Friday, April 15, 2011

an impromtu photoshoot of her.....

 this is bailey~
ya'll have heard me talk about smk's bestie many times.
i love this child.
i have watched her grow into an absolutely stunning young lady,
full of grace and charm
and dreams for her future.
( she's gonna kill me for this post...)
she'll head off to Ole Miss later this summer
but i'm praying our home will be one of her destinations when she returns to atlanta.

when they first started their friendship
bailey did not like her picture taken.
after several years, homecomings, proms, cheerleading events, etc
she now is comfortable with me
& allows me to shoot until my heart is content.

isn't she gorgeous!?

the other night she was headed over to crown the winner of an event at the girl's school
& stopped by on her way.
while this is not the gown she wore when she won her crown
our yard around dinner time has the perfect lighting
(& ya'll know how much i love back lighting)
so being the good sport
she allowed me to snap a few.

savannah quickly flowed into the unfortunate stepsister character....

many of these images were post processed with the new LUXE 2 actions from florabella.
i love them!
&  i may not sleep this weekend because i'll be playing on photoshop!


Dana said...

What beautiful pictures!! And such a beautiful girl :-)
Isn't 18 such a fun year?! Praying for you as your baby graduates soon. So many emotions in graduations...but it's all good! God Bless!

The Avery House said...

These are beautiful photos Paige! And what a lovely young lady! I am certain she will come and visit when both she and Savannah are home from college. I have a bestie who was 'Bama bound while I was off to Tennessee in Knoxville. We have both remained closed over this almost 20 years (yikes) since we graduated from high school in Memphis. We now live in two different cities but we still get together, were each others maids of honor, came down in the first week of births of our children, etc. When you have a true BFF like these girls do, it lasts a life time! Headed to your neck of the woods this weekend. Any restaurant recs or must see places? Have a fab day!

Anonymous said...

I love that first shot of the group of three.

I got Luxe 2 a few weeks ago...I'm in LOVE! Do you have the first Luxe set? I'm thinking of buying it but I don't want to spend the money unless it's really worth it.

Kerri said...

Such gorgeous pictures and a beautiful little girl! As a high school teacher, I know this is such an exciting time in the girls' lives, I hope they enjoy it to the fullest!

Kimberly said...

She certainly is lovely (her 'stepsister' is adorable as well!) ... your pics are amazing. You inspire me to learn!

Maureen said...

Beautiful photos. Meant to leave a comment about the graduation party. A friend of mine had her daughters party with a friend as well. The invitations were so cute. Their kindergarten pictures and their senior pictures were on the front. Then the party info on the back. Adorable.

Simone said...

She is beautiful Paige, I love these photos. I have heard you talk about her lots of times....I think we all hope our daughters have a Bailey in our lives, what a wonderful girl :) xx

Biz said...

As always beautiful photos!
Your girls are so lucky to have such deep friendships that will follow them for a lifetime!

Talia said...

What a beautiful girl! And, your photos are lovely.

Best of luck to her as she goes boldly into her future. Does my heart proud to see another great young lady take the world by storm!

Jeanneoli said...

What a beauty. What is exceptional is the inner beauty that she obviously has. Let me assure you that your home will definitely be a stop when she is home:-)

CHH said...

Oh, how they will miss one another.

Beautiful pictures, Paige.

Cheers, to the girls!

Alecia said...

Gorgeous pictures! She's a DOLL!!! I personally LOVE Savannah's slippers...those are hott! LOL :-)
Looks like you all had fun as usual. What are they gonna do being so far from each other :-(

Courtney said...

Beautiful! Such a fun time for both of them. Had a chance to say hello to "Dan the man" at the board meeting last night. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

So beautiful! I'm stopping over from Kelli's {Outside My Kitchen Window}, I hope it's okay. I saw "Pageants Pics" and I had to stop on by. I have so many wonderful pageant memories :)

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- she is a beauty! And she looks like so much fun too -- Sweet of your Savannah to assist! :)

Hope you and the family have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures! She'll be glad someday that you took them:)

Kat said...

She's so adorable. You can tell just by looking at her that she is lovely both inside and out.

Courtney Walsh said...

LOVe the pictures! Especially the sepia-ish one (not quite sepia but not b&w either...) LOVE Savannah's slippers & stepsister faces! hahaha. So beautiful, both of these girls! :)

LLH Designs said...

I love seeing how much fun you have with a camera. And clearly your subjects have fun, too!

Wish I had a high school bestie. Your daughter and her friend are so blessed to have each other!


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

She is precious!

puredesign said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful girl!

Between You and Me said...

just beautiful....their friendship reminds me of mine with my dear friend, Stephanie, who is also the sister in law to Dawn Brothers....I know you and I made that connection a while back....anyway, her mom loved me like I was hers and my mom loved her like she was hers....

we lived together all through college at UGA and were in one another's weddings and we still talk every week! It's so crazy to do marriage and motherhood together....we've literally known one another for 25 years!

I am sure their friendship will stand the test of time while they attend different colleges....

sweet, sweet girls you have!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

she is GORGEOUS!!!

Martha said...

how lovely...i bet her family will love those pictures of her:)
i've been mia from visiting everyone...sorry about that