Thursday, April 21, 2011

conversational highlights & completely unrelated photos

- babe, every time we head down to passion city church, 
something in me wants to pack up and move in town.

-mom, do you remember your first kiss?
i hate to admit this, but the answer was no. i do not remember where or with whom.
hopefully this will help this particular daughter of mine realize that first kisses are sometimes over rated and maybe she'll postpone hers a few more years.
meanwhile, i'm totally planning to contact my highschool bff and ask her. surely she remembers who i kissed and when.

incidentally, dan remembers his. he also remembers who sat beside him in first grade and the one boy that got the one hit off of him when he pitched his little league championship game.
( i'm hoping his first kiss is not of equal importance as his 12 year big game. surely not.)

-did you see our neighbors took down their christmas lights?

-mama, i totally had on my cutest outfit ever today. 

& the winner~

-"hey mom ,so i facebook invited over 400 friends
to the graduation party at our home. 
but don't stress ok? 
they won't all show up."


Cheryl said...

Love this made me giggle this morning!

Anonymous said...

The pictures on the porch look like they're from a magazine. So fab!

The Avery House said...

I love this post today Paige! Makes me feel like I am talking on the phone with you. You know how you go all stream of consciousness when you are talking on the phone with one of your bff's just because you gotta get it all in. Your girls are so stylish. Love these outfits! I have to admit I still remember my first kiss. But I also remember who I sat next to in first grade:-). Hope you have a bleaster Easter.

Kelli said...

400!!! That makes me want to fly down and help you. Love the adorable conversations you all have together. You'll have to tell us if you bff remembers :)

alison said...

400? sheesh...girl, you better start cookin' the photos of your precious girls...but i hafta's that white painted picnic table holding up? i glimpsed it in the background and had to ask.



traci said...

holy moly - i hope you've got enough food girlie. cute. i love this everyday banter. i was just listening to eric tell me what he would do if he were president. classic. they make me laugh.

Sheri said...

So, you still have your sense of humor - a good sign. Party on Paige :)

Christina said...

i just adore that last photo. so beautiful!

Kristin said...

Fun and beautiful girls of yours. Love each of their unique personalities and hearts. And oh yes, if I was Madison, I would think my outfit was totally rockin. Not to mention the very cool and now wanted by me Juicy Couture purse!!!!

Have a beautiful day my friend.

Tiffany said...

Paige - you ARE BEAUtiful!!!!


3 Peanuts said...

Your girls are all so beautiful inside and out. I wish they lived here so I could hire them to babysit:)

I am SO excited!!!! I tracked down the Born wedges at a Marshall's here. They are NOT "mini wedges!" I thought as I bought them (they run a tad small BTW) that your girls must be used to some big heels and sure enough I come here today as see beautiful Madison sporting some heels that i would kill myself in:)

I think I can handle these Borns but to me they are high heeled wedges:)

Have a blessed Easter.

Oh and my first kiss..YUCK! Some older boy (like 2 years older) kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. I had NO NO NO clue it was coming (the kiss or the tongue) and it was HORRIBLE. His name was Kevin and I barely knew him. YUCK! I hate that the memory of something like that is so awful

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

Love this post and I think this is my favorite photo of you.

Dawn said...

oh your girls are so darling...and I love each of their styles...and YES ...Madison's outfit was ROCKIN for sure!!

Tammy said...

Love it!
You're so pretty Paige!!
Happy Easter!
Tammy :-)

Tammy said...

Love it!
You're so pretty Paige!!
Happy Easter!
Tammy :-)

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

Your girls must be the cutest on the planet! Do you love Passion City Church? I always listen the podcasts. I would love to go, sometime. I may have to visit Atlanta...
{love the facebook graduation invite. haha}

Susanne said...

I love the pics Paige , go to my blog to see Lu's pics with Vera Bradley at Seaside ! Have a great week end and a Happy Easter . Suz

LLH Designs said...

Love the photo of you! You look more like a big sister...just as stylish and radiant as your girls! Love your big cross necklace! And love all the snippets of conversations.


PS - saw your gold wedges at Marshalls. Not as "mini" as I imagined! Saw some super gorgeous Kate Spade ones, too!

kimberly said...

Gratuitous girl photos - for my benefit I am sure! How gorgeous those girlies are, you lucky mama!
Have a marvelous weekend with them my friend (and that handsome husband as well!)

Kristin said...

You and your girls are so very stylish!!!!! Love your blog!!!!!!!!

Between You and Me said...

ummmm..cutest girls evah with the best fashion should totally plan for 400 at your party. :)

woke up alone this morning said...

sweet photos the one of dan playing a little basketball with his girlie...

a peony princess said...

What a really lovely blog you have! ♥ You can just see the love in your family. And those little black stilletto boots are to die for, she looks fabulous!