Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what would kate do?

 (caitlin mcgauley via lonny blog)

i've recently found a great deal of pleasure in stating the following to my teenagers,
"now, would kate middleton do that?"
"would kate middleton prop her feet up on the back of the movie theatre seats?"
"would kate middleton walk barefoot in public?"
"would kate middleton speak with food in her mouth?"

except for the whole living with the prince prior to marriage thing, 
i'm going with it
& especially for one daughter
who is completely smitten with all things royal.

madison & i are looking forward to all the pomp & circumstance this weekend
all the footage
all the images
the magazine covers
all of it!

i have a small collection of time and life magazines featuring 
princess diana, jackie, and audrey hepburn.
i'm tickled to add a few featuring kate!

ps.i must keep it real.
in all honesty, i've only made one "would kate do that?" comment.
just one.
& i thought i was pretty darn funny.

we've got some mighty rough weather rolling in tonight....
praying all is ok for my birmingham friends and tennesssee friends too.


The Little Red Shop said...


: )

Julie M.

ps I'm praying for the folks in rough weather areas, too.

Kat said...

Paige, you're hilarious! Better hunker down for tonight's storm, sounds like it might be a real doozy. p.s. I can't wait for all the wedding footage either. So excited!!!

The Avery House said...

We are gearing up for both the royal wedding and the storms tonight. Lots rolling through as I type this. Thank goodness for mobile devices. Stay safe friend! :-)

Maria said...

We are in full Kate mode at our house too. Can't wait.

Alecia said...

So funny! I love it...I can't wait for it either. I have some friends that will be sporting their tiaras during the event! :-) Enjoy and stay safe.

Shannon said...

Can you imagine being watched constantly and knowing every little thing you do for the rest of your life will be under the microscope??? Well I guess you've gotta take the good with the bad, she does get an amazing wedding :)
I hope the storm isn't as bad as they say for you guys.
Take Care!

Kerri said...

I am excited for the wedding! I remember watching Diana's wedding as a little girl!

Farmgirl Paints said...

that is too funny! i'm constantly reminding the girls to use their manners. i need to introduce them to kate instead:)

Miranda said...

I love this! I am planning on having a skype "princess party" with one of my best friends in the early morning hours to celebrate the wedding... although neither of us is sure how getting up that early will work out... :) But we are wearing huge feathery things in our hair to celebrate!

Jboo said...

You are clever and such a funny (and fun) Mom!! :)

Enjoy the royal festivities!!


LLH Designs said...

I know I'm old school, but I'm a little disturbed that royals are shacking up and living together pre-wedding right smack dab in the center of the watching world! It's sure hard to find examples of purity for our girls these days.

Hugs and love from your old school friend,

Meg said...

Paige-I love you're blog but I have to disagree with you on the living together thing. I think it's wise for Kate and William to live together before marriage. Diana was "pure" when she married Charles and look how well that turned out.

Privet and Holly said...

I'd say the Kate
thing is a stroke
of brilliance....
And I agree 100%
about the living
together. It's been
a bit of a "spoiler"
for me, especially
as K&W are now taking
a year off to travel
and "get to know each
other." {What???} That
said, I'll be the one
serving breakfast to
one of my besties as
we watch the Tivo-ed
ceremony....with our
tiaras on : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I were more into it. lol I actually forgot it was this weekend!! smart mommy to adopt that phrase!! :)

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Poor Kate Middleton....never gets to walk barefooted :( That is one of my favorite things to do!

As far as living together before marriage - I am all for it (not at a mature, ready for marrieage age - YES). You never really KNOW someone until you have to live with them. I wish I had known that when I got married the first time at 19. UGH.

Hope you all weathered the storm....yikes. Lots prayers being sent out today.


Curtis said...

Yes what would Kate Middleton do??? My wife and a few of her girl or should I say Mature girl friends they are all in their 50's! are have a sleep over so that they can all watch the wedding together! Tea and scones and crumpets will be served, oh the fun they will have! Here is to William and Kate may they have a long, happy marriage, and you know his mother Diana will be looking down from Heaven watching her baby boy take his bride.
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Between You and Me said...

looking forward to the royal wedding, too! I remember watching Diana's wedding like it was yesterday! said...

Ooooh I like that What would Kate Do line....I will so be watching all night long. Can't wait!

CHH said...

Dear Paige, Cute post! I'm looking forward to watching the wedding. Sending prayers your way that all goes well with the weather.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hello my dear Paige! Just catching up on my blog surfing while staying awake for the royal wedding (only 1/2 hour to go!) This post is so cute!

I'm right there with you on the Walmart thing for groceries. I'm not a huge fan of Walmart in theory, but in practice, you can't beat their prices. So that's where I go for staples as well.

And finally, I just have to say that you have one stylish family, girlfriend. I can't get over how great you all always look. Good fashion sense must be in your genes. ;-)

Have a lovely weekend, my dear. Enjoy the wedding. (hoping the terrible weather passed you by.)