Monday, April 18, 2011

announcement & an attempt to be all there

 i always love a blog title that allows me a good alliteration!

first of all, i want to apologize in advance
for what i'm certain is going to be several weeks of less than riveting blog posts
& maybe even less visiting out in blogland.
& probably a few too many sappy posts!

furthermore, with one preparing to leave the country
& one preparing to leave the nest
i feel the need to be on my spiritual a-game.
(whatever that means)

i feel the need to really focus on some things here at home...
focus on encouraging my girls
& focus on my prayer life.

we had a meeting last night at church regarding emi's 3 week mission trip to peru.
besides the obvious physical preparations for her to function well 16,000 feet above sea level,
comes the mental & spiritual preparations for the trip.
i am certain the Lord is going to do awesome
life changing
both in & through her.

i'm one of those people that can skim across the surface of many events and commitments
but i really want to be "all there" 
& engaged
for these preparations.

we are in the final month of meetings, dinners,
awards banquets, honors celebrations,
and all the fun exciting events for savannah's graduation.
throw in prom
& emi's 8th grade celebrations
and life....
well, you get the picture.

not that anyone really cares
but i just want to apologize if it takes me a while to respond to emails
or if i'm a loser at leaving comments.
i love this supportive community here in blogland
& hate to disconnected or negligent.

i'm tickled to announce the winner of the paperlife journal class...
please contact amy & she'll get you all set up!


Sally Bufton said...

It is a fun and exciting time. Enjoy it!!!! You have done a great job preparing the girls to go out into the world.
Will be praying for Emily and you all as it is a busy crazy time.

The Avery House said...

First, let me just say, you will never be a "loser" in my book for your "lateness" in responding to posts, emails, or whatever. You are and always will be a rock star, and I just love your genuine heart! No apologies necessary, Miss Paige. I agree with you that it's super important to be emmotionally present for all the major things coming up for everyone in your family. Sometimes we get so busy preparing for things that we miss the experience. It's AWESOME that you recognize this. And second, I saw you had updated your blog and it said "54 seconds ago" Never knew blogger even counted down posts to the second. Have fun with all your activities. I am looking forward to hearing all about it whether it be now or in June,

Clare said...

good luck with all that you have going on with your girls! i will be thinking of you:)

Kimberly said...

No need to apologize! Blogland is home to understanding 'citizens' who will be right here when things slow down in your home. This is an exciting time for you & yours. Blessings to you, your hubby & those sweet girls!

Sally Bufton said...

Here is a favorite verse of mine...
III John 1:4.......

Simply Jen said...

Oh Paige!
You are, not for one minute, allowed to apologize!! You are such a wonderful, present mom and I commend your focus and intent to your girls. Hang in there. Day by day. Take time to soak in all the little things. Your family is SO blessed to have YOU in their corner. Whenever you have time, we all understand.
Praying for you.
Fondly, Jen xo

Kelli said...

I care...and you'll be missed. BUT you will be exactly where you need to be...all in, absorbing each moment. I can't wait to hear all about it and see how you all grow from this experience. Enjoy your time and we'll chat here and there :) Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hello. New girl.

Because of sick kids I was home with the Today Show on. Al Roker was talking to a little girl and in the background the mom was saying "Could I get a picture with you?" I couldn't help thinking that the mom just missed a fun moment because she was trying to snap a picture. Sometimes mental pictures are better than trying to record things with a camera or on a blog.

Alecia said...

First of all...the ranunculus flowers are GORGEOUS!! Second....totally have a lot on your plate right now...there is grace in blogland :-) I pray the Lord gets you through this very eventful season and I look forward to your posts after it's all said and done! Blessings friend.

Deborah said...

What an exciting time for your family. Try to stand back with your "minds eye" and enjoy it. Speaking as a mom of 4 grown kids, it all goes way to fast.

I love your pictures of the flowers. I hope I'll be half as good in photography as you are "one day".

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- you are the sweetest -- to think about your bloggy friends when you have so much going on. Enjoy every single proud and teary moment going on! Will be thinking of you and keeping you and your sweet family in my prayers.

LLH Designs said...

You will never regret missing a few blog posts, emails, etc for these very present moments. Dig in deep! This is what real life is all about! And sweet friend, you don't owe anyone in blogland an apology. It's your family you'd need to apologize to if you weren't all there! So go for it! Be free!

Big hugs and love,

Christina said...

thanks so much, paige!! i am so excited to start the class.

and enjoy your time, with your family. we'll be here.

Debby said...

Senior years are full of activities. Fun ones but sometimes sad ones. You need to be there. We can wait. You have alot of other things also on your plate. Enjoy every minute.