,
affirmation from someone born in the current century is a must.

all that to say
you may happen to see me in my gold comfy mini-wedges
at every fun event
between now & labor day.

ps. because i'm a weirdo
i actually ran to two different rooms to shoot them.
mean while, neither shot looks like the correct color.
oh well.

born brand, on sale at tjmaxx.


Jboo said...

Adorable! You and your girls have the best fashion sense!


Anonymous said...

I love your new shoes!!! Funny-Saturday Hubs and I were talking about punishable things we did growing up. Mine was wearing wedgies. They came back in style in 1972 or 1973. My Mom had a pair from the 50's in her closet and I was allowed to wear them once a week. Instead I wore them all the time. How cool they were--black patent leather wedge and straw silver, white and grey weave on the top. I thought I dressed so cool when I got to wear them. Of course, Mom was right and overwearing them wore them out to the point where I couldn't wear them again. But seeing them out again is awesome!! Must be the wedgie cycle.

slip4 said...

Love the shoes! Growing up, with a pediatrician for a dad, I wasn't allowed to wear wedges or platform shoes....so of course I love them now. I absolutely understand the needed comfort factor. I too have a teenage daughter to ask for advice. She keeps me from falling into "the frumpy zone"!

Anonymous said...

Ooh..I can't do high heels...

Cheryl said...

Shoes.... oh, I will be so happy when I can bring out my box of summer shoes!! It's still too cold, rainy, muddy... pick a word, to wear them yet. I have been sporting my canvas espadrilles and that makes me happy.

I had to smile when I read about the girl's comments. Although I only have one, she is sure to tell me EXACTLY what she thinks... the other day I made an attempt at wearing a scarf.... this, she took time to comment on. After about an hour I heard, "Mom, I really like this new look...." WOW!!! I was shocked!

Enjoy your darlings, and try to relax just a bit in those fabulous new shoes.

The Avery House said...

FABULOUS find Paige! I might just run out to TJ's and see if they have them here. I wouldn't normally do that, but because we are 3 hours away from each other, it may be safe. And they are Born! Awesome! These shoes rock! I remember those days of gold shoes and gold bags. So glad they are back in fashion! I use to try on my mom's fancy shoes and prance around the house feeling like a princess since I was normallyresigned to wearing my summer Jellies or school year uniform saddle oxfords. A great pair of shoes just makes the whole outfit complete! So glad you found the perfect pair!

traci said...

those are so cute. i just bought a pair of boc wedges with a flower. adorable. from dsw. thought my daughter was going to not like them. she said she almost bought them. ha. i am jealous of you though paige because you can wear yours now. it is only 40 here today. no sandals yet.

Privet and Holly said...

Fun and I love them!
I was in Texas this weeken
and got some old, broken
in cowboy boots : ). NOT
sandal weather in MN, yet.
But a girl can dream! So
handy to have live in stylists,
isn't it? Your girls all seem
to have great taste!
xx Suzanne

Sheri said...

Awe - they are adorable. Just like Cinderella - a perfect fit. Happy Holy Week :)

A Thrifted Market said...

I love those!! I never buy any heels and a few months back found a black comfy pair and wear them all the time. I may need to add another pair! I was wondering where you got them and was elated when I saw TJMaxx..love that store! Thanks for sharing.They look great by the way!

MiJon said...

Fantastic! Wouldn't mind a pair myself. Lucky girl.

Pine Tree Home said...

Ohhh wearing wedges brings me back to my younger days. No worries. Fun in the sun. The smallest things were made into DRAMA. I gotta get me some.

CHH said...

Paige, I like the first picture because it looks like you have a great tan! Love the color of your shoes. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

It's the little things that can just make our day!

P.s. I don't even own one pair of heals.

Kat said...

Too cute, Paige!!!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

A new pair of shoes lifts the spirit!

Heather said...

I love those! So cute!

Joseph said...

I love them! I need some that color to go with my Easter dress!

Mommabelle said...

Oh man..I am not Joseph! My kids need to start signing out when they use my computer! LOL

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE them and mini wedges are about all I can do.. I also have exactly ONE pair of heels (black patent too;) Paige, I mUST have these shoes. Sigh....They scream..KIM! If Kate were not home from school today would be running out the door to TJ maxx for a look in a size 6!

Oh and the word verification today is blingrat:) isn't that funny?

Kelli said...

You are so cute...just like your shoes. I'm a tennis shoes/flip flop kind of gal, but could use some cute shoes. Enjoy them Paige :)

Courtney Walsh said...

Oooh, super cute!! I need to learn a thing or two from you for sure!! :)

Mimi said...

I love new shoes!!! These are super cute!

Jill said...

Gorgeous girlie!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Well, they are fantastic. I love the look of wedges, but I feel like a stinking GIANT in them! So I never wear them. sniff sniff.

Lissa said...

I'm dying for some new, fun shoes to wear for Easter! You will rock your gorgeous new shoes! Thanks for visiting me in my new spot! I appreciate it! xoox

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love your new Gold wedges! So cute and so in style for Spring. Enjoy!

LLH Designs said...

Mini wedges are as high as it gets for me, too! And guess what...I'm the same kind of weirdo who shoots the weirdest things in a couple of different rooms...in search of just the right light. Like the tea I drink! Who else stops drinking tea and starts photographing it?!?! WE DO!!! :)


Anonymous said...

love the shoes! haha! wedges are so nice - make your legs look good without sacrificing too much balance! love it. :)

Tiffini said...

you are so funny! I don't have any heels. I too, am a flip flop, barefoot, or running shoes girl myself. I would LOVE to find a pair that I could walk in and not feel like a freak. There is something about heels that makes one feel like a woman??
Enjoy those mini wedges..you rock!

Dottimae said...

I bought the same ones. They were comfortable from the moment I put them on.

Love them!!

Ellie said...

Hey Girlie,

We were in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday and while driving from The Embassy Suites in Bucktown I looked over and saw a girl who looked exactly like your Savannah. I was trying to figure out why she looked so familiar (you know that strange disconnect feeling when you see a celebrity you aren't expecting to see . . .) anyway - I realized since we were in Atlanta maybe it could be your Savannah?! but she was probably in school huh?

just thought it was crazy and that you might like to know your family has reached celebrity status:)

Sounds like you have a super busy and exciting few weeks - enjoy!!! and looking forward to your posts after these exciting events!

xo ellie

Susanne said...

Paige , as long as they speak to you , thats what matters . Me , I love my lime green espadrilles that my friend got me . By the way ,tommorow I am putting the pics of Lulu at Seaside when she modeled for Vera Bradley catalog . It was 2007 . Have a great day and feel beautiful ! Suzanne